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Marvel Universe 

Mister Gideon


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Gideon Wilson




Place of Birth
New York

First Appearance
World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1 (2007)

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #2 and 4 (2007)

Gideon Wilson used to be a reverend, but he did not always act the part. Such was the case when his son Jim decided to leave school and travel to New Mexico. Gideon was furious with his son because of the strings he had to pull to even get him into school in the first place. Also, he felt Jim wanted to waste his life and live in sin in the process. Gideon and Jim exchanged harsh words that day which almost led to violence, and even after Gideon got a hold of himself, Jim told him that they would never see each other again. Mister Wilson prayed for his boy after seeing reports on the news of Hulk rampaging through New Mexico. Years later, Jim Wilson died of the A.I.D.S. virus, but his father didn't want to believe that. Gideon wanted to believe that the Hulk was responsible for his son’s death. At Jim's funeral, General Ryker approached Gideon in the guise of a priest and asked to have a talk with him. The discussion led Gideon Wilson to undergo test experiments which gave him powers making him an approximate equivalent to Doc Samson.

He became part of Ryker's team, the Gamma Corps, and took the codename Mister Gideon. He, along with the other members of his unit, fought the Hulk until the monster's neck had been snapped by their field leader, Grey. General Ryker’s intentions for the Hulk were to make him a test subject, but another member of the Corps, Mess, had other plans. She wanted to kill him right then and there, and Gideon had to help pry her off the fallen giant. The Hulk’s neck healed and he made a bee-line for Ryker in his base at the Staten Island Dump. Mister Gideon gave chase as did teammates Griffin and Prodigy, but even a combined attack by the three proved useless. Banner forced Gideon to face facts that Jim died of a virus and not his involvement with the Hulk right before he snapped both of Gideon's wrists and crushed his hands. Gideon realized he wanted revenge for the wrong reasons and even tried to talk Grey out of confronting the Hulk. After Hulk caused Grey to rampage through the base, Mister Gideon tried to make Hulk realize that maybe his mission of revenge was just as misguided as his, but the Hulk didn't want to listen and took his leave.

Recovered from his battle with the Hulk, Mister Gideon followed the rest of his team into hiding, now on the run from the U.S. government. Some of the last words uttered to him by the Hulk, setting Gamma Corps' sights on the members of the Illuminati, still rang fresh in his ears. When Iron Patriot found the Corps hideout while being mistakenly tracked by Prodigy, Mister Gideon went along with the rest of his group and attacked Osborn before he could arrest them. Finally, Osborn revealed he was only there to talk, and he offered Gamma Corps a position within his regime. Mister Gideon, along with the rest, agreed to be in the service of Norman Osborn, hunting down rogue super-humans.

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