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Marvel Universe 

Magician (Ultimate)

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Real Name
Elliot Boggs


known to S.H.I.E.L.D.


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Ultimate X-Men #66

Young Elliot Boggs woke up one morning to discover that his parents were dead. With no time to panic, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents burst into his home. Leading the agents was Nick Fury, who told Elliot that he was a danger to himself and those around him. Fury believed that Elliot had developed his powers overnight and killed his parents by accident. Fury eventually captured Elliot and left him with Charles Xavier to help him learn to control his powers.

When Elliot arrived at Xavier's Mansion, he was greeted by Cyclops and the Professor and was given a tour. Elliot was excited and wanted to know when he would be able to fight as a part of the X-Men but Cyclops told him that he would have to go under months of training to see if his powers were able to be trusted. Soon after, Cyclops got a call from fellow X-Man Colossus asking for help: the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy had attacked a party he was attending. Cyclops then told Elliot may have gotten his wish. (It is believed that Elliot may have used his reality warping powers to cause the Brotherhood to attack.) Elliot made his own costume by using his powers and boarded the X-Jet. There he met the X-Men Rogue, Iceman, and Storm. The X-Men soon arrived at the Academy of Tomorrow. Elliot demonstrated his powers while fighting the Blob. He was able to produce enough power to effectively move him, which was prevously thought to be impossible. Thus, the Magician had brought the X-Men to super-hero status once more.

Later, during a fight with the Friends of Humanity, Elliot used his powers to turn their leader into a mutant, thinking that he should be turned into the thing that he hated most. When the battle ended and the X-men were headed back to the mansion, Kitty thought about asking Elliot out on a date. The other X-Men found this suspicious because she was still dating Spider-Man. It is possible that Elliot may have used his powers to make Kitty like him in order to make himself look better to the other X-Men. Suspicion rose about him when Nick Fury contacted Professor Xavier to request that Elliot join the Ultimates. This escalated when Xavier asked Fury why he had bothered to send Elliot to him in the first place and Fury responded that he didn't remember doing so. Fury and Xavier came to the conclusion that Elliot had been manipulating and changing their thoughts. Confronted by Xavier, Elliot began to battle the other X-Men. After several of the X-men were nailing him all at the same time, he bound them with pieces of the mansion. Jean Grey, however, had not been bound, and began to battle Elliot, who summoned his false Brotherhood and tried battling her with it. Jean then freed Wolverine, who got Elliot to fend for himself. Wolverine slashed open his neck, then stabbed him in the heart. In a giant explosion, all of Elliot's things, and he himself, disappeared.

Later, Kitty Pryde was sitting by herself outside when Elliot appeared, explaining that he didn't actually want to hurt them. He stated that his powers simply responded to his whims. He wanted to be an X-man, if he was a mutant, and before he knew he was a mutant, he became an X-man. He knew only that the dance was happening, not where it actually was, when he summoned the 'Brotherhood' to it. He thought Kitty was cute, and she became attracted to him. He believes that they are uncontrollable by nature. He said that if Xavier thought he was a villain, better, a dead one, he wouldn't waste his energy on fixing his abilities. He then told Kitty that he was moving to somewhere with no people, possibly Antarctica. He then told Kitty that he had only told her for himself, that Kitty would likely tell Xavier what he had said, and thus erased her memory of it, then walked into the woods, and has not been seen yet.