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The Initiative, also known as the Fifty-State Initiative is a United States federal government program designed to monitor, regulate, coordinate and train America's super heroes, forging many of them into a nationwide army.

The Initiative was built around the Superhuman Registration Act (SHRA), although, sometimes it was called the “Super Hero Registration Act.” It was the most sweeping legislation of its kind to date, The SHRA sought the registration and regulation of all confirmed or suspected super human beings; all people armed with unique or exotic technologies that simulate or approximate superhuman powers; and all masked or costumed crime fighters, regardless of whether they possessed special powers or unique technologies. While the text of the act itself refers only to the registration of actual super-humans, officials had wide latitude in terms of enforcement, erring on the side of inclusiveness; as such, anyone whose methods or abilities echo those of a typical super-powered hero was required to register.

The SHRA legislation was passed in response to the Stamford disaster, when a televised clash between the heroic New Warriors and several super-criminals in Stamford, Connecticut caused an explosion that killed 612 civilians, including 60 schoolchildren. As public sentiment began to turn against super heroes in general, the super hero community divided over how to respond to the SHRA. Rejecting the legislation on principle, Captain America led an underground army of “Secret Avengers” in rebelling against the new law.

Years later during the catastrophic event known as the Secret Invasion, it was discovered that sleeper Skrull cells had infiltrated the entire Fifty State Initiative. Norman Osborn killed Skrull Queen Veranke, who posed as Spider-Woman, leading to his gaining control of all the government intelligence forces including the Initiative.

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