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Marvel Universe 

Omega Flight

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Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Master of the World's headquarters; (original) unrevealed

First Appearance
(original) Alpha Flight #11 (1983);

Current Members:


Omega Flight was organized by Jerry Jaxon as a counterpart for Alpha Flight, the team led by his rival, James Hudson.

Jaxon held Hudson responsible for ruining his career, and he correctly guessed that Hudson had become the hero Guardian. Jaxon shared this information with his new company, Roxxon Oil, and Roxxon agreed to help Jaxon procure Guardian’s battlesuit, which Jaxon regarded as his own invention. Their help included the use of their robot, Delphine Courtney. Working together, Jaxon and Courtney formed Omega Flight (Box (Roger Bochs), Diamond Lil, Flashback, Smart Alec, and Wild Child), recruiting the team from agents formerly part of the Canadian government's Department H training grounds for Alpha Flight before the program was shut down.

Omega Flight confronted Alpha Flight at the Edmonton Mall, beginning a protracted battle. Jaxon surprised Guardian by appearing in control of the Box armor, and the two fought single-handedly. Jaxon died when Guardian caused Box to explode, creating a feedback of electricity. Unfortunately, Guardian himself appeared to die after the battle, his battlesuit exploding from irreparable damage.

Delphine Courtney reorganized the Omega Flight, this time wearing a battlesuit similar to Guardian's. Using her disguise to lead Alpha Flight into a trap, Omega Flight was defeated with the help of the mutant Madison Jeffries, who destroyed Delphine Courtney with the use of his powers to control metal.

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