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OHOTMU:Bibliography-Avengers 2007

OHOTMU:Bibliography-Avengers 2007

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OHotMU: Mighty Avengers - Most Wanted Files #1 Bibliography

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Cover by Aaron Lopresti


First Appearance: Avengers #1 (1963)
Origin: Avengers #1 (1963); Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1-8 (2005)
Significant Issues: Vs Doctor Doom (Avengers #1½, 1999); lost Hulk (Avengers #2, 1963); recruited Captain America (Avengers #4, 1964); first teamed with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #26, 1964); vs Baron Heinrich Zemo’s Master of Evil (Avengers #6-7, 9-10 & 15-16, 1964-1965); vs Weather-Maker (Thor: Godstorm #1, 2001); vs Kang (Avengers #8, 1964); debut & seeming demise of Wonder Man (Avengers #9, 1964); vs Immortus (Avengers #10, 1964); first teamed with X-Men (X-Men #9, 1965); alongside Fantastic Four, X-Men, Doctor Strange, Daredevil & Spider-Man, vs Sundown (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97 Annual, 1997); "Cap’s Kooky Quartet" formed (Avengers #16, 1965); alongside Sentry, vs Void, attended Sentry’s wedding (Sentry #1-2, 2000); among heroes who discussed Sentry’s fate (Sentry #4, 2000); recruited & expelled Swordsman (Avengers #19-20, 1965); temporarily disbanded due to Amora & Josten (Avengers #21-22, 1965); first tried to recruit Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, 1966); recruited Hercules (Avengers #45, 1967); first met Black Knight/Dane Whitman (Avengers #47-48, 1967-1968); recruited Black Panther (Avengers #52, 1968); vs Ultron’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #54-55, 1968); vs Scarlet Centurion (Avengers Annual #2, 1968); recruited Vision (Avengers #57-58, 1968); appointed Pym fulltime chairman, introduced Vision to authorities & general public, vs AIM & their renegade Adaptoid army, conflicts with SHIELD & government liaison James Murch (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1-4, 2007); Pym’s Yellowjacket transformation, wedding of Pym & Wasp, Pym’s resignation of chairmanship, team’s defeat of Super-Adaptoid, Black Panther appointed interim chair (Avengers #59-60/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4-8, 1968/2007); Hawkeye became Goliath, Barney Barton slain (Avengers #63-65, 1969); vs Grandmaster, Kang & Squadron Sinister, recruited Black Knight (Avengers #69-71, 1969); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Namor & sea monsters (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #8, 2001); alongside Fantastic Four & other heroes, vs Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #11, 2001); vs Lethal Legion (Avengers #78-79, 1970); vs Lady Liberators (Avengers #83, 1970); Kree-Skrull War (Avengers #89-97, 1971-1972); return of Hawkeye, entire roster assembled to fight Ares & Enchantress (Avengers #98-100, 1972); Hawkeye’s first departure (Avengers #109, 1973); readmitted Swordsman with Mantis (Avengers #114, 1973); Avengers-Defenders War (Avengers #115-118/Defenders #7-11, 1973); Swordsman slain (Giant-Size Avengers #2, 1974); Mantis made Celestial Madonna, Vision & Scarlet Witch married (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); Kang/Serpent Crown conflicts & roster overhaul (Avengers #141-144 & 147-151, 1975-1976); Wonder Man resurrected (Avengers #151-153/Avengers Annual #6, 1976); Korvac saga (Avengers #167-168 & 170-177, 1978); membership curtailed by Gyrich (Avengers #181, 1979); "Yesterday Quest" for Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch origins (Avengers #185-187, 1979); first Taskmaster conflict (Avengers #194-196, 1980); Jessica Jones debacle (Alias #25-26, 2003); lost Carol Danvers (Avengers #200/Avengers Annual #10, 1980-1981); fall of Hank Pym (Avengers #212-213 & 217, 1981-1982); recruited She-Hulk (Avengers #221, 1982); Monica Rambeau recruited, Pym redeemed (Avengers #227-230, 1983); vs T’rannikus & his endless army of Throlls (She-Hulk #3, 2006); met David Letterman (Avengers #239, 1984); western roster established (West Coast Avengers #1-4, 1984); Vision’s attempted coup (Avengers #251-254, 1985); rented Hydrobase, recruited Namor (Avengers #262, 1985); under siege by Helmut Zemo’s Masters (Avengers #270-271 & 273-277, 1986-1987); Lost in Space-Time saga (West Coast Avengers #17-24, 1987); Olympus conflict (Avengers #281-285, 1987); Marrina slain, Rambeau crippled, eastern roster disbanded (Avengers #291-297, 1988); western roster schism (West Coast Avengers #37, 1988); eastern roster rebuilt (Avengers #298-300, 1988-1989); Vision mind-wiped (West Coast Avengers #42-45, 1989); Great Lakes Avengers formed (West Coast Avengers #46, 1989); caught in Acts of Vengeance (Avengers #311-313/Avengers West Coast #53-55, 1989-1990); recruited Sersi & Spider-Man, lost Spider-Man (Avengers #314-318, 1990); United Nations charter (Avengers #329/Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); Operation: Galactic Storm (Avengers #345-347/Avengers West Coast #80-83/Captain America #398-401/Iron Man #278-279/Quasar #32-34/Thor #445-446/Wonder Man #7-9, 1992); vs Hangman’s Lethal Legion, Mockingbird killed (Avengers West Coast #98-100, 1993); western roster disbanded (Avengers West Coast #102, 1994); final battles with Gatherers (Avengers #372-375, 1994); The Crossing (Avengers #390-395/Avengers: The Crossing #1/Avengers Timeslide #1, 1995-1996); Onslaught (Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1, 1996); team disbanded (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); trapped in Franklin Richards’ alternate reality (Avengers #1-13, 1996-1997); returned to Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4, 1997); team rebuilt (Avengers #1-4, 1998); Rick Jones, Giant-Man, Wasp & Avengers taken from various past & future time periods drawn into cosmic "Destiny War", allied with Kang, Libra & Supreme Intelligence against Immortus & his masters the Time-Keepers in time-spanning battle to determine future of humanity (Avengers Forever #1-12, 1998-2000); embarked on time travel quest for segments of golden apple in response to threat of Harbingers of Everlasting Winter (Domination Factor: Avengers #1.2-4.8, 1999-2000); alongside Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer & Alicia Masters, opposed Galactus (Galactus the Devourer #1-6, 1999-2000); vs Ultron in Slorenia (Avengers #19-22, 1999); departure of Vision (Avengers #23, 1999); consulted with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #24, 1999); reacted to news of Reed Richards posing as Doctor Doom marrying Sue Richards, vs faux Doom’s forces until faux Doom brokered peace (Fantastic Four #27-28, 2000); vs Exemplars, Triune-masterminded anti-Avengers publicity intensified, Captain America stepped down as chairman (Avengers #24-25, 2000); celebrated Christmas with New Warriors (Ant-Man’s Big Christmas #1, 2000); Avengers associates Ant-Man/Scott Lang, Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell, Silverclaw & Warbird lured into ambush by Taskmaster & his Split-Second Squad, framed for destroying Triune facility (Avengers #26, 2000); appointed Wasp new chairwoman, revamped roster as various members returned & departed, recruited Triathlon (Avengers #27, 2000); Hellcat resurrected through aid of Hawkeye & Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts Annual 2000, 2000); Beast joined Wonder Man on trip to California to tie up loose ends from Wonder Man's past, duo defeated Slorenian terrorists & forces of Lotus Newmark (Avengers Two: Wonder Man & the Beast #1-3, 2000); vs Template (Warlock #8, 2000); saved Costa Verde from Kulan Gath, unable to prevent Gath’s murder of Silverclaw’s mother Peliali, recruited Silverclaw into Avengers reserves, Hank Pym secretly split into separate Goliath & Yellowjacket forms with different personalities (Avengers #28-30, 2000); helped Hellcat, Hedy Wolfe, Hawkeye & Moondragon save Centerville from Daboia, Salem’s Seven & Sons of the Serpent (Avengers Annual 2000, 2000); vs Magneto & Acolytes in Genosha, expelled from Genosha (Magneto: Dark Seduction #2-4, 2000); rejected membership application by new Black Panther Erik Killmonger, alongside Killmonger, vs Deadpool, Constrictor & "Titania"/Copycat as part of a scheme masterminded by Achebe, rescued Triathlon from Wakanda after Achebe’s agents abducted him, vs Hatut Zeraze & Deadpool (Black Panther #22/Deadpool #44/Black Panther #23, 2000); welcomed back Vision, consulted with SHIELD agents Sharon Carter & Jasper Sitwell, raided Maggia leadership meeting, discovered original Madame Masque was still alive as paranoid recluse, teamed with Thunderbolts to foil world conquest schemes of Maggia leader Count Nefaria & his lieutenant Grim Reaper, honorary member Masque slain during the battle, Madame Masque abandoned crime & escaped (Avengers #31-34/Thunderbolts #43-44, 2000); vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual 2000, 2000); alongside Jack of Hearts, saved galaxy from Infinites (Avengers: Infinity #1-4, 2000); alongside many other heroes, thwarted plot to convert Earth into intergalactic prison planet, vs Kree in their new hyper-evolved form as Ruul, Quasar forced back into outer space exile after absorbing Ego (Maximum Security #1-3/Avengers #35/X-Men Unlimited #29, 2000); monitored & commented upon Wakandan political crisis (Black Panther #27, 2001); alongside Jack of Hearts & SHIELD, vs Pagan, Lord Templar & Bloodwraith (Avengers #36-37, 2001); alongside Sentry & other heroes, vs Void (Sentry #5/ Sentry/Fantastic Four #1 / Sentry/Hulk #1 / Sentry/Spider-Man #1 / Sentry/X-Men #1 /Sentry vs the Void #1, 2001); helped clean up after Fantastic Four’s battle with Grey Gargoyle (Fantastic Four #39, 2001); attended funeral of Bucky Barnes (Captain America #46-48, 2001); rescued Iron Man from Interceptors (Iron Man Annual 2001, 2001); reorganized team’s operations, gave various members detached service assignments, Captain America & Wasp served as co-chairs (Avengers #38, 2001); alongside Hulk, neutralized horde of Hulk-like mutates created by Diablo (Avengers #39-40, 2001); clashed with new Scarlet Centurion, beginning of Kang Dynasty war (Avengers #41-42, 2001); recruited Jack of Hearts, defeated Presence, Attuma’s army & Deviant army of Dulpus, reluctantly aided by Presence’s consort Starlight, Thor traumatized by near-death of fellow Avengers (Avengers #43-44, 2001); merged Hank Pym’s two selves back into single person with aid of Jonathan Tremont, learned Firestar & Justice had infiltrated Triunes & discovered they were building a spacecraft, Triathlon advised & encouraged by Photon (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); Avengers’ correspondence answered by Jarvis (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); alongside Earth's other heroes, abducted by Graviton, freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001-2002); conferred with government, opposed government plans to field Sentinel army, socialized among themselves, formed alliance with Kro’s Deviants, plotted further infiltration of Triunes, Firebird began trying to counsel troubled Thor, Master of the World entered Kang Dynasty war in hopes of controlling Earth himself, Pym resumed Yellowjacket guise (Avengers #45, 2001); alongside Hawkeye & Grim Reaper, vs Alkhema, Ultron & Alkhema’s many robotic creations, destroyed everything except Ultron’s head & Alkhema’s seemingly benign bio-synthetic creation Antigone (Avengers: The Ultron Imperative #1, 2001); alongside Peregrine & Micromax, vs Kang’s armies, attacked Master’s headquarters & Kang’s Damocles base, detected & monitored approaching Triple-Evil, reluctantly allied with Tremont to confront Triple-Evil, killed Master, repulsed from Damocles, government’s Sentinel army commandeered by Kang (Avengers #46-48, 2001-2002); vs commandeered Sentinel army in Washington, helped U.S. President escape with aid of Kro’s Deviants, unable to prevent slaughter of most of Washington’s populace by Sentinels, formally surrendered to Kang’s forces on behalf of Earth (Avengers #49, 2002); destroyed Triple-Evil & captured power-mad Jonathan Tremont, Triathlon gained cosmic power (Avengers #50, 2002); Scarlet Witch & Wonder Man broke up while incarcerated together in one of Kang’s prison camps, Wonder Man secretly escaped with Witch’s aid (Avengers #51, 2002); freed Wasp & other captured Avengers, co-opted Master’s technology & Triple-Evil’s power, allied with Atlanteans, Deviants, Namorita, Presence, Starlight, Jonathan Tremont & others in opposing Kang’s forces, saw Tremont die in battle, destroyed Damocles base, liberated Earth, captured Kang, received adulation of grateful world, Kang freed by Scarlet Centurion, Scarlet Centurion slain by Kang as a matter of honor (Avengers #52-54, 2002); celebrated & mourned in aftermath of Kang Dynasty war, Duane Freeman revealed to be among dead in Washington, Warbird cleared of misconduct regarding Master’s death, Triathlon relinquished cosmic powers & restored Chandler brothers to normal while deciding to cut ties with Triunes, Thor praised Firebird for helping him overcome his recent melancholy, Iron Man met with Duane’s brother Derek, team paid respects to Duane at memorial for fallen (Avengers #55, 2002); monitored Black Panther’s latest radical political actions, confronted Panther, resisted Iron Man’s motion to expel Panther (Black Panther #41-42 & 44, 2002); monitored & analyzed Shaitan’s tower in Madripoor (X-Treme X-Men #11, 2002); reunited with Mantis & Haywire, protected Mantis’s son Sequoia from Thanos, teamed with Thanos & Death to neutralize the Rot, brief Vision-Mantis romance, Haywire slain (Avengers: Celestial Quest #1-8, 2001-2002); alongside JLA, vs Krona (JLA/Avengers #1 & 3 / Avengers/JLA # 2 & 4, 2003-2004); commented on seeming demise of Captain America, attended his funeral (Captain America #50, 2002); continued to monitor Wakandan politics (Black Panther #43, 2002); vs ULTIMATUM (Citizen V and the V-Battallion: The Everlasting #3, 2001); shut down AIM cell via tip from Moondragon (Infinity Abyss #1, 2002); vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); clashed with rogue heroes the Order, helped Defenders & others thwart Yandroth & restore Order to normal (The Order #2-3 & 5-6, 2002); opposed cosmic menace Akhenaten, immobilized by Akhenaten, opposed newly omnipotent Thanos until he destroyed & re-created the universe (Marvel Universe: The End #1 & 5-6, 2003); conferred with Maria Stark Foundation accountants (Avengers #56, 2002); harassed by Loki (Marvel Double-Shot #2, 2003); defused Scorpio crisis with aid of Gyrich & Ant-Man, won new U.N. status, hired Gryich as U.N. liaison, recruited Ant-Man, beginning of feud between Jack of Hearts & Ant-Man (Avengers #57-62, 2002-2003); Thor estranged from Avengers after his new role as monarch of Asgard brought him into conflict with Captain America & Iron Man (Avengers #63, 2003); Falcon captured Scarecrow & confronted Gyrich regarding his loyalties (Avengers #64, 2003); visited by Jessica Jones, witnessed her capture of Purple Man (Alias #24 & 28, 2003); helped resolve "Red Zone" crisis, She-Hulk accidentally mutated by exposure to Jack of Hearts, government official Dell Rusk exposed as Red Skull & captured, departure of Warbird to work for government, Gyrich declined White House job to stay with Avengers (Avengers #65-70, 2003); Wasp & Yellowjacket captured Whirlwind during vacation, Wasp turned down Yellowjacket’s marriage proposal (Avengers #71, 2003); restored rampaging She-Hulk to normal with aid of Hulk & Hawkeye, Hawkeye returned to active status (Avengers #72-75, 2003-2004); vs Harald Jaekelsson’s zombie Viking army (Thor: Vikings #3, 2003); decided to remove Jack of Hearts from active duty & place him in long term isolation due to his dangerous powers, Jack helped Ant-Man rescue latter’s daughter Cassie Lang from child killer Charles Cooley, Jack apparently killed himself & Cooley in deliberate self-explosion (Avengers #76, 2004); opposed Thunderbolts’ Project: Liberator, offered Songbird membership (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); attended swearing-in of Tony Stark as Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #79, 2004); helped X-Statix defeat Russian terrorists who had kidnapped Doop, vs X-Statix over custody of Doop’s fragmented brain, ultimately allowed X-Statix to retain custody of Doop & his brain (X-Statix #21-25, 2004); defeated MODOK’s AIM cell and their ally Blizzard, kicked She-Hulk out of Avengers Mansion (She-Hulk #1-2, 2004); vs Wrecking Crew, Morgan le Fay & her knight, recruited new Captain Britain, Hawkeye injured, Wasp began experimenting with giant sizes (Avengers #77-81, 2004); consulted with Captain America regarding Anti-Cap (Captain America & the Falcon #3, 2004); helped dismantle defunct Pride’s criminal network, placed Pride’s orphaned offspring Runaways in foster care (Runaways #18, 2004); captured Viper, helped Black Widow confront her ex-husband Alexi Shostakov (Daredevil #61 & 64, 2004); alongside Spider-Man, vs Wrecking Crew (Marvel Holiday Special 2004, 2004); opposed new Invaders’ overthrow of Mazikhandar’s tyrannical government, Pym resumed Giant-Man guise, Pym shaken by new love affair between Hawkeye & Wasp (Avengers #82-84/New Invaders #0, 2004); vs new Ani-Men (GLA #1, 2005); fought alongside Thor during Ragnarok (Thor #80-81, 2004); mistakenly fought with Spider-Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2, 2004); alongside Fantastic Four, Daredevil & Spider-Man, vs Sinister Twelve (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #11, 2005); terrorized by insane Scarlet Witch until Doctor Strange neutralized her, Avengers Mansion destroyed, Ant-Man, Hawkeye & Vision apparently slain (Avengers #500-503, 2004); team disbanded in wake of Scarlet Witch disaster (Avengers: Finale #1, 2005); hosted funeral for Ant-Man, Hawkeye & Vision (Hercules #1, 2005); reunited temporarily to help She-Hulk vs Titania (She-Hulk #12, 2005); Great Lakes Avengers recruited Squirrel Girl, Monkey Joe, Grasshopper & Tippy-Toe, lost Dinah Soar, Monkey Joe & Grasshopper in battle, vs Leather Boy & Batroc’s Brigade, saved universe from Maelstrom, began calling themselves Great Lakes X-Men after Maria Stark Foundation ordered them to stop using Avengers name (GLA #1-4, 2005); Young Avengers formed, alongside Captain America, Iron Man & Jessica Jones, vs Kang, remained together despite elder heroes urging them to disband (Young Avengers #1-6, 2005); new Avengers formed, moved into Stark Tower, clashed with new SHIELD director Maria Hill, vs Savage Land Mutates, uncovered first clues to vast subversive conspiracy, recaptured Sauron with Wolverine’s aid (New Avengers #1-6, 2005); recruited Wolverine (New Avengers #7, 2005); invited She-Hulk to rejoin active roster (She-Hulk #1, 2005); welcomed Parker family to Avengers Tower, defeated Hydra & their Avengers doppelgangers (Amazing Spider-Man #519-524, 2005); engaged in training session, discouraged feud between Spider-Man & Wolverine (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #13-14, 2005); alongside May Parker, helped Spider-Man rein in rogue super-being Ethan Edwards (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #18, 2005); restored & recruited Sentry with aid of Emma Frost & other heroes, recaptured Wrecker, Stark Tower merged with Sentry’s Watchtower (New Avengers #7-10, 2005); teamed with Fantastic Four to battle Kree warriors (New Avengers Guest Starring the Fantastic Four, 2005); among heroes manipulated by Purple Man until Thunderbolts stopped him (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); analyzed new Vision, monitored Young Avengers, contacted Young Avengers’ parents, alongside Jessica Jones, confronted Young Avengers, helped subdue & detox Young Avengers leader Patriot after he was discovered to be on drugs, encouraged & publicly supported disbanding of Young Avengers (Young Avengers #7-9, 2005); ambushed & defeated by Thunderbolts on behalf of CSA, headquarters bugged by Joystick on behalf of CSA (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005-2006); analyzed & monitored Raft escapees (New Avengers: Most Wanted Files, 2005); comforted newly orphaned Paul Sidorsky (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 2006); deactivated Santa-programmed "Santron" version of Ultron (Marvel Holiday Special, 2006); guarded hospitalized Dagger, hunted her supposed attacker Cloak, confronted Molly Hayes of Runaways & Cloak’s ally Father Lantom at St. Patrick’s church, skirmished with Hayes, learned Dagger’s attacker had been Cloak impersonator Reginald Mantz (Runaways #9-12, 2005-2006); met to discuss how to deal with mad Scarlet Witch, among heroes trapped in altered "House of M" reality by Scarlet Witch, reality restored to normal, Hawkeye resurrected, most of world’s mutants depowered including Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch went into hiding as Wanda Maximoff (House of M #1-8, 2005); secretly back-from-the-dead Clint Barton abandoned Hawkeye identity, conferred with Doctor Strange, sought to confront Scarlet Witch, discovered she was living contentedly as Wanda Maximoff with no memory of her superhuman past, shared brief romance with Wanda, departed (New Avengers #26, 2007); recruited Ronin/Maya Lopez to monitor Japanese underworld as their overseas agent, vs the Hand, confronted Silver Samurai, captured Viper, Viper covertly set free by Spider-Woman, discovered Spider-Woman was double agent (New Avengers #11-13, 2005-2006); learned details of how Spider-Woman was working as double agent reporting to both Hydra & former SHIELD director Nick Fury, learned that Spider-Woman & Fury were trying to oppose subversive conspiracy they believed to be undermining both SHIELD & Hydra, invited Ms. Marvel to rejoin after she captured Klaw, offered Daily Bugle exclusive coverage of Avengers business in exchange for publisher Jameson’s promise to stop hounding Spider-Man, introduced new Avengers roster to public, betrayed by Jameson when Bugle printed vicious anti-Avengers editorial, Spider-Woman secretly reported everything to Hydra supervisor Connelly (New Avengers #14-15, 2006); routed Attuma’s Atlantean invasion force, held team meeting (Sentry #1-2, 2005); tried to aid dying Spider-Man, unable to prevent his seeming demise, assisted & studied newly regenerated Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #525-527/Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #2-4/Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #20-22, 2006); took pregnant Jessica Jones to Doctor Strange when she went into labor, present for birth of Jessica’s baby (Pulse #12-13, 2006); covertly attended Matt Murdock’s trial (Daredevil #81, 2006); learned Wolverine was regaining his full memories (Wolverine #36-37, 2006); alongside X-Men & Sentinel Squad O*N*E, vs Apocalypse & his Horsemen (X-Men #186, 2006); tested & trained new Vision, alongside Young Avengers, intervened in Kree-Skrull conflict over fate of Hulkling, finally agreed to accept continued activity of Young Avengers (Young Avengers #10-12, 2006); noticed Iron Man was troubled (Iron Man: The Inevitable #5, 2006); concealed secrets of "House of M" crisis from SHIELD until they abducted & interrogated Spider-Man & Vision & learned truth, began "impact superheroics" crime prevention campaign in Detroit, hosted Young Avengers at Stark Tower, alongside Ms. Marvel, Vision, Daisy Johnson & SHIELD, vs Collective, neutralized Collective by severing its link with Michael Pointer & hurling it into sun (New Avengers #16-20, 2006); captured Dragon Man (I ? Marvel: Web of Romance #1, 2006); met with New York City mayor, vs Adaptoid-powered Yelena Belova until her Hydra/AIM masters forced her to self-destruct, attended wedding of Cage & Jessica Jones (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006); learned of Black Panther’s engagement to Storm (Black Panther #16, 2006); cleaned up after Iron Man’s battle with Crimson Dynamo, questioned Iron Man’s reckless methods, foiled Graviton’s latest escape from Raft, alongside Fantastic Four, guarded global peace summit, vs Yinsen-controlled Iron Man, alongside Iron Man, vs rogue Iron Man armors (Iron Man #7-12, 2006); alongside Guiding Light, vs Sinister Six (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006); among heroes who responded to Stamford disaster, among heroes who convened to discuss proposed SHRA legislation, pro-SHRA forces began forming under Iron Man’s leadership, Captain America went rogue to oppose SHRA (Civil War #1, 2006); Captain America & Falcon joined forces to oppose SHRA, captured Shocker, failed to recruit Pym, escaped after clashing with Pym & SHIELD forces (New Avengers #21, 2006); attended wedding of Storm & Black Panther (Black Panther #18, 2006); Cage & Jessica Jones refused to join Iron Man’s pro-SHRA forces, Jones went underground with her & Cage’s baby, Cage publicly resisted registration & escaped with aid of Captain America & allies (New Avengers #22, 2006); Stark’s Avengers allies & other pro-SHRA heroes defeated Doombot, worked to enforce SHRA, anti-SHRA underground resistance a.k.a. "Secret Avengers" formed under leadership of Captain America, Young Avengers captured by SHIELD & liberated by Secret Avengers, Spider-Man unmasked publicly as show of support for SHRA (Civil War #2, 2006); Baron Zemo’s Thunderbolts allied with Stark’s pro-SHRA faction (Thunderbolts #103, 2006); Young Avengers tried in vain to enlist Runaways in Secret Avengers, teamed with Runaways against Cube’s warden & his pawn Marvel Boy (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4, 2006); Iron Man betrayed Spider-Woman to SHIELD by exposing her triple agent status, Spider-Woman arrested by SHIELD & freed by Hydra, Spider-Woman refused offer to become new Madame Hydra & blew up Connelley’s Hydra base, Spider-Woman joined Secret Avengers (New Avengers #23, 2006); Stark’s pro-SHRA forces vs Cap’s Secret Avengers, Goliath slain by Stark’s cybernetic Thor clone during battle, defection of Nighthawk & Stature from Secret Avengers to Stark’s side, defection of Invisible Woman & Human Torch from Stark’s side to Secret Avengers (Civil War #3-4, 2006); Zemo secretly made peace with Captain America & began covertly aiding Secret Avengers (Thunderbolts #104-105, 2006); Sentry clashed with Inhumans, rejected romantic advances of Crystal, reluctantly joined Iron Man’s pro-SHRA forces (New Avengers #24, 2006); Punisher joined Secret Avengers, Spider-Man defected to Secret Avengers, Tigra infiltrated Secret Avengers for Stark (Civil War #5, 2006); Secret Avengers & Stark’s pro-SHRA forces both among those heroes who opposed rampaging superhumans empowered by Wellspring of Power, helped Zemo end Wellspring crisis (Thunderbolts #108, 2007); Iron Man made peace with Maria Hill, encouraged by Hill to replace her as director of SHIELD (New Avengers #25, 2006); Young Avengers teamed with Winter Soldier against Hydra (Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1, 2007); Punisher expelled from Secret Avengers, Secret Avengers invaded Stark’s Negative Zone prison & freed imprisoned heroes, final battle between Secret Avengers & Stark’s pro-SHRA forces, battle ended after Captain America reconsidered his position & surrendered himself to authorities, small group of anti-SHRA Avengers remained together under Cage’s leadership, most other anti-SHRA heroes accepted SHRA registration & granted amnesty, Initiative program began organizing officially deputized heroes in every American state, Stark appointed as new director of SHIELD (Civil War #6-7, 2006-2007); new pro-SHRA Avengers roster assembled by Iron Man & Ms. Marvel, Ms. Marvel appointed leader, recruited Ares, vs new incarnation of Ultron (Mighty Avengers #1-4, 2007); Cage & fellow anti-SHRA Avengers Spider-Man, Spider-Woman & Wolverine went underground with Cage’s wife Jessica Jones & new recruits Doctor Strange & Iron Fist, hid out at Strange’s sanctum sanctorum, clashed with Stark’s pro-SHRA Avengers & escaped after Stark’s group lured them into ambush, avoided detection by Brother Voodoo, joined by Clint Barton as new Ronin, rescued Maya Lopez after she was slain & subsequently resurrected by the Hand in hopes of making her their brainwashed agent (New Avengers #27-31, 2007); Stark’s Avengers & various inactive Avengers joined Initiative program as staff, instructors, trainees & registrants (Avengers: the Initiative #1-2, 2007)


