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Marvel Universe 

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About Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe is a dynamic, community-fueled online encyclopedia of all things Marvel. It's THE definitive place online to find biographies of the the 5000+ characters, places, and things that inhabit the Marvel Universe!

In order to ensure that Marvel Universe is the best online resource for Marvel bios, we turned it over to the experts: you. That's right, ANY Marvel fan can contribute to's Marvel Universe - subject to moderation, of course! To find out how, read our posting guidelines and get contributing, True Believer!

The Marvel Universe is also home to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series! Check out the official bibliographies, listings, corrections, and FAQ for the current generation of Handbooks here!

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Entering Marvel Contest Of Champions: Gamora
Entering Marvel Contest Of Champions: Gamora
A new player has entered the game! The jade jewel of the space ways and eternal enemy of Thanos, Gamora, makes her fighting game debut in “Marvel Contest of Champions.” We got a chance to talk with Kabam’s Lead Character artist,...