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Marvel Universe 

Living Mummy

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Marvel Universe

Real Name

The Mummy, "Captain Ace Bandages"

No dual identity


Place of Birth
Northern Africa

First Appearance
Supernatural Thrillers #5 (1973)

Born over 3000 years ago in Northern Africa, N'Kantu was the son of the chieftain of the now extinct Swarili tribe. N'Kantu grew into a strong, wise young man, proving himself a worthy successor to his father shortly after turning twenty-one. Not long after, Egyptians abducted the entire Swarili tribe despite N'Kantu's valiant efforts. In Egypt the Swarili were enslaved, serving Pharaoh Aram-Set and his corrupt priest, Nephrus. After completing a monument to Aram-Set, N'Kantu led his people to slay the Pharaoh. Nephrus, however, ambushed the chieftain, paralyzing him with a special liquid. N'Kantu was then mummified alive and entombed for millennia.

In recent times, N'Kantu finally burst forth from his prison. Half-mad from the lengthy immobility, he rampaged in Cairo, tracing the energies of Dr. Alexi Skarab, a descendant of Nephrus. Finally brought down after a massive battle with local police, N'Kantu was rendered immobile and shipped to a New York museum. He soon awoke and attracted the attention of the Elementals (Zephyr, Hellfire, Hydron and Magnum), who used him as a pawn in their attempts to control the Ruby Scarab. During this period, he became an ally of Skarab, a thief known as the Asp (Dan Harper), the Asp's partner Miles Olddan, and two of Skarab's students, Ron McAllister and Janice Carr. The group eventually defeated the Elementals and parted ways.

N'Kantu became a wanderer, befriending Ulysses Bloodstone and observing the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. He also helped the Thing rescue Alicia Masters from Gamal Hassan, another descendent of Nephrus, who sought the Spirit Gem of Nephrus. Later, N'Kantu sought to use a fragment of the Bloodgem to restore his humanity. He eventually gave the fragment to Captain America during the hero's quest to prevent the shards from falling into the hands of criminals. Once more adrift, N'Kantu briefly found acceptance as part of Dr. Druid's Shock Troop, a group of mystic-oriented heroes, battling the Antibodies alongside Quasar. Since then, he has aided Elsa Bloodstone and the Frankenstein monster against the necromancer Rakses. Of late, he has served as guardian to a mystical artifact known as the Orb of Ra.

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