First Appearance: Thor #129 (1966)
Significant Issues: Vs Greek warrior Diomedes during Trojan War, repelled by Diomedes with help of Athena (Thor Annual #8, 1979); refused to fight against Pluto on Hercules’ behalf, angered when Thor assisted Hercules (Thor #129-131, 1966); tricked Hercules into drinking water from Fountain of Eros so that he fell in love with Amora the Enchantress, informed Zeus that Hercules had renounced his Olympian heritage for love of an Asgardian (Avengers #38, 1967); banished in Land of Shades alongside his fellow Olympians when Typhon the Titan extinguished Promethean Flame, rescued by Hercules & Avengers (Avengers #49-50, 1967); convinced Zeus to send Huntsman to track Hercules & return him to Olympus (Ka-Zar #1, 1970); found Merlin’s Ebony Blade, extinguished Promethean Flame, traveled to Earth as "Mr. Tallon", founded Warhawk organization, attempted to conflagrate nuclear war on Earth that would open portal to halls of Asgard, fled to Olympus & attempted invasion of Earth, foiled by Avengers (Avengers #99-100, 1972); defeated by Sub-Mariner & Venus (Sub-Mariner #57, 1972); joined forces with Pluto in attempt to start war between Olympus & Asgard, abducted Asgardian Krista while disguised as Hercules & brought her to Hades, defeated by Hercules & Thor at Gates of Hades (Thor #221-222, 1974); conspired with Pluto to pressure Zeus into marrying Hercules to Amazonian Queen Hippolyta & Venus to Ares, foiled by Champions of Los Angeles when they revealed Pluto’s plan to overthrow Zeus as ruler of Olympus after the marriage (Champions #1-3, 1975); alongside Olympians & Odin, vs Eternals of Olympia (Thor #289-290, 1979-1980); supported Zeus’ decision to imprison Avengers in Tartarus after Hercules fell into coma after battle against Masters of Evil (Avengers #281-285, 1987); laughed when Zeus refused to answer Hercules’ call as Hercules tried to prove his Olympian heritage to New Mutants (New Mutants #81, 1989); entered into wager with Hera to see who could bring most sorrow to Hercules, possessed Thor/Eric Masterson & attacked Hercules, exposed when struck by lighting summoned by Thor’s hammer (Avengers #349, 1992); joined forces with Pluto in attempt to destroy Thor while he was temporarily insane, savagely beaten by Thor, pretended to have been attacked by Thor to gain Zeus’ sympathy, revealed truth about his failed attack on Thor when Sif appealed to his sense of warrior’s honor (Thor #462, 464 & 467, 1993); informed Zeus of Hera’s plan to bring misery upon Hercules by impersonating Hercules’ ex-girlfriend Taylor Madison, assisted Zeus in foiling Hera’s plan to destroy Avengers (Avengers #382 & 384, 1995); as Warhawks leader, attempted to destroy all technology on Earth with Gabriel Horn & regress society into warring feudal clans, foiled by Hercules & SHIELD (Hercules and the Heart of Chaos #1-4, 1997); opposed Thor & Hercules after Dark Gods destroyed Olympus in guise of Asgardians (Thor #6-7, 1998); assisted Olympians in their defeat of Pluto, turned back on duties as war god to live life on Earth, fathered Alexander, rejoined Olympians in their battle against Japanese god Mikaboshi in order to rescue kidnapped Alexander (Ares #1-5, 2006); recruited into Avengers by Iron Man & Ms. Marvel, with Avengers, vs Mole Man & Ultron (Mighty Avengers #1-4, 2007); with Avengers, vs Ultimo (Avengers: The Initiative #1, 2007)

