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Marvel Universe

Real Name

The Monocle



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #95

The Monocle was an agent of a mysterious group sent to America to attack the U.N. delegates who met to make peace between the nations. Monocle was ordered to subdue the Fantastic Four long enough to attack one of the delegates, in which case the rest would blame each other, and would eventually start World War III. At that point, Monocle’s superiors would take over the world, and promised Monocle he would become a king.

He was equipped with a Neutrak Ray weapon disguised as a camera. When Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Girl flew in their Fantasticar to the delegations meeting, looking to protect it, Monocle appeared and fired his camera’s invisible ray and damaged the Fantasticar’s engine. After which, it plummeted to Earth. His next step was to topple a building close to the Thing, which in turn forced Ben to stop the building and wait until the authorities could return with the proper hydraulic instruments to save the structure. Finally, when the Human Torch left the Baxter Building at the behest of Reed Richards, Monocle distracted him by destroying various buildings and structures in his path; leading him away from the U.N. delegation.

Everything went according to plan, and Monocle prepared to fire his ray at one of the delegates until Reed used his own reversal ray to send the camera’s power back upon itself, destroying Monocle’s weapon. Monocle lashed out with a holdout pistol and fired concussion shells at Reed, who dodged them. The saboteur continued to flee, but the Invisible Girl tracked him and grabbed him, though Monocle used a judo move to toss her over his shoulder and continue running. He threw himself out of a window rather than be captured, but just when the Fantastic Four thought he would fall to his death, he revealed a rocket pack and tried to escape through the air. The Torch had already recovered from his distraction, however, and promptly melted Monocle’s jets, sending him tumbling out of the sky. The Thing caught him on the ground moments later and handed him over to the police, leaving the U.N. and the world safe.

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