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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Nova #1 (1976)

Home World
Luphom (destroyed)

Technology Level
They are highly advanced, with warp-drive spaceships, geothermal-draining equipment and energy weaponry.

Military dictatorship

Physical Description
Luphomoids have regular characteristics, such two eyes, five fingers with opposable thumb, and five toes.

When Galactus devoured the planet Luphom, only a small number of of Luphomoids who were off-world invading another planet at the time survived. Under the leadership of Warlord Zorr, the survivors attacked the planet Xander in an attempt to conquer a new homeworld for themselves, and Xandar exploded into fragments under the onslaught of Luphomoid weaponry. Pursued to planet Earth by Rhomann Dey, leader of the Xadarian militia, Zorr was defeated by dying Dey and Terran Richard Rider.

Contributors: Ohitsme

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