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Marvel Universe

Real Name

All-Father, Atum-Re, Farma-god, Hanga-god, Hapta-god, Harbard, Infinity, One-Eye, Orrin, Sigtyr, Val-Father, Wad, Woden, Wotan, Wulf the Wanderer

Believed fictional by general Earth populace


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Journey Into Mystery #85 (1962)

Journey Into Mystery #97 (1962); Thor Annual #5 (1976); Thor #294 (1980); Thor Annual #11 (1983); Thor #349 (1984)

Odin's true origin was shrouded in mystery, often only delivered in short stories by Odin himself. Odin was presumed to be the son of Borr (father, one of the first Asgardians) and Bestla (mother, a frost giantess). Bor and Bestla had two other sons, Vili and Ve. According to legend, Vili, Ve, and Odin journeyed into the realm of Surtur when they were younger. Vili and Ve sacrificed themselves in order to allow Odin to escape from Surtur's realm. Upon their death's, Odin's own "godly" attributes were increased as a result of his brother's powers joining with his. Odin was the father of Thor with Jord (actually Gaea), and the adoptive father of Loki. As with other Asgardians born after Buri, Odin and his pantheon had undergone reincarnation over the millenia. The earliest recorded reference to the Asgardian pantheon took place around 10,000 BCE, when Odin and several of his kinsmen were invoked by humans. Odin, the son of Borr, the grandson of Buri, had many unrecorded adventures. Among these were his battle against Rimthursar (which preceded Thor's birth), the battle with Kryllik and his trolls, his encounter with Fear and Desire, meeting Millennius, his defeat of the Mangog, and the imprisonment of a snow giant. Once, during a battle in Asgard, the deity Grim Magnus was slain by the giant Snorth. A boar god fought at this same battle. Grim Magnus held the magical Raven Banner, which insured victory, but he who brought it into battle would die at said battle. Magnus' son, Greyval Grimson was waylaid by trolls and experienced the illusion of a grand banquet. Thus, Greyval did not take the Raven Banner from his father as was intended. The trolls burrowed out from under the Earth and snatched it. Valkyries, including Greyval's fiancée Sygnet, came to claim the souls of the dead for Valhalla. In the troll kingdom, Greyval was under the illusion of being at a banquet, with the troll conjurer Askella and troll Svin present, as was the troll monarch. Grimson left to marry Sygnet. He met with his cousin, Horskuld (Horskuld's father was Magnus' half-brother). Realizing that they had reclaim the Raven Banner, Grimson and his spouse went to see Odin in Asgard. They saw Thor, the Warriors Three, and Mrs. Volstagg ride away. Grimson and Sygnet met up with Balder, who talked Odin into letting them go seek the Raven Banner. Horskuld pursued his own line of pursuit. Balder and Grimson received a map from Morduk. Agnar, king of Eagles, provided Grimson and Balder transportation. Odin went elsewhere to contemplate with Frigga. Balder and Grimson took leave of Agnar and found a new companion in the otter god Oddbrand Otter after slaying an unnamed ogre. Grimson acquired the Raven Banner and rode off on Gullinbursti with the Raven Banner. At a battle where Thor, the Warriors Three, and Odin fought for the Asgardians against the trolls, Grimson held the Raven Banner aloft, with Gullinbursti behind him. The giants fled. Balder and Oddbrand Otter saw the corpse of Grimson, slain in battle. Sygnet arrived to take her spouse to Valhalla. She mentioned that the son conceived upon her wedding night would someday hold the Raven Banner. Sygnet took her husband to Valhalla, saying "Fly Thuderhoof! Thy mistress Sygnet bids thee hie aloft Asgard's most noble burden...whose love wore not the pale, weary rags of time, but the golden raiment of eternity." Odin was accompanied by his ravens Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory), and well as the wolves Freki (Greedy) and Geki (Ravenous). Odin was ruler and all-father of the Asgardians. He had been believed dead twice before, killed both times in combat with Surtur; during the first instance Heimdall, and later Balder, ruled Asgard in his absence, and a latter time Thor inherited Odin's full power and ruled over Asgard and, later, Earth, although this later part of Thor's lordship was erased due to time travel. Odin's spirit was present during the final Ragnarock. He fought a continuous battle to keep Surtur from escaping and again threatening Asgard and Midgard.