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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe


Mad Thinker


Taking S.H.I.E.L.D. hardware and recreating it into something far more sinister, the Mad Thinker has dubbed the main base of the Intelligencia the Hellcarrier. The massive flying craft is still a work in progress, but once finished, it will no doubt be as deadly as those in command of it.

After the Frightful Four kidnapped Mister Fantastic from his home in the Baxter Building, the Wizard took his team, along with his newest recruit Lyra, back to the Hellcarrier. Once she felt those on board trusted her enough to let her roam free, Lyra searched the ship and found the target of her obsession ever since she went missing. The She-Hulk was floating unconscious in a tank, but what the Intelligencia planned to do with her remained a mystery.

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