Avengers Tower

Black Widow

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52 (1964)
Origin: Avengers #44 (1967); Daredevil #88 (1972); Marvel Fanfare #10 (1983); Black Widow: The Coldest War (1990); Black Widow #4-5 (2005); Wolverine: Origins #9 (2007)
Significant Issues: Rescued by Ivan Petrovitch (Daredevil #88, 1972); rescued from Baron Strucker & the Hand by Ivan Petrovich, Logan, & Captain America (Uncanny X-Men #268, 1990); trained in combat by Logan (Wolverine: Origins #9, 2007); enhanced by Black Widow Program (Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her #5, 2005); befriended Andre Rostov (Marvel Two-in-One #10, 1975); studied ballet with Oksana Bolishinko (Solo Avengers #7, 1988); received false memories (Black Widow #4, 2005); married Alexi Shostakov (Black Widow: The Coldest War, 1990); recruited following Alexi Shostakov's alleged death (Avengers #44, 1967); trained in espionage (Daredevil #88, 1972); alongside Danny French, invaded Project: Four (Daredevil #90, 1972); protected Logan from Hydra assassins (Wolverine #-1, 1997); clashed with Logan & others over Red Storm Project (Before the Fantastic 4: Ben Grimm and Logan #1-3, 2000); alongside Boris Turgenov, sent to assassinate Crimson Dynamo/Anton Vanko and Iron Man/Tony Stark, fled after Turgenov's defeat (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); stole anti-gravity ray, attempted to rob Fort Knox, defeated by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #53, 1964); allied with Hawkeye, wounded during battle with Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #57, 1964); sent Hawkeye to steal missile-targeting system component from Williams Innovations, endeavors interfered with by Spider-Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #17, 1997); alongside Hawkeye, vs Iron Man, captured by communist employers (Tales of Suspense #60, 1964); received new weaponry, alongside Hawkeye, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #64, 1965); parted ways with Hawkeye (Avengers #16/Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1965/1997); vs Comrade Karla (Daredevil Annual #10, 1994); alongside Avengers, vs Swordsman/Jacques Duquesne and Power Man/Erik Josten (Avengers #29-30, 1966); alongside Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #32-33, 1966); associated with Avengers (Avenger #35, 1966); alongside Avengers, vs Ultroids (Avengers #36-37, 1967); carried out SHIELD assignment from Nick Fury (Avengers #38-40, 1967); captured by Colonel Ling (Avengers #41-42, 1967); reunited with Alexi Shostakov, manipulated by Yuri Brushov, freed by Avengers (Avengers #43-44, 1967); received marriage proposal from Hawkeye (Avengers #45, 1967); visited Avengers (Avengers #46, 1967); quarreled with Hawkeye (Avengers #47, 1967); reacted to Hawkeye's apparent death (Avengers #52, 1968); quarreled with Hawkeye, left on SHIELD assignment (Avengers #57, 1968); performed SHIELD assignment (Avengers #59, 1968); infiltrated Mad Thinker's Caribbean laboratory as part of SHIELD assignment, vs Mad Thinker's androids (Captain Marvel #12, 1969); captured by Egghead, freed by Goliath/Clint Barton (Avengers #63, 1969); departed to contact Nick Fury (Avengers #64, 1969); broke up with Hawkeye (Avengers #76, 1970); vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #86, 1970); vs criminals (Amazing Adventures #1, 1970); assisted Young Warriors (Amazing Adventures #2, 1970); vs Anthony Scarola's forces (Amazing Adventures #3-4, 1970-1971); formed Lady Liberators, under Enchantress' manipulation, vs Avengers (Avengers #83, 1970); vs Astrologer's forces (Amazing Adventures #5-7, 1971); vs Watchlord (Amazing Adventures #8, 1971); vs Owl, rescued Daredevil (Daredevil #81, 1971); alongside Daredevil, vs Mister Kline's Scorpion android (Daredevil #82, 1971); put on trial for apparent murder of Scorpion (Daredevil #83/Marvels #4, 1972/1994); alongside Daredevil, vs Mister Kline (Daredevil #84, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Gladiator on plane (Daredevil #85, 1972); spoke to TV reporters (Daredevil #86, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Electro & Purple Man (Daredevil #87-88, 1972); spoke with Matt Murdock regarding Hulk's trial (Incredible Hulk #152, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Electro & Purple Man (Daredevil #89, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Mister Fear (Daredevil #90-91, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Blue Talon (Daredevil #92, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Damon Dran (Daredevil #93-94, 1972); alongside Daredevil, vs Man-Bull (Daredevil #95-96, 1973); alongside Daredevil, vs Disciples of Doom (Daredevil #97-98, 1973); caught in conflict between Daredevil & Hawkeye (Daredevil #99, 1973); alongside Avengers & Daredevil, vs Magneto, joined Avengers (Avengers #111, 1973); with Avengers, vs Lion God (Avengers #112, 1973); alongside Wasp, discussed Vision with Scarlet Witch (I ? Marvel: Ai #1, 2006); alongside Daredevil, vs Angar the Screamer (Daredevil #101, 1973); alongside Daredevil, vs Stilt-Man (Daredevil #102, 1973); alongside Daredevil & Spider-Man, vs Ramrod cyborg (Daredevil #103, 1973); alongside Daredevil, vs Kraven the Hunter (Daredevil #104, 1973); alongside Daredevil, encountered Moondragon, vs Terrex (Daredevil #105-107, 1973-1974); alongside Daredevil, briefly teleported into Thog's citadel (Man-Thing #1, 1974); alongside Daredevil, rescued woman from muggers (Daredevil #108, 1974); alongside Daredevil, vs Nekra & Black Spectre (Daredevil #109, 1974); alongside Daredevil & Thing, vs Mandrill & Black Spectre (Marvel Two-in-One #3, 1974); alongside Daredevil & Shanna the She-Devil, vs Mandrill & Nekra (Daredevil #110-112, 1974); left for San Francisco (Daredevil #113, 1974); attempted to contact Matt Murdock (Daredevil #114, 1974); alongside Ivan, checked want ads (Daredevil #115, 1974); alongside Daredevil, vs Owl in San Francisco, returned to New York (Daredevil #116-117, 1974-1975); alongside Daredevil, vs criminals (Code of Honor #2, 1997); alongside Daredevil & SHIELD, vs Hydra (Daredevil #120-123, 1975); spoke to Iron Man (Avengers #137, 1975); alongside Thing, vs Agamemnon/Alexi Rostov & Sword of Judgement (Marvel Two-in-One #10, 1975); parted ways with Daredevil (Daredevil #124, 1975); vs Pluto's forces, co-founded Champions of Los Angeles (Champions #1-3, 1975-1976); with Champions, vs Doctor Edward Lansing & his mutates (Champions #4, 1976); with Champions, vs Rampage (Champions #5-6, 1976); with Champions, watched TV report on Avengers (Avengers #151, 1976); with Champions, vs Titanium Man & others (Champions #7-10, 1976-1977); with Champions, celebrated holidays (Marvel Treasury Edition #13, 1976); with Champions, alongside others, vs Warlord Kaa (Champions #11, 1977); with Champions, vs Stilt-Man & Kamo Tharnn (Champions #12-13, 1977); alongside Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, left Champions (Ghost Rider #23, 1977); alongside Spider-Man, vs Viper & Silver Samurai (Marvel Team-Up #57, 1977); with Champions, vs Swarm (Champions #14-15, 1977); led Champions against Godzilla, clashed with SHIELD agents (Godzilla #3, 1977); with Champions, alongside Iron Man, vs MODOK & AIM (Iron Man Annual #4, 1977); alongside Avengers, vs Typhon (Avengers #163, 1977); with Champions, controlled by Doctor Doom, vs Magneto (Super-Villain Team-Up #14/Champions #16, 1977); with Champions, vs Hulk due to misunderstanding (Giant-Size Hulk #1, 2006); with Champions, vs Sentinels, disbanded team (Champions #17/Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #17-18, 1978); with Avengers, vs Collector (Avengers #173-174, 1978); with Avengers, discussed Korvac situation (Avengers #175, 1978); with Avengers, vs Korvac (Avengers #176-177/Avengers: The Korvac Saga, 1978/1991); with Avengers, vs maddened Daredevil (Daredevil #155-156, 1978-1979); with Avengers, vs Death-Stalker (Daredevil #157, 1979); alongside Daredevil, vs Unholy Three (Daredevil #158, 1979); with Avengers, met with Henry Peter Gyrich about team roster (Avengers #181, 1979); alongside Spider-Man & others, vs Viper & Silver Samurai (Marvel Team-Up #82-85, 1979); abducted by Bullseye, alongside Daredevil, vs Bullseye (Daredevil #160-161, 1979); _?_ (Bizarre Adventures #25, 1981); visited hospitalized Daredevil (Daredevil #164, 1980); left New York (Daredevil #165, 1980); _?_ (Marvel Treasury Edition #25, 1980); manipulated by Damon Dran, vs Snapdragon & others, freed Ivan Petrovitch from Dran's base (Marvel Fanfare #10-13, 1983-1984); alongside Spider-Man & Simon Stroud, vs Owl (Marvel Team-Up #98, 1980); with Avengers, dealt with Moondragon's manipulation of prospective members (Avengers #211, 1981); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell's deathbed (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); alongside other super-heroes, attended Wasp's brunch, vs Fabian Stankowicz (Avengers #221, 1982); alongside many of Earth's heroes, abducted for game between Grandmaster & Death (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); killed by Hand, resurrected by Stone, joined Daredevil & others against the Hand (Daredevil #187-190, 1982-1983); spoke with Daredevil about Bullseye (Daredevil #200, 1983); helped Daredevil protect Foggy Nelson (Daredevil #201, 1983); alongside Hawkeye & others, appeared on TV talk show, vs Fabian Stankowicz (Avengers #239, 1984); alongside Spider-Man & Daredevil, vs the Gang (Marvel Team-Up #140-141/Code of Honor #3, 1984/1997); alongside Daredevil, vs Hydra (Daredevil #207, 1984); assisted Daredevil after his ordeal in Sterling House (Daredevil #208, 1984); alongside Daredevil, vs Cossack (Daredevil #217, 1985); alongside Daredevil, rescued Glorianna O'Breen (Daredevil #222, 1985); with Avengers, vs maddened Quicksilver & android Zodiac (West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); alongside Daredevil, vs Agent Hazzard (Daredevil #236, 1986); attempted to persuade Daredevil to join Barbara Whalen's Super-Heroes Against Drugs campaign (Daredevil #237, 1986); spoke to Matt Murdock following press conference (Daredevil #239, 1997); alongside Daredevil, vs Agent Crock (Daredevil #247, 1987); alongside Daredevil, vs Ammo's forces (Daredevil #252, 1988); vs Igor Kulgarian, reunited with Oksana Bolishinko (Solo Avengers #7, 1988); assisted Karen Page & Fatboys during "Inferno" crisis (Daredevil #262, 1989); alongside Hawkeye & Hank Pym, vs AIM (Solo Avengers #14-16, 1988-1989); attended mass meeting of Avengers (Avengers #305, 1989); alongside Avengers & Fantastic Four, vs Set's forces (Avengers Annual #18/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); with Avengers reservists, vs Vault escapees (Avengers Spotlight #27, 1989); with Avengers, vs Mandarin (Avengers Annual #19/Avengers #313, 1990); alongside Punisher & Shadowmasters, vs armored Sunrise Society operatives (Punisher War Journal #9, 1989); manipulated by Zamatev & Katrinka, vs Red Guardian LMD (Black Widow: The Coldest War, 1990); alongside X-Men, vs the Hand (Uncanny X-Men #268, 1990); alongside Silver Sable, captured Yves Chevrier (Marvel Comics Presents #53, 1990); vs Diamondback (Captain America #373-374, 1990); alongside Diamondback, vs drug-maddened Captain America (Captain America #376-377, 1990); attended Namor's birthday party (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); attended celebration honoring Captain America (Captain America #383, 1991); joined latest Avengers roster (Avengers #329, 1991); with Avengers, vs Tetrarchs of Entropy (Avengers #330-331, 1991); sent message to West Coast Avengers regarding new Avengers backing (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); alongside Darkstar, vs Starlight (Marvel Comics Presents #70, 1991); with Avengers, vs criminals (Amazing Spider-Man #348, 1991); learned of Oktober's activation, spoke with Alexi Alexivitch & Russian ambassador about Oktober (Iron Man #269 & 271-272, 1991); visited Avengers Mansion (Iron Man #273, 1991); manipulated Iron Man into helping her carry out Oktober contingency, overcame brainwashing (Iron Man #276-277, 1992); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, vs invading aliens (Alpha Flight #98-100, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, opposed Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #2-3, 1991); with Avengers, alongside others, attended Avengers Mansion reception, vs Doctor Doom robot (Avengers #332-333, 1991); with Avengers, became involved in Subterranea wars (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); alongside Daredevil, vs telepathic Rose (Daredevil/Black Widow: Abattoir, 1993); alongside Night Raven, vs Yi Yang's forces (Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty, 1995); alongside Daredevil, vs Hydra LMDs (Marvel Comics Presents #93, 1991); with Avengers, vs Brethren & Collector (Avengers #334-339, 1991); clashed with Wolverine & others over Lynx on SHIELD's behalf (Marvel Comics Presents #125-130, 1993); with Avengers, alongside Sleepwalker, vs Mindspawn (Sleepwalker #26-27, 1993); with Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #341-342, 1991); captured Georgi Luchkov (Marvel Comics Presents #135, 1993); with Avengers, accepted Evilhawk's amulet from Darkhawk (Darkhawk #33, 1993); alongside Punisher, defeated Peter Malum (Punisher/Black Widow: Spinning Doomsday's Web, 1992); with Avengers, vs Swordsman/Phillip Jarvert (Avengers #343-344, 1992); attended mass meeting of Avengers, contributed to strategies re Kree-Shi'ar War (Avengers #345, 1992); discussed Captain America with Hawkeye & others, attempted to locate Diamondback (Captain America #401, 1992); worked out with Captain America at Avengers Mansion (Captain America #402, 1992); with Avengers, responded to emergency (Avengers #350, 1992); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Magus' forces (Infinity War #1/Fantastic Four #367/Infinity War #2/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Fantastic Four #368/Infinity War #3/Fantastic Four #370/Infinity War #6, 1992); spoke to Thing (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #44, 1992); with Avengers, received report from Captain America (Thor Annual #17, 1992); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Kang's forces (Fantastic Four Annual #25, 1992); lowered flag in honor of Tony Stark's supposed death (Iron Man #284, 1992); conducted Avengers debriefing (Captain America #408, 1992); discussed Crystal with Ms. Marvel (Avengers #348, 1992); with Avengers, investigated sabotage at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #349, 1992); with Avengers, vs Blue Marvel (Quasar #41, 1992); spoke to Quasar via communication card (Quasar #44, 1993); with Avengers, vs Starjammers (Avengers #350-351, 1992); with Avengers, vs Grim Reaper's Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #352-354, 1992); with Avengers, vs Gatherers (Avengers #355-356, 1992); accepted Moon Knight's resignation from Avengers (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #50, 1993); with Avengers, received warning from Uatu the Watcher (Avengers #357, 1992); with Avengers, teleported to Polemachus, reignited Energy Rings of Polemachus (Avengers #358-359, 1993); with Avengers, vs Gatherers (Avengers #360, 1993); provided Captain America with update (Avengers #360, 1993); with Avengers, clashed with Eternals over Sersi's Mahd Wy'ry (Avengers #361, 1993); with Avengers, vs Anti-Vision (Avengers #362, 1993); with Avengers, vs Gatherers (Avengers #363, 1993); with Avengers, encountered Deathcry (Avengers #364, 1993); with Avengers, vs Galen Kor's Lunatic Legion (Avengers #365-366, 1993); with Avengers, vs Maha Yogi's forces & Blood Wraith (Avengers Annual #22, 1993); conducted training workout with Captain America (Avengers #367, 1993); with Avengers, received SHIELD's warning against involvement in Genoshan crisis (Avengers #368, 1993); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, vs Exodus & Acolytes in Genosha (X-Men #26/Avengers West Coast #101/Uncanny X-Men #307/Avengers #369, 1993); received invitation to Rick Jones' wedding (Incredible Hulk #411, 1993); participated in decision to disband West Coast Avengers (Avengers West Coast #102, 1993); with Avengers, received message from Nick Fury (Starblast #1, 1994); with Avengers, responded to Quasar's signal (Quasar #54, 1994); with Avengers, enthralled by Man-Beast, vs Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26-27, 1994); with Avengers, alongside Infinity Watch, vs Man-Beast (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #28, 1994); with Avengers, conducted repairs at Avengers Mansion (Avengers #370, 1994); alongside Captain America, observed fight between Silver Surfer & Human Torch/Johnny Storm, contacted Thing (Silver Surfer #93, 1994); with Avengers, vs Gatherers & Proctor (Avengers #372-373, 1994); spoke to Captain America regarding Fabian Stankowicz (Captain America #422, 1993); spoke to Captain America regarding Diamondback (Captain America #424, 1994); with Avengers, vs Gatherers & Proctor (Avengers #374-375, 1994); assisted Giant-Man/Hank Pym in testing Psycho-Analysis Program (Avengers #375, 1994); spoke to Captain America regarding press conference (Captain America #425, 1994); investigated Project: About Face, vs Osaku of the Snakeroot (Daredevil Annual #10, 1994); attended Matt Murdock's apparent funeral (Daredevil #326, 1994); spoke with Captain America about supposed Daredevil replacement (Daredevil #329, 1994); spoke to Quasar via communication card (Quasar #60, 1994); alongside Captain America & others, vs Damon Dran's forces (Captain America #430, 1994); with Avengers, alongside Force Works, attacked by Kree (Force Works #1, 1994); spoke to Iron Man regarding alien attacks (Force Works #2, 1994); spoke to Captain America regarding Diamondback (Captain America #431, 1994); spoke at press conference on "Silicon Pirates" crisis (Daredevil #332, 1994); discussed SHIELD activities with Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike #13, 1994); with Avengers, assisted Captain America (Captain America #434, 1994); with Avengers, tracked teammates to Scotland, vs Mephisitoid & Galen Kor's forces (Avengers #378-379, 1994); at Avengers Mansion, spoke with Captain America & Vision (Avengers #380, 1994); contemplated relationship with Captain America (Avengers #382, 1995); spoke with Thunderstrike about Seth (Thunderstrike #19, 1995); attended Wonder Man's funeral (Force Works #10/Tales of the Marvels: Wonder Years #2, 1995); with Avengers, treated wounded following Pym particles crisis (Avengers #382, 1995); alongside Iron Man & Crimson Dynamo/Valentin Shatakov, vs Titanium Man (Iron Man #315-317, 1995); with Avengers, vs Stegron (Thunderstrike #20, 1995); with Avengers, alongside others, participated in multiversal crisis (Avengers/Ultraforce / Ultraforce/Avengers, 1995); with Avengers, vs Hera, confronted Zeus over Taylor Madison (Avengers #384, 1995); learned of re-creation of Cosmic Cube, led Avengers to battle Red Skull (Avengers #385-386/Captain America #440/Avengers #387/Captain America #441/Avengers #388, 1995); with Avengers, assisted Inhuman Royal Family (Fantastic Four Unlimited #11, 1995); with Avengers, alongside Force Works, caught in conflict between Kree fugitives & Skrull law enforcement (Force Works #13-14, 1995); with Avengers, vs power-maddened Thunderstrike (Thunderstrike #23-24, 1995); with Avengers, assisted Nick Fury & Ghost Rider against Black Hole escapees (Ghost Rider #64-65, 1995); with Avengers, confronted Henry Peter Gyrich regarding Deathcry (Avengers #389, 1995); with Avengers, vs Nefarius (Avengers Unplugged #1, 1995); with Avengers, discovered Captain America's abandoned exoskeleton (Captain America #443, 1995); with Avengers, vs terrorists (Captain America #444, 1995); attended apparent funeral of Nick Fury (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995); reported apparent death of Captain America (Captain America #445, 1995); involved in multiversal crisis (DC Vs. Marvel #3, 1996); with Crystal, vs Super-Android Model F-4 (Avengers Unplugged #3/Fantastic Four Unplugged #4, 1996); with Avengers, dealt with temporal crisis (Avengers: The Crossing, 1995); with Avengers, vs Neut (Avengers #391, 1995); alongside Hawkeye & others, discovered nature of Iron Man's activities (War Machine #20/Iron Man #322/Force Works #18, 1995); with Avengers, alongside Force Works, vs Kang's forces (War Machine #21/Iron Man #323, 1995); with Avengers, vs Kang-controlled Iron Man (Avengers #393/Force Works #19/War Machine #22, 1995/1996); with Avengers, reacted to Kang's attacks (Iron Man #324, 1996); with Avengers, vs Neut (Avengers #394, 1996); with Avengers, dealt with temporal anomaly (Avengers: Timeslide #1, 1996); with Avengers, delayed by Mandroids, vs Kang's forces (Iron Man #325, 1996); with Avengers, vs disguised Space Phantoms (Avengers #395, 1996); with Avengers, awaited Iron Man's recovery (Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron Man, 1996); with Avengers, vs Kang-controlled Spider-Man (Spider-Man Team-Up #4, 1996); attended apparent execution of Punisher (Punisher #1, 1995); with Avengers, vs First Sign Zodiac (Thor #495/Avengers #397, 1996); with Avengers, discussed Thor's battle with Hulk (Incredible Hulk #440, 1996); with Avengers, vs super-villains at wedding of Absorbing Man & Titania (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); with Avengers, alongside New Warriors, vs Mad Thinker (New Warriors #72, 1996); discussed Masque with Hawkeye (Avengers #398, 1996); with Avengers, vs Benedict (Avengers #399, 1996); with Avengers, vs Loki's forces (Avengers #400, 1996); with Avengers, investigated Onslaught, vs Joseph (Avengers #401, 1996); with Avengers, alongside others, opposed Onslaught (Fantastic Four #415/X-Men #55/Avengers #402/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); spoke with Hercules about vanished heroes (Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1, 1996); disbanded Avengers (Avengers '99 Annual, 1999); alongside Daredevil, vs Grey Gargoyle (Daredevil #361, 1997); alongside Hercules & Quicksilver, vs Underground Militia (Imperial Guard #1, 1997); spoke with Agent Taylor regarding Punisher (Punisher #17, 1997); spoke to TV reporters about Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #1, 1997); vs Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, encountered Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); alongside Daredevil, vs General Tskarov's forces (Daredevil #368-370, 1997); confronted MACH-1 & Songbird (Thunderbolts #9, 1997); spoke with Matt Murdock about their feelings for each other (Daredevil #371, 1998); vs Vindiktor (Marvel: Shadows and Light #1, 1998); vs Freedomslight, impersonated Ebon Flame (Journey into Mystery #517-519, 1998); with Avengers, underwent alternate reality experience, vs Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); attended hearing on Iron Man's activities (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); present at Avengers Mansion when Captain America tested new shield (Captain America #3, 1998); worked with Nick Fury & others on Latverian mission (Secret War #1-3 & 5, 2005); spoke with Daredevil regarding Karen Page's trial (Daredevil #375, 1998); alongside Jessica Drew & others, controlled by Viper, vs Wolverine (Wolverine #125-126, 1998); vs Elektra (I ? Marvel: Ai #1, 2006); called Star Solutions (Iron Man #5, 1998); alongside Iron Man, vs Tuatara (Iron Man #6, 1998); rescued Tony Stark from Espionage Elite (Iron Man #8, 1998); informed Stark Solutions & Avengers of Iron Man's activities (Iron Man #9, 1998); with Avengers, alongside Winter Guard, vs Mandarin's forces (Iron Man #10, 1998); brought Iron Man to Doctor Jane Foster for treatment (Iron Man #11, 1998); entrusted with Baby Karen by Daredevil (Daredevil #2, 1998); vs drugged Daredevil (Daredevil #4, 1999); with reunited Champions, alongside X-Force, vs Pluto's forces (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring X-Force & Champions, 1998); reconciled with Matt Murdock (Daredevil #8, 1999); visited Matt Murdock (Daredevil #9, 1999); alongside Falcon & USAgent, vs alien-controlled Wolverine (Wolverine #134, 1999); as part of Coterie's contest, defeated X-Force, defeated by Thor (Contest of Champions II #4, 1999); alongside other heroes, defeated Coterie (Contest of Champions II #5, 1999); joined Daredevil in action, shot by Echo (Daredevil #14, 2001); hospitalized for gunshot wound (Daredevil #15, 2001); assisted Foggy Nelson in investigation (Daredevil/Spider-Man #2-4, 2001); met Yelena Belova, intervened in Rhapastan crisis (Black Widow #1-3, 1999); reacted to reports of marriage between Invisible Woman & Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); switched identities with Yelena Belova (Black Widow #1-3, 2001); met with Avengers regarding Madame Masque (Avengers #32, 2000); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Protoids (Thunderbolts #43, 2000); alongside Thunderbolts, contacted Avengers (Avengers #33, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Count Nefaria (Thunderbolts #44/Avengers #34, 2000); alongside Daredevil & others, vs Ulik, formed informal super-team (Marvel Knights #1-3, 2000); alongside Daredevil & others, discussed capturing Punisher (Marvel Knights #4, 2000); spoke with Nick Fury about current activities (Marvel Knights #5, 2000); alongside Daredevil & others, considered formal team formation (Marvel Knights #6, 2000); alongside Daredevil & others, vs Nightmare (Marvel Knights #7-9, 2001); alongside Dagger, went shopping (Marvel Knights #10, 2001); alongside Daredevil & others, vs Tombstone's forces (Marvel Knights #11-12, 2001); alongside Dagger, vs renegade SHIELD LMDs (Marvel Knights #13-15, 2001); with Avengers, vs Deviants (Avengers #43-44, 2001); watched TV report of lawsuit against Daredevil (Daredevil #21, 2001); reacted to inquiries regarding Captain America's supposed death (Captain America #50, 2002); alongside most of Earth's other super-heroes, immobilized by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); alongside Daredevil & Punisher, vs Brothers Grace's forces (Marvel Knights #1-6, 2002); told Tony Stark about Milos Radanovich's activities (Iron Man #50, 2002); visited Matt Murdock (Daredevil #33, 2002); attended celebration at Avengers Mansion following Kang's defeat (Avengers #55, 2002); with Avengers, alongside others, vs Akhenaten (Marvel Universe: The End #1 & 5-6, 2004); alongside Daredevil, pursued General Jackson's unit (Marvel Knights: Double Shot #4, 2002); attempted to persuade Matt Murdock to join her in action as Daredevil (Daredevil #36/Alias #15, 2002); clashed with Hawkeye over death of Vladimir Pradov (Hawkeye #7-8, 2004); recalled from assignment by Nick Fury, alongside Daredevil, vs Jigsaw (Daredevil #61-62, 2004); rescued Daredevil from Quinn (Daredevil #63, 2004); confronted Alexi Shostakov (Daredevil #64, 2004); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, vs effects of Scarlet Witch's out-of-control power (Avengers #501-503, 2004); alongside Captain America & others, vs Iron Maniac (Marvel Team-Up #6, 2005); investigated North Institute's activities, discovered secrets of Black Widow Program, killed Ian McMasters (Black Widow #1-6, 2004-2005); with help from Daredevil & Yelena Belova, rescued Sally Anne Carter (Black Widow: The Things They Say About Her #1-6, 2005-2006); attempted to persuade Maria Hill to intervene in federal indictment against Matt Murdock (Daredevil #77, 2005); confronted Daredevil & Elektra (Daredevil #78, 2005); sent by Daredevil to protect Milla Donovan (Daredevil #79, 2006); protected Milla Donovan, intervened in confrontation between Daredevil & FBI (Daredevil #80, 2006); alongside Iron Man & others, vs Captain America's Secret Avengers (Civil War #3, 2006)


