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Marvel Universe 

Liberty Legion

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
United States

First Appearance
Marvel Premiere #29 (1976)

Current Members:
Bucky, Patriot (Jeff Mace), Thin Man,

bio_text = In 1942, Bucky (James Barnes) formed the Liberty Legion in order to defeat the Invaders. The Invaders, currently under the mind control of the Red Skull, were now Nazi followers. Bucky called for help from other superheroes. Luckily, the Liberty Legion was able to stop the Red Skull’s plans. The Liberty Legion continued to fight supervillans including the Iron Cross, Master Man, U-Man, and Sky Shark. Iron Cross was defeated at the hands of the Liberty Legion and the Invaders. Miss America and Whizzer left the Liberty Legion in order to join the Invaders.