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badly needed character bios:

Welcome to the Marvel Universe. To the right is a list of badly-needed bios and the like. Almost everything needs images at this point. Please use templates. Templates are your friend. If you have a question about how they work, email Pete.

I am developing templates for Teams, Universes and Places, and Things. Don't worry about updating those just yet. Creators will have their own name space soon as well, so don't worry about them.

--pete 17:23, 6 February 2006 (EST)

How to Contribute

We wanted to guarantee that's Marvel Universe is THE difinitive online resource about Marvel's characters, so we've turned it over to the experts: you. That's right, ANY Marvel fan can contribute to Marvel Universe. To find out how, read our posting guidelines here, and then get contributing, True Believer!

%%%%character here%%%%