First Appearance: (Energies) House of M #8 (2005); (Collective) New Avengers #16 (2006); (identified) New Avengers #19 (2006)
Origin: New Avengers #20 (2006)
Significant Issues: Mutant energy sources converged in Earth’s orbit with consciousness of Xorn (House of M #8, 2005); returned to Earth, possessed Michael Pointer, destroyed town of North Pole, began journeying south through Canada, decimated SHIELD convoy & Alpha Flight, arrived in U.S. (New Avengers #16, 2006); confronted by Avengers, clashed with them, arrived in Genosha (New Avengers #17-19, 2006); sought out Magneto, restored his powers, reanimated deceased mutants as zombies to oppose Avengers, energies contained by Iron Man, flown into sun by Sentry & seemingly dispersed, Pointer revealed to have retained some residual energies, taken in by SHIELD (New Avengers #20, 2006); Pointer recruited into Omega Flight by Sasquatch, given Guardian suit (Civil War: The Initiative #1, 2007)

Hill, Maria

First Appearance: New Avengers #4 (2005)
Significant Issues: Appointed Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., aided Avengers during Raft breakout (New Avengers #4, 2005); destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. faction in Savage Land despite danger to Avengers (New Avengers #6, 2005); aided Avengers & others against Sentry (New Avengers #7-10, 2005); refused to help Black Widow (Daredevil #77, 2005); worked to find truth behind Nick Fury's "Secret War" (Secret War #5, 2005); referred to by Iron Man/Tony Stark as unsympathetic character (Civil War Files #1, 2006); aided Avengers against Collective, sought to apprehend Magneto (New Avengers #17-20, 2006); approached Captain America regarding Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War #1, 2006); sought to apprehend Captain America & other heroes for their opposition to Act (New Avengers #21/Civil War #2, 2006); authorized use of Cape-Killers against Cage (New Avengers #22, 2006); angered when Iron Maniac escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. custody (Marvel Team-Up #22, 2006); authorized use of "Codename Lightning" (Civil War #3, 2006); used Nick Fury LMD against Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, opposed Hydra (New Avengers #23, 2006); sent the Warden against Young Avengers & Runaways (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #2-4, 2006); conflict with Sharon Carter & Dum-Dum Dugan (Captain America #22, 2006); handled fall-out after Speedball was shot (Civil War: Front Line #8, 2006); oversaw super hero operations planning (Civil War #5, 2006); aided Iron Man against Kenny, confided in Iron Man that he should run S.H.I.E.L.D. (New Avengers #25, 2006); intervened against Wolverine (Wolverine #47, 2006); worked with Sharon Carter (Captain America #24, 2007); authorized Brent Carson to go after rogue Ant-Man (Irredeemable Ant-Man #3, 2007); authorized Iron Man’s deal with Kingpin (Civil War: War Crimes #1, 2007); sent Blade against Wolverine (Blade #5, 2007); oversaw implementation of Initiative (Civil War #6, 2007); demoted to deputy director under Stark (Civil War #7, 2007); had conflict with Ms. Marvel’s special status by Iron Man, sent Ms. Marvel against A.I.M. (Ms. Marvel #13 & 15, 2007); authorized Terrigen-mutated marines against Inhumans (Silent War #4, 2007); oversaw Avengers’ fight against Ultron, wounded (Mighty Avengers #1-3, 2007)

Iron Man

First Appearance and Origin: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)
Significant Issues: Childhood related, death of parents (Iron Man #285-288, 1992-1993); injured by shrapnel, donned first armor, vs Wong-Chu (Tales of Suspense #39, 1963); became engaged to Joanna Nivena (Iron Man #244, 1989); repainted armor gold (Tales of Suspense #40, 1963); helped found Avengers (Avengers #1, 1963); hired Happy Hogan (Tales of Suspense #45, 1963); vs Crimson Dynamo (Tales of Suspense #46, 1963); vs Mr. Doll, donned first red & gold armor (Tales of Suspense #48, 1963); met Captain America (Avengers #4, 1964); vs Mandarin (Tales of Suspense #50, 1964); vs Black Widow (Tales of Suspense #52, 1964); vs Hawkeye (Tales of Suspense #57, 1964); trapped in armor (Tales of Suspense #59-63, 1964-1965); left Avengers (Avengers #16, 1965); vs Titanium Man (Tales of Suspense #69-71, 1965); Happy turned into the Freak (Iron Man #74-76, 1966); allowed Happy to wear armor, saved him from Mandarin (Tales of Suspense #84-86, 1966-1967); impersonated by LMD (Iron Man #17-18, 1969); received transplant, vs Midas (Iron Man #19, 1969); gave armor to Eddie March (Iron Man #21, 1970); returned to armor, death of Janice Cord (Iron Man #22, 1970); met Kevin O'Brien (Iron Man #31, 1970); gave O'Brien Guardsman armor (Iron Man #43, 1971); accidentally killed Guardsman (Iron Man #46, 1971); witnessed horrors of war (Iron Man #78, 1975); gave Michael O'Brien Guardsman armor, vs Mandarin (Iron Man #96-100, 1977); vs Madame Masque, death of Count Nefaria (Iron Man #115-116, 1978); vs rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Iron Man #117-119, 1979); armor controlled by Justin Hammer, cleared his name (Iron Man #124-127, 1979); suffered first bout of alcoholism (Iron Man #128, 1979); succumbed to alcoholism, gave armor to James Rhodes (Iron Man #169, 1983); lost Stark International (Iron Man #172, 1983); death of Gretl Anders (Iron Man #182, 1984); resumed Iron Man identity, donned red & silver armor (Iron Man #200, 1985); engaged in "Armor Wars" (Iron Man #225-231, 1987-1988); shot by Kathleen Dare (Iron Man #242, 1989); received biochip (Iron Man #248, 1989); nervous system deterioration began (Iron Man #258-266, 1990-1991); vs Mandarin & Fin Fang Foom (Iron Man #270-275, 1991); suffered total nervous system collapse, faked death (Iron Man #284, 1992); revealed himself to be alive to Rhodes (Iron Man #289, 1993); founded Force Works (Force Works #1, 1994); died battling Immortus (Avengers #395, 1996); restored to life by Franklin Richards (Avengers 2001 Annual, 2001); armor became sentient, received artificial heart (Iron Man #26-30, 2000); met Sons of Yinsen (Iron Man #31-32/Iron Man 2000 Annual, 2000); vs Ty Stone in Dreamvision (Iron Man #37-41, 2001); adopted Hogan Potts identity (Iron Man #42-45, 2001); secret identity made public (Iron Man #55, 2002); regained Stark Industries (Iron Man #56, 2002); became Secretary of Defense (Iron Man #73-78, 2003-2004); infiltrated Thunderbolts as Cobalt Man (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); lost Secretary of Defense title, Avengers dissolved (Avengers #500-503, 2004); Rumiko killed by Ward, "retired" (Iron Man #86-89, 2004); received Extremis virus (Iron Man #1-6, 2005-2006); helped found new Avengers (New Avengers #1-3, 2005); gave Spider-Man armor, hired Titanium Man (Amazing Spider-Man #529-531, 2006); controlled by Yinsen's implant (Iron Man #7-12, 2006); death of Happy Hogan (Iron Man #14, 2007); waged "Civil War" against Captain America & other unregistered heroes, became director of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War #1-7, 2006-2007); confronted captive Captain America, mourned him after his death (Civil War: The Initiative #1, 2007)

Johnson, Daisy

First Appearance and Origin: Secret War #2 (2004)
Significant Issues: Arrived in Latveria with other "Secret War" participants, met with Black Widow & Nick Fury (Secret War #1, 2004); revealed to have caused massive earthquake in Latveria, apparently killed Lucia Von Barton, blew up Wolverine's heart, interrogated by Maria Hill (Secret War #5, 2005); requested by Captain America for upcoming Collective confrontation (New Avengers #17, 2006); located by SHIELD to help combat Collective (New Avengers #18, 2006); caused tremor in Magneto's brain (New Avengers #20, 2006)

Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers)

First Appearance: (As Danvers) Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (1967); (as Ms Marvel) Ms Marvel #1 (1977); (as Binary) Uncanny X-Men #164 (1982); (as Warbird) Avengers #4 (1998)
Significant Issues: Worked with C.I.A.’s Nick Fury, met Logan, Sabretooth & Black Widow (Wolverine #-1, 1997); alongside Ben Grimm & Logan, invaded Russia (Before the Fantastic 4: Ben Grimm and Logan #1-3, 2000); alongside Logan, learned of "mutant agenda" (Logan: Shadow Society #1, 1996); exposed to Psyche-Magnitron (Captain Marvel #18, 1969); quit Cape Canaveral, joined "Woman" (Ms. Marvel #1, 1977); realized split personality (Ms. Marvel #3, 1977); genetic alteration completed (Ms. Marvel #4, 1977); alongside Spider-Man, vs Super-Skrull (Marvel Team-Up #61-62, 1977); minds merged, Salia Petrie "died" (Ms. Marvel #11-12, 1977); alongside Avengers, vs Ultron (Avengers #171-172, 1978); minds fully integrated (Ms. Marvel #19, 1978); alongside Avengers, vs Korvac (Avengers #175-177, 1978); adopted new costume, vs "People" (Ms. Marvel #20-21, 1978); Salia Petrie rescued (Ms. Marvel #23, 1978); joined Avengers (Avengers #183, 1979); played poker with Thing, Fury & others (Marvel Two-in-One #51, 1979); befriended Jewel (Alias #25-26, 2003); learned of Michael Barnett’s murder (Marvel Super-Heroes #11, 1992); determined to be pregnant, left with Marcus (Avengers #197 & 199-200, 1980); lost powers to Rogue (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); learned genetic structure is peak human, encountered Mystique & Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #159, 1982); transformed into Binary by Brood (Uncanny X-Men #163-164, 1982); confronted Rogue, decided to leave Earth (Uncanny X-Men #171, 1983); joined Starjammers (Uncanny X-Men #174, 1983); learned about Mar-Vell’s death (Marvel Fanfare #24, 1986); damaged self saving sun from stargate damage (Quasar #33-34, 1992) healed at Avengers Mansion, left Starjammers (Avengers #348 & 350-351, 1992); alongside Quasar & others, vs Starblasters & Stranger, briefly regained emotional access to memories (Starblast #1/Quasar #54/Starblast #2/Quasar #55/Starblast #3/Quasar #56/Starblast #4/Quasar #57, 1994); Inciters cause failure of Binary’s white hole (X-Men Unlimited #13, 1996); returned to Ms. Marvel costume, powers revealed to be fading, rejoined Avengers as Warbird (Avengers #1-4, 1998); alcoholism caused damage while fighting Kree, quit Avengers (Iron Man #7/Captain America #8/Quicksilver #10/Avengers #7, 1998); moved to Seattle, novel writing revealed (Iron Man #11, 1998); alongside Wolverine, vs Powerhouse (Wolverine #133, 1999); kidnapped by Doomsday Man (Avengers #16-18, 1999); acknowledged alcoholism (Iron Man #18, 1999); alcoholic blackout, damaged passenger jet, realized could absorb electricity (Iron Man #23-25, 1999-2000); revealed identity to authorities, rejoined Avengers (Avengers #26-27, 2000); alongside Earth's heroes, invaded Ronan’s satellite, let Rogue drain her knowledge (X-Men Unlimited #29, 2000); extent of powers explored (Avengers #41, 2001); led Avengers vs Deviants (Avengers #43-44, 2001); hunted & killed Master of the World, confronted Marcus (Avengers #46-48, 2001-2002); with Avengers, destroyed Kang’s Damocles base (Avengers #53, 2002); cleared of charges for Master’s death (Avengers #55, 2002); friendship with Jessica Jones revealed (Alias #3 & 5-6, 2002); joined Department of Homeland Security (Avengers #70, 2003); alongside Captain America & Wolverine, vs Rapture (Wolverine/Captain America #1-4, 2004); recruited Dallas Riordan to DHS (Avengers/Thunderbolts #6, 2004); alongside other heroes, vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #11-13, 2005); approved new Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #4-6, 2005); unhappily approved Thunderbolts assault on new Avengers (Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005-2006); decided to become major hero (New Avengers #15/Giant-Sized Ms. Marvel #1, 2006); alongside Avengers, vs Collective, power briefly restored to previous Binary levels (New Avengers #17-20, 2006); met agent Sarah Day (Ms. Marvel #1, 2006); vs Brood & Cru (Ms. Marvel #2-3, 2006); vs Warren Traveler (Ms. Marvel #4-5, 2006); became registered hero, brought in Araña, Shroud & Arachne (Ms. Marvel #6-8, 2006); attempted to convince X-Men to register (New X-Men #28 & 32, 2006-2007); alongside X-Men, sought to save 198 from General Lazer’s WMDs (Civil War: X-Men #4, 2006); alongside Rogue & Beast, vs otherdimensional Warbird (Ms. Marvel #9-10, 2007); asked to lead Avengers (Mighty Avengers #1, 2007); organized Operation: Lightning Storm (Ms. Marvel #13-14, 2007)


First Appearance: Journey into Mystery Annual #1 (1965)
Significant Issues: Earth’s gods created (Thor Annual 10, 1982); Neptune’s early involvement with Atlantis revealed (Tales to Astonish #70, 1965); Zeus buried Olympus-Asgard portal under Asgardian mountain (Journey into Mystery Annual #1, 1965); Neptune aided Namor in reclaiming throne of Atlantis (Tales to Astonish #75, 1966); Olympus-Asgard war ended when Zeus & Odin misled their peoples (Thor Annual #5, 1976); gods meddled in Trojan war, Asgardian-Olympian peace pact revealed (Thor Annual #8, 1979); Council of Godheads revealed, attacked Celestials circa 1000 AD (Thor #300, 1980); Hercules returned to Earth (Journey into Mystery #124-125/Thor #126, 1966); Pluto tricked Hercules into taking his place in Hades, reclaimed underworld to protect it (Thor #127-131, 1967); Ares set Hercules vs Avengers, Zeus banished Hercules (Avengers #38, 1967); Typhon briefly banished Olympians to land of shades (Avengers #49-50, 1968); Zeus traveled to Earth to stop Pluto’s army of future-mutates (Thor #163-164, 1969); Huntsman hunted Hercules (Ka-Zar #1/Sub-Mariner #29, 1970); Ares used Ebony Blade to douse Promethean flame, Avengers invaded Olympus to reignite flame (Avengers #98-100, 1972); Pluto attacked wounded Odin (Thor #199-201, 1972); Ares pursued Venus (Sub-Mariner #57, 1973); Ares & Pluto plotted to foment Asgard-Olympus war (Thor #221-223, 1974); Ares & Hippolyta tried to force marriages to Venus & Hercules, Champions of Los Angeles entered Olympus (Champions #1-3, 1975-1976); Typhon & Cylla hunted Hercules (Marvel Premiere #26, 1975); Thing & Hercules freed Olympus from Y’Androgg, Manduu, Krokarr (Marvel Two-in-One #44, 1978); Pluto set Typhon after Hercules (Avengers #163, 1977); Pluto lured Thor into underworld (Thor #279, 1979); Hippolyta attacked Hercules at New York Olympus touchstone (Marvel Treasury Edition #24, 1979); Asgard & Olympus allied to protect Earth from Celestials, invaded Olympia (Thor #289 & 291-292, 1979-1980); Zeus gave Olympian energy to restore Odin (Thor #301, 1980); Pluto feeding black hole to destroy universe (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #5, 1980); last Sibyll died, ascended to Olympus (Doctor Strange #46/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #54, 1981/1993); Hermes recruited Jules Keen as god of luck (Bizarre Adventures #27, 1982); Olympians attacked Avengers for role in Hercules’ injuries (Avengers #279 & 281-285, 1987); Dionysius considered destroying Olympus, banished to Earth (Solo Avengers #11, 1988); Zeus tested Hercules’ nobility (Marvel Comics Presents #12, 1989); Hercules forced to prove gods to Magma (New Mutants #81, 1989); Cerebus imprisoned in Hephaestus’ Havoc-Bringer, thrown into orbit (Marvel Super-Heroes #1, 1990); Nox revealed as mother of Deimos & Phobos (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #32, 1991); Aphrodite & Cupid wagered on She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #35 & 38, 1992); Aphrodite ensnared by Amulet of Amuk, Avengers vs Cupid, invaded Olympus (Marvel Super-Heroes #9, 1992); Poseidon resurrected Namor (Sub-Mariner #37, 1993); Bellona confronted Kyllian (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #54-56, 1993); Pluto set Ares & Zeus after Thor (Thor #462-267, 1993); Ares & Hera set wager to destroy Hercules, Zeus created Taylor Madison simulacrum as tool (Avengers #349, 357, 380-382 & 384, 1992 & 1994-1995); Pluto & Loki attacked Thor & Hercules, Typhon again doused Promethean flame, restored by Avengers (Avengers Annual #23/Thor Annual #19, 1994); Zeus rescued Hercules from Hulk, Hercules & Hulk subsequently battled side-by-side in Olympus (Incredible Hulk: Hercules Unleashed #1, 1996); Furies hunted Ghost Riders (Ghost Rider #77-80 & 92, 1996 & 1998); Ares plotted to destroy all technology (Hercules and the Heart of Chaos #1-3, 1997); Pluto attempted to resurrect a Titan on Earth (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring X-Force & Champions, 1998); Hippolyta hunted Bounty (Fantastic Four #21, 1998); Dark Gods devastated Olympus (Thor #6-7, 1998-1999); Pluto aided Thunderbolts to invade hell (Thunderbolts Annual 2000, 2000); Athena gifted Perseus’ breastplate to Aegis (New Warriors #10, 2000); Pluto & Asgardian Lorelei opposed by Defenders (Defenders #2-4, 2001); Zeus offered Thor Olympus’ support after Odin’s death, counseled Thor to move Asgard to Earth (Thor #45 & 50, 2002); Olympus Corporation revealed (Hercules #1-5, 2005); Olympus invaded by Mikaboshi (Ares #1-5, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Hawkeye) Tales of Suspense #57 (1964); (as Goliath) Avengers #63 (1969); (as Ronin) New Avengers #27 (2007)
Origin: Solo Avengers #2 (1988); Hawkeye #1-6 (2003-2004); Avengers #19 & 65 (1965 & 1969); Tales of Suspense #57 (1964); Avengers #63 (1969); New Avengers #30 (2007)


