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Marvel Universe 

Omega Flight

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Master of the World's headquarters; (original) unrevealed

First Appearance
(original) Alpha Flight #11 (1983); (Master’s) Alpha Flight #110 (1992); (current) Civil War: The Initiative #1 (2007)

First Appearance as a team of Supervillians:

Omega Flight was organized by Jerry Jaxon as a counterpart for Alpha Flight, the team led by his rival, James Hudson.

Jaxon held Hudson responsible for ruining his career, and he correctly guessed that Hudson had become the hero Guardian. Jaxon shared this information with his new company, Roxxon Oil, and Roxxon agreed to help Jaxon procure Guardian’s battlesuit, which Jaxon regarded as his own invention. Their help included the use of their robot, Delphine Courtney. Working together, Jaxon and Courtney formed Omega Flight (Box (Roger Bochs), Diamond Lil, Flashback, Smart Alec, and Wild Child), recruiting the team from agents formerly part of the Canadian government's Department H training grounds for Alpha Flight before the program was shut down.

Omega Flight confronted Alpha Flight at the Edmonton Mall, beginning a protracted battle. Jaxon surprised Guardian by appearing in control of the Box armor, and the two fought single-handedly. Jaxon died when Guardian caused Box to explode, creating a feedback of electricity. Unfortunately, Guardian himself appeared to die after the battle, his battlesuit exploding from irreparable damage.

Delphine Courtney reorganized the Omega Flight, this time wearing a battlesuit similar to Guardian's. Using her disguise to lead Alpha Flight into a trap, Omega Flight was defeated with the help of the mutant Madison Jeffries, who destroyed Delphine Courtney with the use of his powers to control metal.

Second Appearance as a team of Supervillians:

Years later, a new Omega Flight was formed, this time under the leadership of the Master of the World. The Master foresaw an invasion of the alien Ska’r, He formed the group largely so that he would have ready shock troops at his command. Sure enough, the Ska’r attacked, starting their invasion in Canada. At the same time, the Magus launched his own invasion of Earth, using evil doppelgangers of heroes. The Master was content to let the aliens ravage Canada, regarding its casualty an acceptable and unavoidable cost in order to defeat the Magus later. When Beta Flight appeared to stop the Ska’r, the Master ordered Omega Flight to stop them, and he was eventually forced to involve himself directly as well. Beta Flight, under the direction of Windshear, was able to rout Omega Flight and the Ska’r, although the Master believed this would only pave the way for the Magus, teleporting himself and the team away.

Months later, the Master launched a plan to usurp control of the Canadian government, using the identity Joshua Lord. When Alpha Flight confronted him, he had not only Omega Flight to protect him but also the Antiguard, a reconditioned Guardian (James Hudson) that he discovered in a dimension of null space after one of his supposed deaths. The Master rebuilt Hudson's body, brainwashing him into his slave and using him alongside Omega Flight to destroy his enemies. In fact, Omega Flight nearly succeeded in destroying the Alphans, until Hudson's wife and teammate Vindicator managed to reach her husband and he turned on the Master. The Master disappeared after his defeat, and the final fate of the members of Omega Flight remain unrevealed.

Most Recent Appearance following Civil War as a team of Superheroes:

When the Superhuman Registration Act became law, various villains and unregistered heroes began to cross into the Canada to escape the SRA. This caused a problem for the Canadian government. Due to demise of Alpha Flight, the only hero they had ready and willing to protect Canada was Walter Langkowski, better known as the fur-covered behemoth Sasquatch. Responding to a plea from the Canadian government, Iron Man agreed to send a group of registered American heroes to Canada to help until the Canadians could round up enough of its own heroes to protect its borders. Although the reaction of Canadian heroes, Sasquatch and a very apprehensive Talisman (who was a late addition to the team), was largley negative, the disfunctional Omega Flight team was born. The new team included the two Canucks and Arachne, Beta Ray Bill, Guardian (Michael Pointer) (formerly known as the evil Collective) and the somewhat arrogant U.S.Agent. While the team was put together to fight the [url=Wrecking Crew][url], they were forced into a battle with a horde of demons when the supervillian team unleased the ancient evil power of Tanaraq.

The ancient evil found a way to possess Sasquatch, and granted heightened powers to the Wrecking Crew. A massive battle ensued, which saw Omega Flight badly beaten by Tanaraq, his demon army and the Wrecking Crew. Realizing the only way to win the battle would be to seal Tanaraw back in his extra-dimensional prison, Beta Ray Bill tricked the demon hordes to follow him into a dimensional portal, once inside the portal Guardian destroyed it trapping himself and the demons inside. Without Tanaraq, the Wrecking Crew's powers were returned to normal levels and Omega Flight was able to defeat the villians. Despite losing Beta Ray Bill, Omega Flight remains together.