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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Avengers: Celestial Quest #4 (2002)

Home World

Technology Level
It is documented that they have the capability of space travel, however little else is known of their race. The Plasmagens are cable of emitting highly powerful force bolt from their hands, and are also capable of flight. Primo was able to withstand the cold vacuum of space without life support. It is unrevealed if this was an ability granted to him by the Thanosi or a natural ability of his race.


Physical Description
Besides their flaming exterior, they have the usual humanoid appearance, of two eyes a nose and a mouth, two arms with hands attached to them, each hand has four fingers and an opposable thumb, two legs and feet.

Very little is known about the proud Plasmagenian, people, however we do know that while on an unknown mission near the planet of Tamal, a plasmagen starship was attacked by Cap'n Reptyl and the Thanosi (a very powerful doppelganger of the mad Titan, Thanos). The Thanosi drained the life force from the ships crew and transformed its captain Primo into a god. Primo was later killed by Rot, the spawn of Thanos and Death. It is unknown what planet this fiery race hails from, or if we will ever see any of them again.

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