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Marvel Universe 

MacGillicuddy, Seamus

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Seamus MacGillicuddy




Place of Birth

First Appearance
The Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1 (2007)


Chores MacGillicuddy was said to love his drink almost as much as he loved trouble. Spending fifteen years performing as a circus strongman, Chores eventually found himself involved with a group known as the Confederates of the Curious. The group was led by Orson Randall, and Chores followed him on many dangerous missions and faced countless foes such as the Nine-Fold Daughters of Xao. Chores took a lot of ribbing from the group about his drunken nights, but they still considered him family. One of his drinking binges led him to be captured by a quartet of femme fatales, the Cowgirls from Hell, who were working for an enemy of Orson’s, John Aman. Randall and the other Confederates came to his rescue, and during the scuffle, Chores used his great strength to bend the bars of the jail cell holding him prisoner. Determined to help his friend defeat Aman, Chores leapt headfirst into the fray, but a powerful blow from Aman left Chores out cold. Fearing the worst, Orson used his healing powers on Chores and brought him back from death’s door. In his final act as leader of the group, Randall broke the Confederates up because he did not want his friends to pay for his mistakes.

It has yet to be told what happened to Chores in the years following his adventures with the Confederates, but now he lives in a villa in France along with two former teammates, Lucky Pierre and the Contessa. Since Chores, along with the other Confederates, benefited from the healing powers of Randall on many occasions, he has lived an astonishing long life which almost came to an end when a group of Hydra terrorists attacked the villa. If it weren’t for Orson’s successor, Danny Rand, son of another Confederates’ member, Wendell Rand, and a well placed bullet, shot from Lucky Pierre’s gun, the Hydra operative disguised as a nurse would have smothered him with a pillow.

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