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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
A Sagittarian Warp-Class Space Cruiser

First Appearance
The Incredible Hulk #269 (1982)

Current Members:

The Hulk-Hunters were a group created to track down the Hulk. When they finally found the Hulk he attacked them without giving them time to explain. The Hulk easily defeated the trio throwing Amphibion, shattering Dark-Crawler’s Sceptre of Shadow, and tossing Torgo into a cliff. They did not come to fight the Hulk but seek his help. It took Empress Daydra, of the Sagittarius system, to talk Hulk into following the Hulk-Hunters to face their threat, the Galaxy Master and his champion, Abomination. Even though they had defeated the Galaxy Master and the Abomination they had abandoned the name “Hulk-Hunters” when they had acquired their target.

Contributors: Jm2629 and Acotilletta2

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