First Appearance: (As Madame Hydra) Captain America #110 (1969); (as Viper) Captain America #180 (1974)
Origin: Captain America #113 (1969); Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12 (1983); Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14 (1987)
Significant Issues: Alongside Seraph & Logan, vs Sabretooth (Wolverine #126, 1998); encountered Pig & Gambit (Gambit #6, 1999); attempted poisoning of New York water supply foiled by Captain America & Rick Jones (Captain America #110, 1969); abducted Jones, Captain America faked death against Hydra (Captain America #111, 1969); drugged Avengers, replaced by Space Phantom (Captain America #113/Avengers #107, 1969/1973); assassinated & replaced Viper/Jordan Dixon, reorganized Serpent Squad, defeated by Nomad/Steve Rogers (Captain America #180-182, 1974-1975); rescued by Ishiro Tagara, had affair, built own organization, allied with Silver Samurai (Marvel Team-Up #84, 1979); sent Silver Samurai to retrieve Cavourite crystal (Marvel Team-Up #57, 1977); sent Silver Samurai to retrieve teleportation ring (Marvel Team-Up #74, 1978); alongside Silver Samurai & Boomerang, took over SHIELD Helicarrier, plotted mass death of US government, defeated by Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Black Widow & Shang-Chi (Marvel Team-Up #82-85, 1979); with Hydra, confronted Nguyen Ngoc Coy, temporarily enslaved by Tran Coy Manh (Beast #3, 1997); while under influence of Morgan Le Fay, alongside Silver Samurai, sought Michael & Pamela Kramer, vs Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman #42-43, 1982); still influenced by Le Fay, believed self to be long-time pawn of Chthon & mother of Spider-Woman, attempted to make Spider-Woman Chthon’s pawn but ultimately saved her (Spider-Woman #44, 1982); false memories broke down, joined by Constrictor & own agents, posed as Mrs. Smith, plotted releasing Bubonic plague into world, defeated by Captain America & Nomad/Jack Munroe (Captain America #281-283, 1983); alongside Silver Samurai, coerced Team America to steal Cavourite crystal, blew up base when confronted by New Mutants (New Mutants #5-6, 1983); aided Silver Samurai’s efforts to obtain control of Clan Yashida, defeated by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #172-173, 1983); sold apparently false statue of Selene to Hellfire Club, exposed & defeated by New Mutants & Hellions (New Mutants #53-54, 1987); with new Serpent Squad, infiltrated & took over Serpent Society, poisoned DC’s water supply with Slither serum, defeated by Cobra, imprisoned (Captain America #337-345, 1988); freed by Tyrannus, adopted Leona Hiss identity, used Slither serum to mutate servants, vs Punisher & Moon Knight, mesmerized by Tyrannus but sacrificed him to serpent demon (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23/Punisher Annual #2/Daredevil Annual #4, 1989); sensed completion of new Serpent Crown (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); recruited by Red Skull who offered to finance her terrorism, became his lover (Captain America #394-398, 1991); Pit-Viper sought alliance with Punisher (Punisher War Journal #45-47, 1992); observed Red Skull’s manipulation of Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #366-367, 1992); plot to frame SHIELD for theft of Russian nuclear weapons foiled by Pit-Viper, Nick Fury, & Solo (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD #45, 1993); slew a Pit-Viper, Red Skull learned of her plot to blind America & covertly hired Silver Sable to stop her, captured by Sable, her agents, & Captain America (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #15, 1993); turned over to Iron Monger who shattered her knee for information before being rescued by Fangs, plot foiled by Captain America, Silver Sable & agents (Captain America #419, 1993); alongside Secret Empire, designed Bio-Coms, defeated by Hawkeye & Rover (Hawkeye #1-4, 1994); alongside Spiral, captured & mutated Coy Leong & Coy Mga Manh, vs Beast, Cannonball, & Karma, eventually turned against Spiral (Beast #1-3, 1997); A.I.M. base hired by Hydra, unwittingly broken up Spider-Man (Marvel: Shadows and Light #3, 1998); controlled Jessica Drew, Jean Grey, Psylocke, Rogue, Tyger Tiger, & Yukio into attacking Jubilee to learn Wolverine’s location, called on old debt to force Wolverine to marry her, attacked by Sabretooth, teamed with Wolverine, Sabretooth & Kitty Pryde vs Hand & Hydra, took over Hydra faction, became ruling crimelord of Madripoor (Wolverine #125-128, 1998); as Madame Viper, duped Wolverine into retrieving portion of deadly monster but he destroyed it upon doing so (Wolverine #131, 1998); apparent prisoner of Arnim Zola (Wolverine #139, 1999); observed Generation X vs Rising Sons (Generation X #54, 1999); let Wolverine know Kitty Pryde was still alive, proposed real relationship with Wolverine (X-Men #109, 2001); alongside X-Men, vs Khan & his forces, ambushed Storm, defeated by Khan (X-Treme X-Men #10-12, 2002); threatened to stay away from X-Men by Sage (X-Treme X-Men #17, 2002); captured by Avengers, released via aid of Alexi Shostakov (Daredevil #61 & 64, 2004); attended intended auction of Captain America by Serpent Society (Captain America #31, 2004); sent X-Men into Murderworld, attempted to kill Sage, foiled by Wolverine, plot to kill British Queen thwarted by X-Men, formed alliance with "Courtney Ross" as White Princess to her White Queen in Hellfire Club (Uncanny X-Men #448-449, 2004); alongside "Ross" & Emma Frost, took down Tokyo slave trading organization (Uncanny X-Men #452-454, 2005); alongside Weaponeers, attempted to conquer Zanzibar, opposed by Archangel, Husk & allies (Excalibur #11-13, 2005); led Hand/Hydra alliance, attempted to enlist Silver Samurai, feigned defeat at hands of Spider-Woman then forced her to let her escape (New Avengers #11-13, 2005-2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Tales to Astonish #44 (1963)
Significant Issues: Met Ant-Man/Henry Pym, father murdered by "Creature from Kosmos" Pilai, became Pym’s super-powered sidekick as Wasp (Tales to Astonish #44, 1963); alongside Pym, vs Egghead, began using stick pin as "Wasp sting" (Tales to Astonish #45, 1963); stayed behind while Pym teamed up with Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #16, 1963); alongside Pym, vacationed in Greece, defeated A-Chiltarian alien invaders & their Cyclops robot (Tales to Astonish #46, 1963); alongside Pym, became founding members of Avengers & christened team (Avengers #1, 1963); attended first Avengers meeting at Avengers Mansion, met Edwin Jarvis, flirted with Thor & Jarvis during meeting, talked with Jarvis about her romance with Pym (Avengers #280, 1987); toured Avengers Mansion, signed Avengers Charter, began using size-changing pills, tried to reassure insecure Pym (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1, 2005); alongside Pym, captured internationally wanted criminal Raymond Theis & neutralized evil musician Trago, consoled Pym following death of his ant steed Korr (Tales to Astonish #47, 1963); alongside Pym, vs Porcupine (Tales to Astonish #48, 1963); alongside Pym in his new guise as Giant-Man, began regular use of size-changing capsules, began wearing capsule belt, defeated Living Eraser & freed prisoners of Dimension Z (Tales to Astonish #49, 1963); with Avengers, defeated Doctor Doom & rescued Major Bowman (Avengers #1½, 1999); with Avengers, vs Space Phantom, unable to prevent Hulk’s estrangement from team (Avengers #2, 1963); with Avengers, sought fugitive Sandman (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #3, 1995); alongside Pym, vs Human Top/David Cannon, met Giant-Man fan club (Tales to Astonish #50-51, 1963-1964); went on date with Pym (Tales of Suspense #49, 1964); with Avengers, pursued rogue Hulk, vs Hulk & Namor, quarreled with teammates (Avengers #3/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1, 1964/2005); with Avengers, rescued & recruited Captain America, vs Namor (Avengers #4/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1-2, 1964/2005); told hospitalized veterans tale of the Wobbow (Tales to Astonish #51, 1964); alongside Pym, vs Black Knight/Nathaniel Garrett (Tales to Astonish #52, 1964); told local orphans tale of prison planet escapees captured & placed on display on alien world in year 3000 (Tales to Astonish #52, 1964); alongside Pym, entertained local orphans, vs Porcupine, encountered midtown chapter of Giant-Man & Wasp fan club (Tales to Astonish #53, 1964); told Pym tale of how tyrannical alien warlord Mingo was deposed by his own immense Colossus statue after it came to life (Tales to Astonish #53, 1964); with Avengers, alongside Sentry, vs Void (Sentry #1, 2000); with Avengers, tracked Hulk, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Hulk (Fantastic Four #25-26, 1964); quarreled with Pym, led Giant-Man fan club to Pym, helped Pym topple dictator el Toro (Tales to Astonish #54, 1964); baby-sat sick girlfriend’s son, told him tale of how King Shann led his people in conquest of planet Andromia which resulted in Shann’s own people despising him (Tales to Astonish #54, 1964); alongside Pym, entertained local fan club, chided by Pym for acting so flighty when he knows she’s actually clever & courageous, abducted by Human Top, helped Pym defeat Human Top (Tales to Astonish #55, 1964); told Pym tale of how corrupt human nobleman Baron Radzik was enslaved for interplanetary zoo by alien Gorko posing as gypsy alchemist (Tales to Astonish #55, 1964); unaware Pym was planning to propose to her, impatiently tried to encourage Pym to propose by telling him that her high-society admirer Sterling Stuyvesant might propose to her soon, attended Stuyvesant’s party but rebuffed Sterling’s romantic advances, abducted by Magician, rescued by Pym, helped Pym defeat Magician (Tales to Astonish #56, 1964); told Pym tale of how lazy alien suitor Lorenzo won the hand of a princess by getting her away from king’s Bog Beast that was guarding her (Tales to Astonish #56, 1964); with Avengers, vs Lava Men (Avengers #5/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #2, 1964/2005); alongside Pym, followed news coverage of Hulk’s rampages, offended when insecure Pym withdrew to work on refining their powers & pushed her away, discussed how Avengers should work with authorities (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #3, 2005); with Avengers, vs Baron Heinrich Zemo’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #6/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #3, 1964/2005); with Avengers, tried to comfort Zemo-obsessed Captain America (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4, 2005); with Avengers, vs Weather-Maker (Thor: Godstorm #1, 2001); with Avengers, tried to calm raging Thor (Journey into Mystery #101, 1964); captured a jewel thief by posing as Invisible Girl, quarreled with Pym (Tales to Astonish #57, 1964); received new compressed air stinger from Pym, alongside Pym, mistakenly vs Spider-Man/Peter Parker, alongside Pym & Spider-Man, defeat Egghead, feuded with Spider-Man (Tales to Astonish #57, 1964); attended Avengers meeting (Journey into Mystery #105, 1964); learned Pym could now alter her size as well as his own via cybernetic circuitry in his cowl, helped Pym drive off giant alien invader Colossus from Vega Superior (Tales to Astonish #58, 1964); attended Wasp-themed fashion show & sale at Benson’s Department Store, lured into ambush there by Magician, recaptured Magician (Tales to Astonish #58, 1964); with Avengers, tried to locate Iron Man/Tony Stark (Tales of Suspense #56, 1964); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, X-Men, Doctor Strange, Daredevil & Spider-Man, vs Sundown (Untold Tales of Spider-Man ’97, 1997); with Avengers, vs Zemo’s Masters & mind-controlled Thor (Avengers #7, 1964); trained with Avengers, helped Pym seek Hulk, helped Pym & Hulk survive military assault (Tales to Astonish #59, 1964); with Avengers, offered Thor assistance (Journey into Mystery #108, 1964); alongside Pym, trapped gang of criminals (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, 1964); alongside Pym, helped capture Chameleon & break up fight between Iron Man & Captain America, informed Pepper Potts her hair was a mess (Tales of Suspense #58, 1964); alongside Pym, attended Alicia Masters’ sculpture exhibition (Marvels #2, 1994); with Avengers, vs Kang (Avengers #8/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4, 1964/2005); alongside Avengers, honored with a parade (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4, 2005); with Avengers, followed news of Spider-Man’s humiliation by Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (Amazing Spider-Man #18, 1964); tried to make peace when overwrought Giant-Man yelled at his fan club, learned of how Pym’s wife Maria died, stayed behind when Pym went to Berlin to rescue Lee Kearns (Tales to Astonish #60, 1964); with Avengers, dealt with Zemo-obsessed Cap (Avengers #9, 1964); with Avengers, attended charity benefit (Tales of Suspense #59, 1964); with Avengers, clashed with Fantastic Four over how best to handle Mole Man (Fantastic Four #31, 1964); with Avengers, vs Zemo’s Masters, allied with & betrayed by Wonder Man, witnessed seeming demise of Wonder Man (Avengers #9, 1964); alongside Pym, entertained Giant-Man fan club, defeated Egghead’s android (Tales to Astonish #61, 1964); among Avengers who informed Iron Man of Hawkeye’s attack on Stark’s factory (Tales of Suspense #60, 1964); alongside Pym, vs Giant-Man impersonator Second-Story Sammy (Tales to Astonish #62, 1964); alongside Pym, followed news of Count Nefaria (Avengers #13, 1965); with Avengers, vs Immortus & Zemo’s Masters (Avengers #10, 1964); with Avengers, mistakenly clashed with X-Men while both groups were investigating Lucifer menace (X-Men #9, 1964); alongside Pym, defeated Wrecker/Smith (Tales to Astonish #63, 1965); with Avengers, fought Kang’s Spider-Man robot, rescued from robot by real Spider-Man (Avengers #11, 1964); snapped at by workaholic Pym, left Pym, captured by Attuma, rescued by Pym, teamed with Pym to defeat Attuma, reconciled with Pym (Tales to Astonish #64, 1965); served as Avengers chair, with Avengers, vs Mole Man & Red Ghost (Avengers #12, 1965); with Avengers, framed for treason by Count Nefaria, vs Nefaria, gravely wounded by stray bullet while protecting Rick Jones & Teen Brigade (Avengers #13/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #5, 1965/2005); saved from death by surgeon Doctor Svenson (Avengers #14/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #5, 1965/2005); with Avengers, attended engagement party of Mister Fantastic & Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four #36, 1965); designed new Giant-Man costume for Pym, helped him defeat accidentally enlarged spider (Tales to Astonish #65, 1965); among Avengers present when Rick Jones had his Captain Avenger hallucination (Captain America #221, 1978); alongside Pym, defeated Madam Macabre (Tales to Astonish #66, 1965); with Avengers, defeated Zemo’s Masters (Avengers #15-16, 1965); met with Avengers (Journey into Mystery #116, 1965); with Avengers, recruited Hawkeye, Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch, alongside Pym, retired from active Avengers duty (Avengers #16/Avengers#280/Marvel: Heroes & Legends ‘97/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #7-8, 1965/1987/1997/2005); alongside Pym, defeated Supramor the Hidden Man, began using trained bee as steed (Tales to Astonish #67, 1965); helped Pym test his powers, cowl altered so that she could mentally command wasps, adopted trained wasp Boopsie as her new steed, alongside Pym, vs Human Top, abducted by smitten Human Top, helped Pym defeat Human Top, Pym began considering retirement (Tales to Astonish #68-69, 1965); alongside Avengers & other heroes, helped decide fate of Sentry (Sentry #4, 2000); alongside Pym, retired from adventuring, accompanied Pym on federally-backed undersea drilling research project, confronted Namor during drilling, went back into action as Wasp to warn Avengers of Namor’s rampage, captured by Attuma, summoned Avengers (Tales to Astonish #77-78/Avengers #26, 1966); captured by Collector, freed by Avengers, alongside Pym in his new guise as Goliath, rejoined Avengers (Avengers #28, 1966); with Avengers, vs Power Man, Swordsman & brainwashed Black Widow, nearly killed by sparrow (Avengers #29-30, 1966); briefed regarding America’s global defense posture (Tales of Suspense #91, 1967); with Avengers, helped track down Black Widow, drawn into conflict between forces of Keeper of the Flame & Prince Rey in El Dorado (Avengers #30-31, 1966); with Avengers, alongside Black Widow, vs Sons of the Serpent, met Bill Foster (Avengers #32-33, 1966); with Avengers, examined seemingly inert Adaptoid who copied their abilities & became Super-Adaptoid (Tales of Suspense #84, 1966); with Avengers, met Daredevil, considered recruiting Spider-Man, opposed Spider-Man’s nomination for Avengers membership (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, 1966); reunited with old friend Lucy Barton, became unwitting object of Living Laser’s romantic obsession, with Avengers, vs Living Laser (Avengers #34-35, 1966); with Avengers, alongside Black Widow, vs Ixar & Ultroids (Avengers #36-37, 1967); with Avengers, vs Enchantress & her pawn Hercules, freed Hercules from Enchantress's control (Avengers #38, 1967); with Avengers, vs Mad Thinker & Triumvirate of Terror (Avengers #39, 1967); with Avengers, vs Sub-Mariner (Avengers #40, 1967); heard Hydra’s worldwide Death Spore ultimatum (Strange Tales #156, 1967); with Avengers, vs Diablo & Dragon Man (Avengers #41-42, 1967); learned from lawyer Ebeneezer Wallaby that she had inherited her father’s full fortune as of her 23rd birthday, became multi-millionaire, helped Avengers vs Red Guardian, Colonel Ling, General Burshov & their troops (Avengers #43-44, 1967); with Avengers, communicated with returning Captain America (Tales of Suspense #92, 1967); comforted Pym after destruction of his suburban lab (Avengers #58, 1968); with Avengers, vs Mandarin, Power Man & Swordsman (Avengers Annual #1, 1967); showed off new Mark GT car, with Avengers, vs Super-Adaptoid, witnessed Hercules’ joining Avengers (Avengers #45, 1967); alongside Pym, nearly stumbled upon Ultron (Avengers #135, 1975); hired "Charles Matthews" as her new chauffeur, unaware that Matthews was former Human Top, with Avengers, vs Whirlwind/Matthews (Avengers #46, 1967); bought plane, took a Las Vegas vacation with Pym, helped thwart cheating gambler J.B. Desalvio, with Avengers, mistakenly fought new Black Knight/Dane Whitman (Avengers #47-48, 1967-1968); with Avengers, vs Magneto & Toad, unable to prevent defection of Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch (Avengers #49, 1968); with Avengers, vs Typhon, alongside Hawkeye & Goliath, stayed with active roster despite departures of other members (Avengers #50, 1968); with Avengers, vs Collector (Avengers #51, 1968); with Avengers, vs Grim Reaper, rescued by team’s new member Black Panther (Avengers #52, 1968); with Avengers, alongside X-Men, vs Magneto & Toad (X-Men #45/Avengers #53, 1968); with Avengers, alongside Black Knight, vs Ultron's Masters of Evil (Avengers #54-55, 1968); reluctant to forgive Jarvis after he aided Masters (Avengers #280, 1987); with Avengers, tried to verify death of Bucky, vs founding Avengers in alternate timeline created by Scarlet Centurion, defeated Scarlet Centurion (Avengers #56/Avengers Annual #2, 1968); with Avengers, alongside Ultron's rogue creation Vision, vs Ultron, witnessed Vision’s destruction of Ultron & his joining Avengers (Avengers #57-58, 1968); with Avengers, introduced Vision to Jarvis (Avengers #280/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1, 1987/2007); attended founders meeting, tried to reassure insecure Pym who was now serving as chairman, alongside Avengers, debated Vision’s status with Nick Fury, with Avengers, vs A.I.M. & army of Super-Adaptoid, alongside Pym, debriefed by Agent Murch (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #1-4, 2007); discouraged Pym from working late (Avengers #59, 1968); with Avengers, confronted now-delusional Pym in his new identity as Yellowjacket, persuaded by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s psych expert Special Agent Carver to indulge Pym’s delusion as far as possible, argued with Jasper Sitwell & Carver regarding Pym’s condition, abducted by Pym, staged wedding of herself & "Yellowjacket" in support of Pym’s delusion, Pym restored to his normal personality, alongside Pym, debriefed by S.H.I.E.L.D., took leave of absence (Avengers #59-60/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4-8, 1968-1969/2007); alongside Pym, rejoined Avengers after honeymoon, designed new Goliath costume for Pym that Hawkeye ended up using as new Goliath since Pym opted to keep his Yellowjacket guise (Avengers #63, 1969); with Avengers, heard Egghead’s broadcast ultimatum (Sub-Mariner #14, 1969); with Avengers, alongside Barney Barton, vs Egghead, Barton slain, learned Hawkeye/Goliath’s true name & background as Clint Barton, vs Swordsman (Avengers #64-65, 1969); with Avengers, attended Barney Barton’s funeral (Hawkeye #6, 2004); with Avengers, discussed Captain America’s absence from their ranks (Captain America #114, 1969); with Avengers, mistakenly fought & subdued Captain America while he was trapped in Red Skull’s body (Captain America #116, 1969); with Avengers, tested new super-metal Adamantium, vs Ultron (Avengers #66-68, 1969); alongside Pym, captured criminal (Avengers #83, 1970); with Avengers, came to aid of dying Tony Stark (Iron Man #18, 1969); with Avengers, alongside Black Knight, faced Kang & Grandmaster, awarded Black Knight Avengers membership (Avengers #69-71, 1969); with Avengers, alongside Rick Jones, vs Zodiac with unseen assistance of Captain Marvel/Mar-Vell (Avengers #72, 1970); with Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent (Avengers #73-74, 1970); among Avengers visited by Silas X. Cragg (Captain America #121, 1970); alongside Pym, left active Avengers roster, alongside Pym & Bill Foster, went on Alaskan research expedition (Avengers #75, 1970); alongside Avengers, Fantastic Four & other heroes, vs Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine! #11, 2001); briefly joined Lady Liberators under influence of Enchantress, with them, vs Masters of Evil & Avengers, Enchantress defeated (Avengers #83, 1970); with Avengers, alongside Captain Marvel, vs Ronan & Kree Sentry, alongside Pym, resigned Avengers membership (Avengers #90-91, 1971); with Avengers, vs forces of Ares & Enchantress (Avengers #100, 1972); alongside Black Widow, talked with Scarlet Witch about her date with Vision (I ? Marvel: Ai #1, 2006); left behind while Pym investigated break-in at his lab (Incredible Hulk #154-155, 1972); with Avengers, vs forces of Ares & Enchantress (Avengers #100, 1972); rebuffed romantic advances of "Charles Matthews" when Pym was believed dead, reunited with Pym, discovered Pym had been trapped at tiny size by virus he was exposed to by crime boss M’sieu Tete, tried to help restore Pym, tested antidote serum meant for Pym on herself, stuck at tiny size, alongside Pym, vs Whirlwind, believed dead following Whirlwind’s destruction of Pym’s lab, captured by Para-Man & Boswell, escaped, mutated into crazed wasp-woman, vs Pym, fortune sought by "Matthews" & lawyer Blackburn while Bill Foster tried to rescue them, alongside Pym, vs kitten, captured & cured by Doctor Nemesis, held hostage by Doctor Nemesis, freed by Pym, distracted Pym while he was recording memoir of recent events (Marvel Feature #5-10, 1972-1973); fired "Matthews" for trying to defraud her estate (Avengers #139, 1975); alongside Pym & Carol Danvers, defended hospitalized Rick Jones from Lunatic Legion’s Living Laser robot, disabled robot, saw nerve gas antidote administered to Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #35, 1974); alongside Pym, helped Captain Marvel begin his search for Lunatic Legion (Captain Marvel #37, 1975); stayed behind at Pym’s request while he hunted Egghead to avenge Trish Starr (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); tried to comfort increasingly unstable Pym when his scientific researches failed, consulted psychiatrist Doctor Michael Reilly, tried to reinforce positive aspects of Pym’s behavior (Avengers #161 & 227, 1977 & 1983); alongside Pym, rejoined Avengers, met Moondragon, took part in recruiting drive, met Beast, gravely injured by Toad (Avengers #137, 1975); comatose & hospitalized, defended from Whirlwind by Avengers, "Charles Matthews" finally exposed as Whirlwind & captured by Avengers (Avengers #139, 1975); awakened from coma (Avengers #140, 1975); alongside Pym, remained in hospital to recover, met Patsy Walker (Avengers #141, 1975); scolded Pym for pressuring Bill Foster to be a superhero (Black Goliath #1, 1976); alongside Pym, learned they were being released from hospital, declared her intention to rejoin Avengers with or without Pym (Avengers #148, 1976); alongside Pym, rejoined Avengers despite his reluctance (Avengers #150-151, 1976); reassured insecure Pym, with Avengers, vs Black Talon (Avengers #152, 1976); noticed Pym behaving more confidently & romantically (Avengers #161, 1977); with Avengers, subdued rampaging Whizzer, questioned Whizzer, vs Living Laser & Nuklo (Avengers #153/Avengers Annual #6, 1976); with Avengers, brought Whizzer to hospital, captured by Tyrak, enslaved by Attuma, attacked Hydrobase, defeated through combined efforts of Tamara Rahn, Namorita, Doctor Doom & Hydro-Men, freed from Attuma’s control, defeated Attuma, Tyrak & Doom with aid of Namor, Wonder Man & Whizzer (Avengers #154/Super-Villain Team-Up #9/Avengers #155-156, 1976/1976/1977); with Avengers, alongside Falcon, investigated Assassin’s attempt on Captain America’s life (Avengers #146, 1976); bickered with Jarvis over Christmas Eve cooking, with Avengers, vs Black Knight statue (Avengers #157, 1977); with Avengers, vs Graviton (Avengers #158-159, 1977); alongside Pym, headed back to his lab (Avengers #160, 1977); celebrated Christmas (Marvel Treasury Edition #13, 1976); made new costume with cybernetic collar, subdued rampaging Pym after he had breakdown, told Avengers of Pym’s continuing mental problems, captured by Ultron, used by Ultron & insane Pym as mental template to create robot Jocasta, rescued by Avengers (Avengers #161-162, 1977); began recovery via treatments devised by Iron Man (Avengers #163, 1977); alongside Pym & Spider-Man, vs Equinox, powers enhanced by Pym (Marvel Team-Up #59-60, 1977); with Avengers, vs Nefaria’s Lethal Legion, injured by Power Man (Avengers #164, 1977); with Avengers, vs Nefaria (Avengers #166, 1977); with Avengers, monitored universal menace of M’Krann Crystal (X-Men #108, 1977); with Avengers, alongside most of rest of world, mind-controlled by Doctor Doom, vs Magneto (Super-Villain Team-Up #14, 1978); held first fashion show featuring her own designs, teamed with Pym & Nighthawk to defeat Porcupine & his gang when they tried to rob the show (Avengers #167, 1978); alongside Scarlet Witch, went shopping, with Avengers, alongside Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers, vs Centurion (Ms Marvel #18, 1978); witnessed Jocasta’s revival, unable to bring herself to participate in Avengers attack on it since it was another version of herself, with Avengers, vs Ultron, witnessed Jocasta making peace with Avengers (Avengers #170-171, 1978); alongside Pym, contacted various inactive Avengers regarding mystery of disappearing team members, alongside almost all other members, captured by Collector, freed by Hawkeye, witnessed Collector’s execution by Korvac (Avengers #172-174, 1978); with Avengers, vs Korvac & his wife Carina, slain by Korvac, resurrected by repentant Korvac (Avengers #175-177, 1978); with Avengers, alongside Ms Marvel, paid final respects to fallen Korvac & Carina (Avengers: The Korvac Saga, 1991); helped Ms Marvel design her new costume (Ms Marvel #20, 1978); possessed by Doctor Spectrum’s power prism, vs Avengers, freed from prism’s control (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); with Avengers, attended Stark International party, later helped amnesiac Captain America remember the event (Captain America #224, 1978); alongside Wonder Man, tried to help Beast make sense of strange experience (Avengers #178, 1978); alongside Pym, met S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Gabe Jones (Godzilla #17, 1978); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four & S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Godzilla (Godzilla #23-24, 1979); alongside Pym, Invisible Girl & others, attended Central Park society luncheon (Marvel Team-Up #88, 1979); with Avengers, vs Bloodhawk, alongside Bloodhawk, vs Stinger (Avengers #179-180, 1979); with Avengers, delivered captive Unicorn to Stark International (Iron Man #115, 1978); among few Avengers permitted to remain on active roster after government-imposed membership reorganization (Avengers #181, 1979); with Avengers, vs Django Maximoff (Avengers #182, 1979); with Avengers, vs Absorbing Man (Avengers #183-184/Marvel Comics Presents #160, 1979/1994); with Avengers, welcomed new recruit Falcon, returned home after Absorbing Man battle (Avengers #185, 1979); with Avengers, learned of Sharon Carter’s death (Captain America #237, 1979); with Avengers, discussed Iron Man’s Avengers status during Carnelian scandal (Iron Man #125, 1979); with Avengers, vs Chthon & Modred (Avengers #186-187, 1979); with Avengers, vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #188, 1979); with Avengers, opposed Sandman (Wonder Man #1, 1986); alongside Defenders, helped search for James Michael Starling, vs Ruby Thursday, Dibbuk & Starling (Defenders #76-77, 1979); alongside Defenders, vs Mutant Force, Mandrill & his army (Defenders #78-81, 1979-1980); with Avengers, alongside Daredevil, attended senate investigation, vs Grey Gargoyle (Avengers #190-191, 1979-1980); tried & failed to convince Pym to rejoin active Avengers roster, with Avengers, vs Inferno/Joe Conroy (Avengers #192-193, 1980); befriended fugitive clone Selbe, with Avengers, alongside new Ant-Man/Scott Lang, vs Taskmaster (Avengers #194-196, 1980); with Avengers, briefly stuck in Mansion elevator (Avengers #197, 1980); with Avengers, offered Jessica Jones membership (Alias #26, 2003); with Avengers, discussed Captain America’s potential presidential campaign, encouraged Cap to run (Captain America #250, 1980); with Avengers, vs Red Ronin robot & its rogue pilot Doctor Earl Cowan, learned Ms Marvel was pregnant (Avengers #198-199, 1980); with Avengers, attended birth of Ms Marvel’s mystery baby, vs forces of Marcus Immortus, failed to prevent Marcus from mentally influencing Ms Marvel into accompanying him back to Limbo (Avengers #200, 1980); took time off with Pym, alongside Avengers, vs Ultron (Avengers #201-202, 1980); socialized with Hawkeye (Avengers #203, 1981); present when Pym developed new computer system (Bizarre Adventures #27, 1981); with Avengers, vs Yellow Claw (Avengers #204-205, 1981); quarreled with Beast (Dazzler #1, 1981); with Avengers, vs Pyron (Avengers #206, 1981); with Avengers, alongside others, attended singing debut of Dazzler/Alison Blaire, alongside her & others, vs Enchantress, helped Dazzler find work (Dazzler #2, 1981); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, vs Leader, found cure for "Green Flu" (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); with Avengers, played poker with Thing, alongside him, vs forces of Annihilus, Blastaar & Super-Adaptoid in Negative Zone (Marvel Two-in-One #75, 1981); with Avengers, vs Shadow Lord & Berserker (Avengers #207-208, 1981); with Avengers, vs Weathermen (Avengers #210, 1981); with Avengers, opposed Moondragon’s unauthorized membership drive, witnessed Pym’s rejoining active roster (Avengers #211, 1981); with Avengers, alongside others, attended deathbed of cancer-stricken Mar-Vell (Marvel Graphic Novel #1, 1982); verbally & emotionally abused by increasingly unstable Pym, with Avengers, vs Linnea the Elf-Queen, saved Pym from Linnea (Avengers #212, 1981); physically abused by Pym, saved Pym from his own robot when he staged an attack on Avengers (Avengers #213, 1981); divorced Pym & threw him out (Avengers #214, 1981); elected as Avengers chair, helped arrest Pym after Egghead secretly framed him for treason (Avengers #217, 1982); with Avengers, vs Morgan MacNeil Hardy (Avengers #218, 1982); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Galactus (Fantastic Four #243-244, 1982); with Avengers, mentally manipulated into aiding Moondragon’s "benevolent" conquest of Ba-Bani, alongside Drax, vs Moondragon, witnessed Drax’s death, turned Moondragon over to Asgardian custody (Avengers #219-220, 1982); among Avengers & Defenders manipulated into fighting each other as pawns of Nebulon & Supernalia (Avengers Annual #11, 1982); hosted society party, alongside Micronauts, vs Doctor Nemesis, helped transport Micronauts to Florida (Micronauts #42-43, 1982); staged female-targeted membership drive, recruited She-Hulk, turned down by Black Widow, Dazzler, Invisible Girl & Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, defeated Fabian Stankowicz (Avengers #221, 1982); with Avengers, defeated Egghead’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #222, 1982); with Avengers, took Taskmaster’s men into custody (Avengers #223, 1982); with Avengers, intervened in subway disaster, shared romance with Tony Stark until he told her he was Iron Man, broke off romance with Stark (Avengers #224, 1982); worked out with Thor, got to know Thor in his mortal guise as Don Blake (Thor #324, 1982); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, attended Dazzler’s Carnegie Hall concert, held party for her afterwards (Dazzler #21, 1982); with Avengers, alongside Doctor Druid, defended Avalon from Fomor (Avengers #225-226, 1982); with Avengers, sought to rescue Hulk from Leader, among many heroes who advocated amnesty for Hulk & celebrated the awarding of same (Incredible Hulk #277-279, 1982-1983); participated in Avengers training exercise, among heroes forced to participate in Grandmaster’s "Contest of Champions" (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 & 3, 1982); among heroes who watched Thing & others battle Champion of the Universe in series of exhibition matches, among heroes who defended hospitalized Thing from horde of villains (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1982/1983); alongside Storm, Tigra & She-Hulk, helped Holly-Ann Ember liberate her hometown Venture Ridge from control of A.I.M. & Timekeeper (Marvel Graphic Novel#16, 1985); with Avengers, attended hospitalized Vision (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3, 1983); met & recruited new Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau, lunched with Reed & Sue Richards (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16/Avengers #227, 1982/1983); designed new costumes for She-Hulk, with Avengers, vs T’rannikus & his army of Throlls (She-Hulk #3, 2006); with Avengers, loaned Hulk quinjet, saw Hulk defeat Arsenal, scattered through time by Leader, teamed with Hulk to defeat Leader, offered Hulk Avengers membership (Incredible Hulk #281-284, 1983); with Avengers, attended trial of Pym, vs Egghead's Masters of Evil, cleared Pym’s name, witnessed Pym's retirement from costumed adventuring (Avengers #228-230, 1983); with Avengers, attended Jocasta’s funeral, learned of Iron Man’s resignation from team, alongside Eros, vs Plantman (Avengers #231, 1983); recruited Eros as Starfox, learned that Tony Stark had succumbed to alcoholism & that someone else was acting as Iron Man, with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Annihilus barrier (Avengers #232-233/Fantastic Four #254 & 256, 1983); reassured Scarlet Witch (Avengers #234, 1983); with Avengers, testified at She-Hulk’s Time Variance Authority trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006); with Avengers, undertook United Nations fact-finding mission to Attilan, alongside Inhumans, vs Maximus & Enclave (Avengers Annual #12, 1983); with Avengers, helped foil Hydra bomb plot (She-Hulk #7, 2006); loaned Avengers space-quinjet to Thor (Thor #334, 1983); with Avengers, supervised Mansion repairs, led search for Wizard (Avengers #235, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, helped Michael O’Brien & his Project: PEGASUS security staff make peace with Lava Men, defended Project from Blackout, Electro, Moonstone & Rhino, offered Spider-Man membership, offer vetoed by NSC official Raymond Sikorski (Avengers #236-237, 1983); with Avengers, helped Captain America shut down Nth Project (Captain America #289, 1984); nearly swatted by Captain America’s girlfriend Bernie Rosenthal (Captain America #290, 1984); helped She-Hulk seek an apartment, with Avengers, vs Moonstone & Blackout (Avengers #238, 1983); with Avengers, alongside Tigra, Shroud, Pym & Doctor Strange, defeated Morgan Le Fay & revived Jessica Drew, awkward with Pym (Avengers #240-241, 1984); conversed amicably with Pym (Avengers #242, 1984); among Avengers approached by Black Cat seeking powers (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #89, 1984); with Avengers, celebrated Hawkeye’s marriage to Mockingbird, abducted by Beyonder (Avengers #242/Thor #341/Captain America #292, 1984); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, abducted to Battleworld by Beyonder to fight villains including Doctor Doom, Kang, Ultron, Klaw, Doctor Octopus, Molecule Man, Volcana, Absorbing Man, Titania, Enchantress & Wrecking Crew, romanced Magneto to learn his plans, single-handedly fought her way past X-Men & Magneto, befriended Lizard, seemingly killed by Wrecking Crew, restored by Zsaji, wrecked Ultron, helped defeat Doom & other villains (Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #1-4 & 6-12, 1984-1985); with Avengers, returned from Battleworld, stepped down as Avengers chair (Avengers #243/Amazing Spider-Man #252, 1984); with Avengers, vs rampaging Hulk (Incredible Hulk #300, 1984); attended Manhattan Society’s Debutante Cotillion as favor to Jeryn Hogarth, socialized with Power Man & Iron Fist, witnessed battle between Power Man & Iron Fist & Nightshade, Eel, Stiletto & Discus, arranged for Beast & Wonder Man to escort Jeryn’s daughter Millie (Power Man and Iron Fist #110, 1984); with Avengers, vs Dire Wraiths (Avengers #244-245, 1984); with Avengers, protected Northwind Observatory from Fixer & Arnim Zola (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); with Avengers, befriended Sersi & other Eternals of Earth, aided Eternals against Maelstrom, saw most Eternals depart Earth (Avengers #246-248, 1984); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, Asgardians, Hercules & Beta Ray Bill, vs forces of Surtur (Avengers #249/Thor #350-351, 1984-1985); with Avengers, failed to prevent Bernie Rosenthal’s abduction by Red Skull agent, tracked abduction of Rosenthal & others by Skull, came together to support now-elderly Captain America & rejuvenated him (Captain America #295-296, 299 & 301, 1985); with Avengers, vs Maelstrom, troubled by revelation of Starfox’s pleasure power (Avengers #250, 1984); vacationed at Utopia Cay, reunited with old friend Tinky Weismann, began romance with Paladin, alongside him, defeated Baron Brimstone (Avengers #251, 1985); with Avengers, alongside many other heroes, trapped in Kulan Gath’s transformed version of Manhattan, resisted Gath’s rule, imprisoned & transformed by Gath, restored to normal along with everyone & everything else following Gath’s defeat (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); learned Vision had mentally influenced her into stepping down as Avengers chair (Avengers #255, 1985); with Avengers, alongside Sub-Mariner, thwarted briefly successful world conquest engineered by Doctor Doom & Purple Man (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom, 1987); bought controlling interest in Nevell Industries, foiled takeover attempt by mob boss Vince Granetti with aid of Spider-Man & Paladin (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #105-106, 1985); resumed Avengers chairmanship, led team in defeating Terminus but failed to prevent his destruction of Savage Land (Avengers #256-257, 1985); negotiated new restrictions on Avengers’ security clearance, took Firelord into custody after his battle with Spider-Man (Avengers #258/Amazing Spider-Man #270, 1985); consulted with western chapter of Avengers regarding new Lethal Legion (West Coast Avengers #1/Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1, 1985); with Avengers, alongside Firelord, became embroiled in Skrull civil war, vs Nebula’s forces, allied with Skrull general Zedrao, encountered Beyonder & Fantastic Four, aided Skrull dissident Prince Dezan (Avengers #259-261/Avengers Avengers Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #19, 1985); with Avengers, vs Beyonder, offered Beyonder membership (Avengers #261, 1985); with Avengers, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #5, 1985); with Avengers, met Hydrobase owners Stingray & Diane Newell, leased part of their Hydrobase for quinjet use, recruited Sub-Mariner (Avengers #262, 1985); attended Vision & Scarlet Witch’s Thanksgiving dinner (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #6, 1986); with Avengers, retrieved Jean Grey’s stasis cocoon, attracted unspoken romantic interest from Black Knight (Avengers #263, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, decided against intervening in politics of Squadron Supreme’s Earth (Captain America #314, 1986); tested limits of her powers, discovered she could fly at larger sizes, captured new criminal Yellowjacket/Rita DeMara (Avengers #264, 1986); introduced Invisible Woman & She-Hulk to her stylist Andre, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #287-288, 1986); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, vs Beyonder (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Volcana & Molecule Man, helped repair cataclysmic damage done to Earth by Beyonder (Avengers #266, 1986); with Avengers, clashed with Magneto & New Mutants (New Mutants #40, 1986); with Avengers, embroiled in conflict between divergent Kang counterparts & Immortus (Avengers #267-269, 1986); belatedly informed western chairman Hawkeye that six-member roster limit was no longer in effect (West Coast Avengers #10, 1986); with Avengers, vs rogue Hulk, subdued him (Incredible Hulk #320-323, 1986); with Avengers, alongside others, attended seemingly dying Captain Hero, later attended funeral of seemingly slain Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #125, 1986); welcomed Captain America back to Avengers Mansion (Captain America #318, 1986); with Avengers, vs Moonstone, consulted lawyer Costello regarding Namor’s legal troubles (Avengers #270, 1986); alongside Paladin & Black Knight, questioned new Yellowjacket, vs small contingent of Baron Helmut Zemo’s new Masters of Evil, captured Grey Gargoyle & Screaming Mimi (Avengers #271, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, vs Attuma’s Atlantean forces to rescue Marrina (Avengers #272, 1986); with Avengers, played in first annual east vs west Avengers softball game, framed for treason by insane Quicksilver, captured by Freedom Force & imprisoned in Vault, freed by new Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter, defeated Quicksilver & his android Zodiac allies, cleared their names, shamed Quicksilver into relenting (Avengers Annual #15/West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); alongside Black Knight & Paladin, attended March of Dimes Celebrity Gala (Avengers #273, 1986); with Avengers, alongside Ant-Man & Doctor Druid, liberated Avengers Mansion from its occupation by Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil (Avengers #274-277, 1986-1987); talked with secretly suicidal Pym (West Coast Avengers #17, 1987); alongside Captain America, captured looters in Avengers Mansion, rented temporary office space in Four Freedoms Plaza for Avengers business, nominated Doctor Druid for Avengers membership, stepped down to reserve Avengers status (Avengers #278, 1987); visited Jarvis, told him she was leaving Avengers (Avengers #280, 1987); vacationed in Caribbean, captured by Artemis, with Avengers, clashed with Olympian gods (Avengers #283-285, 1987); with Avengers, participated in second annual east vs west softball game, manipulated by Collector & Grandmaster into entering Death's realm & battling each other, defeated by Pym during resultant battle, vs Legion of the Unliving, killed, resurrected by Death after Grandmaster’s defeat (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); visited western Avengers