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Marvel Universe 

Hunger (extradimensional)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name

Hunger existence is unknown to the general populace of Earth


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Thanos #1 (2003)


The mysterious entity known as Hunger has existed for countless ages and has consumed countless realities. Hunger has the need of continuous consumption of realities for its survival. Not long after consuming another dimension, he became aware of the Earth-616 dimension. It was the massive energy dispersion of the Infinity Gauntlet conflict that caught his attention. However, before Hunger could locate the Earth-616 dimension, the Gauntlet was taken away from Thanos and the gems were dispersed. Leaving Hunger lurking behind the dimensional curtains waiting for another opportunity to pinpoint his target.

He would get his chance to locate the 616 reality, when the future version of Adam Warlock, also known as the Magus would reassemble the Infinity Gauntlet, Hunger again sensed the Earth-616 dimension and managed to locate it this time. But he still could not enter Earth-616 dimension because it was a "spherical" reality, and needed an opening on both sides of the dimensional barriers. Hunger could open a portal to this dimension, but someone would need to open it from the other side as well. Hunger observed as Thanos offered his help to the Rigellians in order to make amends for his past misdeeds. Hunger viewed this as the starting point of his diabolical plan. He continued to monitor Thanos as he plotted his plan of retribution with Adam Warlock and Pip the Troll.This plan would pit Thanos against Galactus, to prevent his consumption of a Rigellian world. Pip teleported Thanos aboard Galactus' ship, where a brief conflict took place between Galactus and Thanos. Ending with Thanos being turned away, apparently failing his mission.

So Hunger used his abilities to convince Galactus into thinking that the vibratory patterns of the Infinity Gems were identical to the kind he consumed from planets. These thoughts sent Galactus on an obsessive mission to sedate his insatiable appetite through the assemblage of the Infinity Gems, just as Hunger had planned. Hunger then mentally influenced Galactus into building a device using the gems which, he thought would take away his need of living planets, but in reality Galactus was creating a doorway into his dimension. Hunger also used his mental abilities to shield Galactus from being able to detect any flaws in this plan.

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