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Marvel Universe 

Infinity Gauntlet


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Thanos, Death, Silver Surfer, Warlock, Doctor Strange, Mephisto, Nebula, Doctor Doom, Thor (Eric Masterson), Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Infinity Watch


Mistress Death believed that there was a cosmic imbalance in the universe - that there were more living than there were dead. As a result, Death resurrects her loyal servant Thanos, who is appointed the task of exterminating half of the sentient population of the universe. Not only is Thanos' power augmented by Death, he is granted access to the Infinity Well, where he realizes the power of the Infinity Gems. After much plotting and scheming, Thanos wrestles the gems one by one from their owners and gains mastery over Power, Mind, Space, Reality, Time, and the Soul. Hearing of these recent developments from the Silver Surfer, Earth's surviving heroes band together - lead by a newly ressurected Adam Warlock - to battle the mad Titan.