to boost their morale, alongside them, vs Yetrigar (West Coast Avengers #32, 1988); with Avengers, alongside Pym, searched for Pym’s first wife Maria Trovaya in Hungary, vs communist-backed adversaries Madame X, El Toro, Beasts of Berlin, Scarlet Beetles, Quicksilver & Voice, vs Kristoff, regenerated her long-lost antennae with Pym’s aid, parted amicably with Pym, left Avengers (West Coast Avengers #33-37, 1988); firmly rejected Black Knight’s romantic intentions (Solo Avengers #12, 1988); attended trade show on behalf of Van Dyne Industries, flirted with cocky Stane International rep Karaguchi Inoyawa, helped Inoyawa subdue renegade Red Ronin after Joe Kilman sent it on rampage (Solo Avengers #15, 1989); loaned out her Manhattan apartment to She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #2, 1989); rejoined Avengers, became much more friendly with Pym, helped rescue Vision from Vigilance, alongside Pym, undermined Hawkeye’s chairmanship with increasingly take-charge attitude, Hawkeye resigned in protest when government imposed USAgent on team as supervisor (West Coast Avengers #42-45, 1989); with Avengers, watched Vision on Tonight Show (Avengers Spotlight #23, 1989); agreed to serve as one of many on-call Avengers, with Avengers, helped oppose Lava Men’s assault on Avengers Island (Avengers #305-306 & 308, 1989); with Avengers, investigated Fantastic Four doppelgangers (Fantastic Four #333, 1989); encouraged Wonder Man’s secret crush on Scarlet Witch, questioned Space Phantom posing as Professor Horton (Avengers West Coast #47-49, 1989); with Avengers, revived & recruited original Human Torch (Avengers West Coast #50, 1989); with Avengers, vs Master Pandemonium & Mephisto (Avengers West Coast #51-52, 1989); with Avengers, clashed with Enchantress & mesmerized Wonder Man (Marvel Comics Presents #42-45, 1990); with Avengers, vs misguided Cupid & mind-controlled Aphrodite (Marvel Super-Heroes #9, 1992); with Avengers, vs invading Atlantean armies, defeated plans of Ghaur, Llyra & Set (Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); alongside She-Hulk, rated male teammates according to attractiveness (Avengers West Coast Annual #4, 1989); with Avengers, watched over hospitalized Hawkeye after he was shot by Stone Perfs (Avengers Spotlight #30, 1990); with Avengers, vs U-Foes (Avengers West Coast #53, 1989); with Avengers, searched for Pym’s misplaced hyperatomic anti-proton cannon, cannon accidentally destroyed by Wonder Man (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); with Avengers, vs Alliance of Evil (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak and Dagger #9, 1990); with Avengers, vs Freedom Force (Avengers #312, 1989); alongside Wonder Man, spoke against Super-Powers Registration Act before Congress, defeated Gargantua (Avengers Spotlight #28, 1990); with Avengers, vs Mole Man & Loki (Avengers West Coast #54-55, 1990); with Avengers, vs insane Scarlet Witch & Magneto (Avengers West Coast #55-57, 1990); with Avengers, defeated Vibro, helped Los Angeles cope with Vibro-spawned earthquake (Avengers West Coast #58, 1990); with Avengers, alongside Agatha Harkness & Lockjaw, helped free Scarlet Witch from influence of Magneto & Immortus, restored her to sanity, vs Legion of the Unliving & Tempus in process of defeating Immortus, encountered Time-Keepers (Avengers West Coast #60-62, 1990); conferred with eastern Avengers regarding Nebula menace (Avengers #314, 1990); vs unstable electrical-powered stalker, fired unscrupulous agent Harlan (Marvel Comics Presents #48, 1990); alongside Dakota North, vs Kingsize (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); with Avengers, vs S.U.R.F., had tensions with Firebird over Pym (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); with Avengers, vs Terminus (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); with Avengers, vs Sons of the Serpent with aid of Hubie Green (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); visited recovering Scarlet Witch, with Avengers, vs Living Lightning (Avengers West Coast #63, 1990); staged fashion show disrupted by Impossible Man family’s summer vacation (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1, 1990); with Avengers, alongside Freedom Force, thwarted mass escape attempt at Vault led by Venom, helped avert nuclear disaster (Avengers: Death Trap - The Vault, 1991); vacationed with Pym, with Avengers, vs Grim Reaper & Ultron, Pym met Doctor Jenny Falk at UCLA (Avengers West Coast #65-68, 1990-1991); attended Captain America’s anniversary party (Captain America #383, 1991); among Avengers who assembled to ratify team's new U.N. charter & elect new eastern roster (Avengers #329, 1991); among Avengers who assembled to elect new western active roster, re-elected to active membership, interim co-chair of roster with Pym, announced she & Pym would soon step down to reserve status, revealed she & Pym had decided to remain friends rather than become a couple again (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); reportedly among heroes slain & later resurrected by Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #2, 1991); among Avengers who assembled for grand opening of new eastern Avengers Headquarters (Avengers #332, 1991); attended Damage Control movie premiere (Damage Control #3, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Woman, Sub-Mariner, Sunfire & Living Lightning, vs Pacific Overlords, failed to prevent Overlords’ creation of new island nation Demonica, learned Trish Titan of Titan Talent Agency wanted to represent her on basis of her spec screenplay, learned Pym was dating Jennie Falk, stepped down to reserve Avengers status, nominated Living Lighting to replace her in active Avengers roster (Avengers West Coast #70-74, 1991); alongside Pym, secretly struggled with their decision to break up (Avengers #379, 1994); with Avengers, attended dedication ceremony of world’s first superhero medical research & treatment facility, captured mad weapons manufacturer Itzhak Berditchev and his henchman Bulwark, thwarted Berditchev’s nuclear blackmail ambitions, freed Berditchev’s children from his control (Avengers #340, 1991); met with producer-director Dino Domani and his assistant Tony Romano regarding her "The Coming of the Avengers" screenplay, met Arnold Schwarzburger, realized Domani was planning to change her screenplay beyond recognition (Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); encountered Avengers on set at Mammoth Studios (Avengers West Coast #76, 1991); with Avengers, became involved in interstellar Kree/Shi’ar war, led Earth-based contingent of Avengers during war, guarded Kree & Shi’ar prisoners at Project: PEGASUS, vs Imperial Guard (Avengers #345/Captain America #400/Avengers West Coast #81-82, 1992); with fellow western Avengers reservists, thwarted Hyena’s mass murder plot (Avengers West Coast #83, 1992); with Avengers, attended Kree/Shi’ar war debriefing (Captain America #401, 1992); alongside many other heroes, vs Magus’ doppelgangers (Fantastic Four #367-368/Infinity War #2-4/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41, 1992); with Avengers, followed news of Tony Stark’s seeming demise, mistakenly clashed with new Iron Man/Jim Rhodes, helped new Iron Man defeat & capture Beetle, Blacklash, Blizzard & Spymaster (Iron Man #284-286, 1992); witnessed teammate Scarlet Witch’s temporary possession by Chthon (Darkhold: Pages From the Book of Sins #3, 1992); witnessed attack on Scarlet Witch by Cess (Marvel Comics Presents #143, 1993); with Avengers, alongside Raptor/Gary Wilton, vs Ultron & Alkhema (Avengers West Coast Annual #8, 1993); lived life of high society party girl, went through string of superficial romances, became bored with new lifestyle, resumed fashion career, launched new fashion show with her agent Spencer Beck, attended masquerade ball celebrating show, received rave reviews, touched by congratulatory visit from Pym, rekindled romance with Pym, visited Pym’s & Foster’s secret BIG research project, consulted psychologist Doctor Vincent Rossi, grew uncontrollably to gigantic size due to Kosmosian invaders’ exploitation of Pym particle users, went on mad giant-sized rampage, saved by Pym (Avengers #379-382, 1994-1995); alongside Pym & Hulk, vs "Mad Viking" Knut Caine (Tales to Astonish #1, 1994); learned from her longtime lawyer Liam O’Lynch that her fortune was being mysteriously & rapidly depleted (Avengers #390, 1995); with Avengers, subdued mugger, attended Avengers reunion on anniversary of team’s founding (Avengers: The Crossing #1, 1995); learned Tony Stark was responsible for her financial ruin, confronted & denounced Stark, with Avengers, vs Stark, mortally wounded by Stark, mutated by Pym in attempt to save her life, assumed bizarre new physical form, helped defeat Stark & other pawns of disguised Immortus (Avengers #391 & 393-395/Iron Man #322-325/Avengers: Timeslide #1, 1995-1996); helped Spider-Man investigate clone mystery (Sensational Spider-Man #3, 1996); with Avengers, teamed with Spider-Man/Ben Reilly to neutralize rogue Spider-Man robot (Spider-Man Team-Up #4, 1996); with Avengers, thwarted attempted takeover of Manhattan by new Libra’s Zodiac faction (Iron Man #326/Avengers #396, 1996); returned to Avengers Mansion (Avengers #397, 1996); alongside Pym, awarded huge financial grant in Tony Stark’s will to fund Avengers in perpetuity (Iron Man #327, 1996); estranged from Pym after discovering monitoring device he had implanted within her (Avengers #398-399, 1996); with Avengers, vs Black Wraith (Avengers Unplugged #6, 1996); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four & other heroes, became embroiled in Onslaught conflict, shared declaration of love with Pym, seemingly killed in battle with Onslaught, secretly hurled into alternate world unwittingly created by Franklin Richards (Avengers #401-402/X-Men #55/Fantastic Four #415/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); reincarnated in Franklin’s world as alternate Janet Van Dyne & became Wasp of alternate reality Avengers, romantically linked to Pym in this reality (Avengers #1-2 & 8-12/Fantastic Four #12/Iron Man #12, 1996-1997); with Avengers, alongside other displaced heroes, returned from Franklin’s world (Heroes Reborn: The Return #1-4, 1997); with reorganized Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fay & Mordred, temporarily transformed into Pixie of Queen’s Vengeance, among first Avengers to break Morgan’s control, defeated Morgan & unmade her alternate reality kingdom (Avengers #1-3, 1998); participated in court martial that cleared Iron Man of murder charges (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, mind-controlled by Baron Helmut Zemo into aiding his attempt at world conquest, freed by Zemo’s Thunderbolts, alongside Fantastic Four & Thunderbolts, thwarted Zemo's world conquest scheme (Thunderbolts #11-12, 1998); followed news coverage of Hornet (Sensational Spider-Man #28, 1998); witnessed Captain America testing new shield (Captain America #3, 1998); alongside Avengers founders, led formation of new active Avengers roster, alongside Pym, opted for inactive Avengers status to concentrate on his research & her financial rebuilding (Avengers #4, 1998); alongside She-Hulk & Invisible Woman, visited designer Sue Cera (Fantastic Four #6, 1998); alongside Pym, stepped up to Avengers reserve status, participated in Avengers Day parade, with Avengers, vs Grim Reaper & Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #10-11, 1998); alongside Rick Jones, Pym & various Avengers displaced from other time periods, drawn into cosmic "Destiny War", allied with Kang, Libra & Supreme Intelligence against Immortus & his masters the Time-Keepers in time-spanning battle to determine future of humanity, led Avengers during this conflict, Time-Keepers defeated (Avengers Forever #1-12, 1998-2000); with Avengers, re-informed of Tony Stark’s dual identity as Iron Man after he mind-wiped that knowledge from everyone on Earth (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Iron Man & Captain America, 1998); among heroes involved in "contest of champions" staged by Brood/Badoon alliance, defeated by Hawkeye during tournament (Contest of Champions II #3-4, 1999); alongside Pym & Captain America, dealt with consequences of Vibranium destabilization (Captain America #21, 1999); with Avengers, aided Warbird, vs Doomsday Man (Avengers #16-18, 1999); with Avengers, vs Alkhema & Ultron, learned Ultron’s mind was based on Hank Pym’s brain patterns, began to feel her own attitudes & actions had helped cause Pym’s instability & misconduct over the years, comforted Pym in wake of latest Ultron crisis (Avengers #19-22, 1999); monitored & discussed anti-Avengers protests (Avengers #23, 1999); alongside She-Hulk, tried to protect Invisible Woman from paparazzi (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, Nova & others, vs Exemplars (Avengers #25, 2000); alongside Pym, spent Christmas with young fan Larry Magruder & his family (Ant-Man’s Big Christmas #1, 2000); resumed Avengers chairmanship to help team overcome Triune-orchestrated negative publicity, oversaw roster reshuffling including new recruit Triathlon (Avengers #27, 2000); with Avengers, demolished vacant Memphis warehouses to make way for new civic centre, saved Costa Verde from Kulan Gath, recruited Silverclaw (Avengers #28-30, 2000); with Avengers, vs Magneto & Acolytes in Genosha, expelled from Genosha (Magneto: Dark Seduction #2-4, 2000); with Avengers, rejected membership application by new Black Panther/Erik Killmonger, alongside Killmonger, vs Deadpool, Constrictor & disguised Copycat as part of scheme masterminded by Achebe, rescued Triathlon from Wakanda after Achebe’s agents abducted him, vs Hatut Zeraze & Deadpool (Deadpool #44/Black Panther #23, 2000); with Avengers, welcomed back Vision, raided Maggia leadership meeting (Avengers #31, 2000); with Avengers, vs Hulk (Hulk Annual 2000, 2000); with Avengers, consulted with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Sharon Carter & Jasper Sitwell, discovered original Madame Masque was still alive as paranoid recluse, teamed with Thunderbolts to foil world conquest schemes of Maggia leader Count Nefaria & his lieutenant Grim Reaper, honorary Avengers member Masque slain during battle, Madame Masque abandoned crime & escaped (Avengers #32-34/Thunderbolts #43-44, 2000); with Avengers, responded to K’un Lun crisis (Iron Fist/Wolverine: The Return of K’un Lun #2, 2000); with Avengers, alongside many other heroes, thwarted plot to convert Earth into intergalactic prison planet, vs Kree in their new hyper-evolved form of Ruul (Maximum Security #1-3/Avengers #35, 2000); monitored & commented upon Wakandan political crisis (Black Panther #27, 2001); with Avengers, alongside Jack of Hearts, vs Pagan & Lord Templar, noticed Pym’s odd behavior (Avengers #36-37, 2001); alongside Pym, attended Tiberius Stone’s party (Iron Man #37, 2001); alongside new co-chair Captain America, reorganized Avengers operations & gave various members detached service assignments (Avengers #38, 2001); with Avengers, attended funeral of Bucky Barnes (Captain America #46-48, 2001); with Avengers, rescued Iron Man from Interceptors (Iron Man Annual 2001, 2001); with Avengers, alongside Hulk, neutralized horde of Hulk-like mutates created by Diablo (Avengers #39-40, 2001); monitored Captain America/USAgent battle (USAgent #1, 2001); with Avengers, clashed with new Scarlet Centurion (Avengers #41-42, 2001); with Avengers, recruited Jack of Hearts, defeated Attuma’s army (Avengers #43-44, 2001); with Avengers, merged Pym’s two divided selves back into single person with aid of Jonathan Tremont (Avengers Annual 2001, 2001); among many superheroes abducted by Graviton, freed by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); with Avengers, conferred with government, opposed government plans to field Sentinel army (Avengers #45, 2001); with Avengers, alongside Hawkeye & Grim Reaper, vs Alkhema, Ultron & Alkhema’s many robotic creations, destroyed everything except Ultron’s head & Alkhema’s seemingly benign bio-synthetic creation Antigone (Avengers: The Ultron Imperative #1, 2001); guided Avengers against forces of Kang & Master of the World, witnessed government’s Sentinel army commandeered by Kang (Avengers #46 & 48, 2001-2002); with Avengers, vs Kang’s Sentinel army in Washington, helped U.S. President escape with aid of Kro’s Deviants, unable to prevent slaughter of most of Washington’s populace by Sentinels, formally surrendered to Kang’s forces on behalf of Earth (Avengers #49, 2002); with Avengers, co-opted Master’s technology & Triple-Evil’s power, allied with Atlanteans, Deviants, Namorita, Presence, Starlight, Jonathan Tremont & others in attacking Kang’s forces, liberated Earth, captured Kang, received adulation of grateful world (Avengers #52-54, 2002); with Avengers, celebrated & mourned in aftermath of Kang war, paid respects to fallen Duane Freeman (Avengers #55, 2002); with Avengers, monitored Black Panther’s latest radical political actions, confronted Panther, resisted Iron Man’s motion to expel Panther (Black Panther #42 & 44, 2002); with Avengers, monitored & analyzed Shaitan’s tower in Madripoor (X-Treme X-Men #11, 2002); with Avengers, teamed with alternate reality league of heroes against Krona (JLA/Avengers #1 / Avengers/JLA #2 / JLA/Avengers #3 / Avengers/JLA #4, 2003-2004); bid on Thing at charity bachelor auction (Fantastic Four #50, 2002); commented on seeming demise of Captain America, attended his funeral (Captain America #50, 2002); with Avengers, shut down A.I.M. cell via tip from Moondragon (Infinity Abyss #1, 2002); defeated Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, clashed with rogue heroes the Order, helped Defenders & others thwart Yandroth & restore Order to normal (The Order #2-3 & 5-6, 2002); baby-sat Franklin & Valeria Richards (Fantastic Four #55, 2002); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, opposed cosmic menace Akhenaten, immobilized by Akhenaten, opposed newly omnipotent Thanos until he destroyed & re-created universe (Marvel Universe: The End #1 & 5-6, 2003); among Avengers harassed by Loki (Double-Shot #2, 2003); with Avengers, defused Scorpio crisis with aid of Gyrich & Ant-Man, team won new U.N. status, recruited Ant-Man (Avengers #57-62, 2002-2003); with Avengers, saw Jessica Jones capture Purple Man (Alias #28, 2003); alongside Fantastic Four & Spider-Man, vs Puppet Master & his pawns Flash Thompson & Medusa (Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #21, 2003); vacationed with Pym in Las Vegas, turned down Pym’s marriage proposal, teamed with Pym to capture Whirlwind (Avengers #71, 2003); with Avengers, opposed Thunderbolts’ Project: Liberator, offered Songbird membership but she declined (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1-6, 2004); with Avengers, defeated M.O.D.O.K.’s A.I.M. cell & their ally Blizzard, asked She-Hulk to move out of Avengers Mansion, helped She-Hulk move (She-Hulk #1-2, 2004); began experimenting with giant sizes, with Avengers, vs Wrecking Crew, Morgan le Fay & her knight, quarrelled with Pym regarding his abusive past (Avengers #77-81, 2004); with Avengers, alongside Spider-Man, defeated Wrecking Crew (Marvel Holiday Special 2004 #1, 2004); with Avengers, opposed new Invaders’ overthrow of Mazikhandar’s tyrannical government, shared love affair with Hawkeye, Pym crushed by discovery of affair (Avengers #82-84/New Invaders #0, 2004); with Avengers, mistakenly fought with Spider-Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #2, 2004); worried she might be pregnant with Hawkeye’s child, avoided talking with Hawkeye, drunkenly reminded Scarlet Witch of her lost children (Avengers #503, 2004); with Avengers, vs Arsenal Alpha (Iron Man #84-85, 2004); with Avengers, terrorized by insane Scarlet Witch, witnessed destruction of Avengers Mansion & seeming deaths of Ant-Man, Vision, & Hawkeye, seriously injured (Avengers #500-503, 2004); decided to give romance with Pym one more try, alongside Pym, left after Avengers disbanded in wake of Scarlet Witch disaster (Avengers: Finale #1, 2005); attended Avengers-hosted funeral for Ant-Man, Hawkeye & Vision (Hercules #1, 2005); had hair styled by Shamrock (Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters, 2005); joined temporarily-reunited Avengers to oppose Titania (She-Hulk #12, 2005); alongside Avengers, vs Santa-programmed "Santron" version of Ultron (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 2006); designed new costumes for Luke Cage, present when Jessica Jones went into labor (The Pulse #11-12, 2006); agreed to testify on Starfox’s behalf (She-Hulk #7, 2006); attended Thing’s bar mitzvah and superhero poker tournament (Thing #8, 2006); alongside Pym, Firebird, Medusa, Gravity, Hood, Al Kraven, Deathlok, Dragon Man & Venom/Mac Gargan, abducted by disguised Stranger for his Battleworld experiment, led fellow abductees in conflicts with Stranger, Dragon Man, Space Phantom & Venom, talked with Pym about their latest break-up, rejected Pym’s intention to resume their romance, quarrelled with Pym, realized she could never fully forgive Pym & that he’d be better off if she cut him loose for good, witnessed Pym/Firebird romance, led abductees in escaping Battleworld, alongside Pym & others, attended Gravity’s funeral (Beyond! #1-6, 2006-2007); among heroes who convened to discuss proposed Superhuman Registration Act legislation (Civil War #1, 2006); joined pro-SHRA faction (Civil War #2, 2006); learned of She-Hulk’s marriage to John Jameson (She-Hulk #9, 2006); with pro-SHRA faction, vs Captain America’s Secret Avengers, witnessed killing of Goliath/Bill Foster slain by Stark’s cybernetic Thor clone during battle (Civil War #3-4, 2006); with pro-SHRA forces, vs Secret Avengers, battle ended after Captain America reconsidered his position & surrendered himself to authorities, Initiative program began organizing officially deputized heroes in every American state (Civil War #6-7, 2006-2007); joined new pro-SHRA Avengers roster assembled by Iron Man & Ms Marvel, vs Mole Man & new incarnation of Ultron (Mighty Avengers #1-4, 2007); with pro-SHRA Avengers, vs Luke Cage’s outlaw Avengers (New Avengers #27-30, 2007); alongside various fellow Avengers & other heroes, joined Initiative program as staff, instructors, trainees & registrants (Avengers: The Initiative #1-2, 2007)

