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Marvel Universe 

Melter (Christopher Colchiss)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Christopher (last name unrevealed)




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Dark Reign: Young Avengers #1 (2009)


Behind a façade of courage and confidence, Chris is a fragile young boy, afraid of his own power. This can be in large part due to the fact he is haunted by the memory of accidentally killing his parents at a very early age. His sporadic control over his melting abilities saved his teammates from a hail of bullets, but once his poise is shattered or his frustration rises, the results can be disastrous. Wanting desperately to be a hero – a leader – Chris was at a loss for words when confronted by Patriot and the rest of the Young Avengers as to what right his team had to use their name.

The call to battle was sounded by another, and the two teams collided. Chris tried to tell Patriot to stand down, but the Enchantress made a more convincing argument by blasting everyone simultaneously. The debate over the Young Avengers name continued but ended with a proposal. Patriot offered the upstarts a chance to join his team, or they would have to find themselves a new name. Chris wanted to leave with her, but Enchantress convinced him to stay since she wanted to be a true Young Avenger.

Each member of each team paired off, and Chris drew Patriot as a partner. Taking on goons dressed as Hydra, Melter refused to use his powers which Patriot said was the sign of a real hero. Chris wanted his team to clean up their act a little, but his suggestion was met with ridicule. Adding to his insecurities, the Young Avengers made their final decision, and he wasn't on the list of those they wanted to recruit. Patriot wanted him to act as a go-between the two groups, but out of anger, Melter called Norman Osborn using the number his teammate, Coat of Arms, had on a business card. When the Young Avengers returned, Osborn's Avengers were there to greet them.

Osborn wanted to take both teams under his rule, but Patriot shouted the classic Avenger battle cry and chaos ensued. Chris stated his team was the force of "law and order", and Speed replied with a high-velocity finger flick to the head. Soon, Osborn would call for the Sentry, but Coat of Arms, Enchantress and Wiccan would expel him from the premises. Chris thought they killed Sentry, and based on that assumption, he thought he backed the wrong Avengers. Patriot told him that killing isn't the way a hero does things and to choose his path instead of hiding from it. Melter chose to retreat and weigh his options. He asked Enchantress to take the team away, and she complied.

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