Wonder Man

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #9 (1964)
Significant Issues: Grew up with abusive & demanding father, left insecure with deep-rooted need for approval, elder brother Eric turned to crime, took over running family Munitions business, company lost business to Stark Enterprises’ superior patents (West Coast Avengers #2/Wonder Man #1 & #25/Avengers #23, 1985/1991 & 1993/1999); present when Hawkeye raided Williams Innovations lab, witnessed his battle with Spider-Man, held hostage, pushed deeper in debt by damage caused (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #17, 1997); with company failing, embezzled to save it, caught, put on trial (West Coast Avengers #2/Wonder Man #1 & #25/Avengers #23, 1985/1991 & 1993/1999); bail paid by Enchantress, accepted Baron Helmut Zemo’s offer of super-powers, became Wonder Man, infiltrated Avengers, betrayed Avengers, switched sides when he realized Zemo intended to kill Avengers, seemingly died from side-effect of ionic ray treatment (Avengers #9, 1964); pulled from time prior to "death" to join Kang’s Lethal Legion (Avengers #131-132/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1975); brain patterns recorded by Hank Pym in hope of eventual revival (Avengers #58, 1968); body stolen by Grim Reaper, offered to transfer Vision’s mind into it (Avengers #102, 1972); revived as zuvembie by Black Talon on behalf of Grim Reaper, posted to Avengers Mansion to attack Avengers (Avengers #151, 1976); collapsed, used by Avengers to track down & defeat Black Talon (Avengers #152, 1976); body summoned from Avengers Mansion by Living Laser using Serpent Crown, mind fully restored as result, briefly controlled by Laser to attack Beast, helped Avengers vs Living Laser & Nuklo (Avengers #153/Avengers Annual #6, 1976); assisted Avengers vs Namor, Attuma & Tyrak (Avengers #155-156/Super-Villian Team-Up #9, 1976-1977); vs Defenders (Defenders #47, 1977); presence made Vision uncomfortable & jealous of his friendship with Scarlet Witch, vs Vision (Avengers #158, 1977); vs Graviton (Avengers #158-159, 1977); alongside Vision, put on trial by Grim Reaper to ascertain which was his true brother, came to terms with Vision during trial, revealed he was no longer human (Avengers #160, 1976); vs Ultron, fear of dying again affected combat efficiency (Avengers #161-162, 1976); discovered he was ionic energy being, vs Lethal Legion, encountered Power Man/Erik Josten (Avengers #164, 1976); vs Count Nefaria (Avengers #165-166, 1976); encountered Guardians of the Galaxy (Avengers #167, 1978); encountered Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel #18, 1978); vs Ultron, took Ms Marvel’s advice about overcoming battle terror (Avengers #171, 1978); vs Tyrak (Avengers #172, 1978); kidnapped by Collector, freed by other Avengers (Avengers #173-174, 1978); vs Korvac, overcame fear of dying (Avengers #176-177, 1978); vs Doctor Spectrum (Avengers Annual #8, 1978); alongside Spider-Man, vs Griffin (Marvel Team-Up #78, 1979); vs Stinger (Avengers #179-180, 1979); vs Unicorn & Arsenal (Iron Man #114, 1978); inspired to pursue acting after visit to cinema with Beast, removed from Avengers roster by Gyrich (Avengers #181, 1979); alongside Thing, Nick Fury & Ms Marvel, vs Yellow Claw’s Sky Dragon (Marvel Two-in-One #51, 1979); with Avengers, vs Chthon-possessed Scarlet Witch (Avengers #187, 1979); vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #188, 1979); vs Arsenal (Avengers Annual #9, 1979); starred in off-Broadway play City of Angst (Avengers #189, 1979); vs Inferno, learned of Maggia infiltration of Williams Innovations (Avengers #192, 1980); investigated Maggia infiltration of Williams Innovations, vs Madame Masque & Dreadnought (Marvel Premiere #55, 1980); played Mr. Muscles on Uncle Elmer Show (Avengers #194, 1980); vs Taskmaster (Avengers #195-196, 1980); vs Red Ronin (Avengers #198-199, 1980); saved life of Cindy Knutz during Red Ronin fight, gained devoted fan in Cindy (Tales of the Marvels: The Wonder Years #1, 1995); witnessed Ms Marvel’s departure to Limbo with Marcus (Avengers #200, 1980); fired from Uncle Elmer Show (Avengers #201, 1980); alongside Beast, encountered Crawlers (Avengers #203, 1981); vs Yellow Claw (Avengers #204-205, 1981); vs Pyron (Avengers #206, 1981); while investigating "Green Flu" epidemic, vs Hulk & Leader (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); starred in spaghetti western Tumbleweed Terminator as Black Bart, vs Shadow Lord (Avengers #207, 1981); vs Berserker, proved instrumental in defeating him (Avengers #208, 1981); tried to recover Resurrection Stone to restore Beast’s poisoned girlfriend (Avengers #209, 1981); vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, learned Ms Marvel had returned from Limbo (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); starred as Monster Man, learned Thing unhappy with part being based on him, vs Xemnu, Monster Man cancelled after studio trashed (Marvel Two-in-One #78, 1981); vs Weathermen (Avengers #210, 1981); left Avengers, Hercules offered to introduce him to Hollywood producers (Avengers #211, 1981); assisted Beast vs Ian Fate (Defenders #104, 1982); attended Dazzler concert (Dazzler #21, 1982); attended Hulk amnesty, vs illusionary alien invasion fleet (Incredible Hulk #278, 1982); vs Champion of the Universe in televised prize fight, disqualified (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, 1982); defended hospitalized Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1982); provided life-saving energy transfusion for Vision, vs Grim Reaper (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #3, 1983); controlled by Puppet Master, vs Thing (Thing #5, 1983); learned Ms Marvel had become Binary (Marvel Fanfare #24, 1986); alongside Spider-Man, vs Mauler (Marvel Team-Up #136, 1983); appeared on Letterman (Avengers #239, 1984); escorted Millicent Hogarth to debutante ball (Power Man and Iron Fist #110, 1984); took troubleshooter job at Cordco Incorporated, called away to stop Sandman causing nuclear meltdown, lost job (Wonder Man #1, 1986); received stuntman work from Letterman appearance, moved to West Coast, asked to join new West Coast Avengers branch (West Coast Avengers #1, 1984); alongside Iron Man, vs Goliath (Iron Man Annual #7, 1984); vs Blank, shaken that Blank escaped him (West Coast Avengers #2, 1984); vs Graviton (West Coast Avengers #3-4, 1984); vs Maelstrom (Avengers #250, 1984); helped convince Vision not to take over world’s computers (Avengers #254, 1985); vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #66-67, 1985); only person to escape Doctor Doom’s mind-control takeover of world, freed Captain America & other Avengers, overthrew Doom (Marvel Graphic Novel: Emperor Doom, 1987); vs Ultron, Grim Reaper & allies, admitted that he not Grim Reaper was the embezzler from years earlier (West Coast Avengers #1-2/Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, 1985); confessed past crimes on Carson Show, vs Master Pandemonium (West Coast Avengers #4, 1986); vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #316, 1986); offered starring role on Arkon IV (West Coast Avengers #6, 1986); vs Ultron 11, gained new confidence from recent successes (West Coast Avengers #7, 1986); helped prevent Ghaur awaken Dreaming Celestial (Eternals #12, 1986); vs Headlok & Griffin (West Coast Avengers #10, 1986); vs Hulk, mortality fears briefly reawakened (Incredible Hulk #321-322, 1986); vs Graviton (West Coast Avengers #12-13, 1986); alongside Magneto, protected pregnant Scarlet Witch from Nekra & zombie Grim Reaper while she gave birth (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12, 1986); accused of treason by Quicksilver, vs Freedom Force & android Zodiac (Avengers Annual #15/ West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); vs Master Pandemonium & Cat People (West Coast Avengers #14-15, 1986); became increasingly arrogant, vs Dominus’ minions, sent back into past (West Coast Avengers #17, 1987); orchestrated plan to use Rama-Tut’s time machine, traveled to ancient Egypt via 1880s Wild West & 1776, captured by Rama-Tut, made it back to present thanks to Hawkeye’s efforts thus worsening already poor attitude (West Coast Avengers #18-23, 1987); vs Dominus, considered leaving Avengers (West Coast Avengers #24, 1987); vs Mephisto (Mephisto Vs #4, 1987); used as pawn in game between Grandmaster & Death, died again to enter Death’s realm, resurrected after contest (West Coast Avengers #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); vs Tyrannus/Abomination, reactions of movie people to fight reminded him of what was real, decided to stay with Avengers (West Coast Avengers #25, 1987); vs Zodiac LMDs (West Coast Avengers #28, 1988); vs Defiler (West Coast Avengers #38, 1988); kidnapped by Sligs (West Coast Avengers #30, 1988); vs Arkon, promised to stop further Arkon sequels from being made (West Coast Avengers #31, 1988); vs Yetrigar (West Coast Avengers #32, 1988); in Eastern Europe, vs Madame X, el Toro, Beasts of Berlin, Scarlet Beetles & Quicksilver (West Coast Avengers #33-34, 1988); in Latveria, vs Kristoff (West Coast Avengers #35, 1988); vs Voice (West Coast Avengers #36, 1988); vs High Evolutionary’s Sensors (West Coast Avengers Annual #3, 1988); vs Takumer (Solo Avengers #13, 1988); vs Night Shift (West Coast Avengers #40, 1989); vs Super Nova (Avengers #302-303, 1989); vs Ultron (West Coast Avengers #42, 1989); refused to allow his brain patterns to be used to restore Vision (West Coast Avengers #42-45, 1989); captured Crazy Eight (Incredible Hulk #380, 1991); used by Enchantress vs Avengers (Marvel Comics Presents #38-45, 1989-1990); admitted to Wasp that he loved Scarlet Witch (Avengers West Coast #47, 1989); vs Master Pandemonium, nephews proved to be unreal (Avengers West Coast #51-52, 1989); vs Cupid & Ares (Marvel Super-Heroes #9, 1992); vs Attuma, Ghaur & Set (Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); offered to allow use of his brain patterns for Vision, Vision turned offer down, vs U-Foes (Avengers West Coast #53, 1989); vs Gargantua (Avengers Spotlight #28, 1990); vs Mole Man (Avengers West Coast #54, 1990); vs Mandarin & Wizard (Avengers #313, 1990); vs Magneto & insane Scarlet Witch (Avengers West Coast #55-57, 1990); vs Vibro (Avengers West Coast #58); vs Magneto (Avengers West Coast #60, 1990); vs Immortus & new Legion of the Unliving (Avengers West Coast #60-62, 1990); helped prevent mass breakout from Vault (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1993); vs Terminus & Doctor Goodwrench (Avengers West Coast Annual #5, 1990); vs undead Grim Reaper & Ultron (Avengers West Coast #65-68, 1990-1991); alongside Iron Man, vs Living Laser (Iron Man #263, 1991); alongside Excalibur, vs. Doctor Doom (Excalibur #37-39, 1991); played lead in Damage Control: The Movie (Damage Control #4, 1991); vs Pacific Overlords (Avengers West Coast #71-74, 1991); vs Deviants (Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); kidnapped by Arkon, vs Thundra (Avengers West Coast #75, 1991); vs Goliath (Wonder Man #1, 1991); chosen as potential mate by Her (Quasar #28-29, 1991); given "sidekick" Spider by agent, vs Gamma-Burn (Wonder Man #3, 1991); vs Hangman & Night Shift (Avengers West Coast #76-79, 1991-1992); vs Splice (Wonder Man #4, 1991); vs Rampage & his Recession Raiders (Wonder Man #5-6, 1992); ventured into space to stop Kree/Shi’ar war encroaching on Earth, caught in Nega-Bomb blast, powers destabilized, participated in execution of Supreme Intelligence (Avengers West Coast #80-82/Quasar #32-33/Wonder Man #7-9/Avengers #347/Thor #445-446, 1992); alongside Cage, vs Power Men (Cage #6-8, 1992); unstable powers unintentionally empowered Angkor, vs Angkor, accidentally exposed friends & neighbors to ionic energy, learned anger kept fluctuating power levels up (Wonder Man #10-12, 1992); vs Magus' doppelgangers (Infinity War #1-6/Wonder Man #13-14, 1992); vs Deathweb (Avengers West Coast #84-87, 1992); vs Bogatyri (Avengers West Coast #87-88, 1992); vs Ultron & War Toy (Avengers West Coast #88-91, 1992-1993); anger management issues, vs Armed Response & Avengers teammates (Wonder Man #16-17, 1992-1993); quit Avengers, quit being Wonder Man, lured away from LA by offer to play MacBeth (Wonder Man #18, 1993); empowered friends formed Crazy 8 team, targeted by Splice & Rampage, returned to defend friends (Wonder Man #19-21, 1993); kidnapped by Mephisto, beset by illusions, became pawn in battle between Mephisto & Blackheart, apparently lost arm & had it replaced by Grim Reaper’s undead hand (Wonder Man #22-24, 1993); encountered Hitmaker (Wonder Man Annual #2, 1993); rejected demons’ attempts to control him, depowered Crazy 8 (Wonder Man #25, 1993); accidentally signed lifetime contract with Mojo (Marvel Comics Presents #119, 1993); joined Goddess’ campaign against evil (Infinity Crusade #1-6, 1993); vs It the Living Colossus (Wonder Man Annual #2, 1993); alongside Hulk, vs Furor & Plan Master (Wonder Man #26-27, 1993); alongside Spider-Man, vs Psyk-Out, proposed to screenwriter Alex Flores (Wonder Man #28-29, 1993); returned to Avengers to find western branch disbanded (Avengers West Coast #102, 1993); joined Force Works, blown up moving damaged Kree ion cannon away from Earth (Force Works #1, 1994); Wonderfans struggled to come to terms with his apparent death (Tales of the Marvels: Wonder Years #1-2, 1995); summoned by Scarlet Witch as ionic energy being to fight Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #2-3, 1998); summoned by Scarlet Witch to fight Squadron Supreme (Avengers #5-6, 1998); summoned by Scarlet Witch to fight Kree (Quicksilver #10, 1998); summoned by Scarlet Witch to fight Imus Champion (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Avengers & Squadron Supreme, 1998); spontaneously manifested to defend unconscious Scarlet Witch from Moses Magnum (Avengers #9, 1998); summoned by Scarlet Witch to fight Mandarin (Iron Man #10, 1998); summoned by wraith Grim Reaper alongside other dead Avengers (Avengers #10, 1998); returned to full life by Scarlet Witch, restored Grim Reaper in turn (Avengers #11, 1998); vs Thunderbolts & Dominex (Avengers #12, 1999); reunited with Beast (Avengers #14, 1999); alongside Cable, vs Harbinger of Apocalypse (Cable #66-68, 1999); vs Wrecking Crew (Avengers #16-18, 1999); vs Ultron & Alkhema (Avengers #19-22, 1999); came to blows with Vision over Scarlet Witch (Avengers #23, 1999); vs Exemplars (Avengers #24-25, 2000); left Avengers to settle unresolved Californian issues, accompanied by Beast, defeated Lotus Newmark, came to terms with past mistakes, set up Second Chances foundation (Avengers Two: Wonder Man and the Beast #1-3, 2000); ambushed by Nefaria, controlled by him to kidnap Atlas & attack Thunderbolts & Avengers, exposed to Nega-bomb blast (Thunderbolts #42-44/Avengers #32-34, 2000); opposed attempt to turn Earth into intergalactic penal colony (Maximum Security #1 & 3/Avengers #35, 2000 & 2001/2001); vs Pagan (Avengers #36, 2001); vs Bloodwraith (Avengers #37, 2001); relocated to LA (Avengers #41, 2001); kidnapped by Stranger (Beyond! #3, 2006); vs Kang (Avengers #49 & 51-54, 2002); vs Elements of Doom (Avengers #56, 2002); vs Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003); vs Order (The Order #3 & 5-6, 2002); discovered Scarlet Witch had gone insane (Avengers #86-88/Avengers: Finale, 2004); turned down GLA membership (GLA #2, 2005); vs Santron (Marvel Holiday Special 2006 #1, 2006); attended Thing’s Bar Mitzvah & Poker Tournament (Thing #8, 2006); drafted by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Civil War: Front Line #5, 2006); alongside Ms Marvel, hunted down Arachne (Ms Marvel #6-8, 2006); vs anti-registration forces (Civil War #6-7, 2007); took on rehabilitation of assassin Ladykiller (Wonder Man: My Fair Super Hero #1-5, 2007); joined Iron Man’s Avengers following superhuman civil war, vs Mole Man & Ultron (Might Avengers #1-4, 2007)


First Appearance: Daredevil #111 (1974)

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