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Marvel Universe 

Red Hulk

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Marvel Universe

Real Name

Red, Red man, Rulk

Red Hulk's true identity is only known to Doc Samson, General Ross and Rick Jones


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Hulk #1 (2008)


The assassination of the Abomination in his homeland of Russia led to an investigation conducted by Iron Man, Commander Maria Hill, of S.H.I.E.L.D., General “Thunderbolt” Ross, Doc Samson and the She-Hulk only led to one conclusion: the person responsible was the Hulk. There were only two problems with this theory. The first was the Abomination was ultimately killed by gunfire – from a missing gun – and the second was Bruce Banner was locked away at Gamma Base in Nevada. However, the massive amounts of residual radiation at the scene seemed to give credence to Samson's hypothesis even though there was speculation as to why the massive footprint, supposedly belonging to the Hulk, had turned the sand underneath it into glass. Upon returning to Gamma Base, General Ross and Samson turned to the one man that could help them in their search for their gamma-powered mystery: Bruce Banner. Banner discovered that before the Abomination was slain, the Red Hulk was traveling through Canada and killed a Wendigo.

Commander Hill and Iron Man returned with She-Hulk to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and it was there that Hill showed her colleagues a replica of the gun apparently stolen from the installation – again another mystery as to how it was smuggled out from under everyone’s notice. The debate didn’t go on for long because it became very apparent that there was an intruder on board the massive aircraft. The Red Hulk snatched the She-Hulk through a wall and beat her within seconds of her abduction. During their battle the Red Hulk threatened he could kill her any time he wanted, and She-Hulk believed him. He choked her out and deposited her back in the room where he initially grabbed her. Then it was Iron Man's turn. He immediately went in search of the monster only to find that Samson had gone missing, Ross was injured, and he would be no match for the Red Hulk either. The behemoth damaged Iron Man's armor and completely wrecked the helicarrier, and if it wasn’t for a speedy recovery by the She-Hulk, Tony Stark would have fallen to his death as well. The Red Hulk escaped and soon crossed paths with Rick Jones, who somehow acquired powers that triggered a startling transformation into a creature calling itself A-Bomb.

After the crash, General Ross, Agent Clay Quartermain, and Samson were all not accounted for. Footage of the meeting between, Ross and Banner at gamma Base had been discovered and reviewed, and a mystery message relayed to Ross by Banner left Stark even more curious. In the meantime, a furious battle was taking place between
Enlarge Image
Red Hulk versus A-Bomb
A-Bomb and the Red Hulk at Gamma Base which rocked its foundations all the way to the area where Banner was being held. Eventually, the prison was demolished, and Banner was set free – and so was his alter-ego. The Hulk wasted no time in confronting his red impostor and even the Uatu the Watcher came to see the events, before the Red Hulk punched him out. The Hulk soon found out that the Red Hulk was unlike any foe he's ever faced before – more brutal, superb fighting skill and not easily intimidated. As their brawl was in full swing, Iron Man and Maria Hill found the remains of Clay Quartermain, and a jacket, belonging to Samson, that was ripped and saturated with gamma radiation, making Doc Samson their first suspect as to who the Red Hulk's identity really is. Red Hulk went on to break the Hulk’s arm, threaten him at gunpoint, and drop him in the water underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.

The titanic clash gained the attention of the God of thunder, Thor, and the Red Hulk swore the Asgardian would not defeat him. Thor gravely underestimated this new incarnation of the Hulk, and was beaten badly when the Red Hulk grabbed Mjolnir and jumped into orbit around the Earth. In zero gravity, the Red Hulk was able to lift Thor's hammer and thrash Thor with it. Then the Red Hulk used Mjolnir to travel to the moon, and he left Thor defeated and stranded in a desolate area. Red Hulk used his powerful leg muscles to jump back to Earth and was surprised he survived the landing, but he wasn't as surprised to see a seething Hulk back for more. Again, Hulk found himself on the losing end until Thor returned ready to teach the monster a lesson. Thor fought the Red Hulk to a stand-still, and just as he was about to deliver the final blow, the Hulk snatched victory from Thor's grasp. Hulk needed to win this battle, and A-Bomb – who also mysteriously found the Hulk – convinced Thor of this as well. Hulk figured out Red Hulk's condition of the angrier he gets, the hotter he gets, and Hulk let his opponent strike him repeatedly until the heat became to intense for the Red Hulk. Unsure of what was happening to him, the Red Hulk became unbalanced, and Hulk was able to finish him off quickly. Satisfied, the Hulk left as A-Bomb transformed back to Rick, and before Rick could yell out the true identity of the red beast, he was shot in the back by Doc Samson. Samson dragged Rick away as General Ross berated the defeated Red Hulk, telling him how Ross gave the means to destroy the Hulk and he blew it. Ross also told his monster that he was on his own now because he failed.

The She-Hulk, still angry over the beating the Red Hulk gave her, called in a few friends to help dish out some payback. Two powerhouses in Valkyrie and Thundra answered her call. The mission was to find and take down the Red Hulk in hopes of determining who he really is. The trio found him on Mount Rushmore, but even with their combined strength, the Red Hulk proved to be more than a match for them. The three female gladiators almost succeeded in their task, but the Red Hulk simply would not give in. However, once reinforcements showed up in the form of Invisible Woman, Black Widow, Tigra, Spider-Woman, Storm and Hellcat, the odds suddenly turned against the massive red devil. The Red Hulk would not be stopped as he tossed around the Lady Liberators like rag dolls, but it wasn't until She-Hulk built up a rage so fierce that her next assault staggered the monster. The rest of the women followed suit, and it seemed as if victory was theirs. The Red Hulk was down and bound in chains as they waited for him to revert back to his civilian identity, and only Thundra wanted to slay the beast. However, the Red Hulk was merely playing with the Liberators, and he broke free of his chains, kidnapped Thundra and offered to recruit her because of her warrior nature. The proposition remains unrevealed at this time – as does Thundra’s answer – but the Red Hulk went on his way.

Soon after, one of the Elders of the Universe, the Collector, came to the Red Hulk with a proposition.
Enlarge Image
Red Hulk and the Offenders
Red Hulk could handpick teammates to assist him in battle against an opposing team put together by another Elder, the Grandmaster, in a cosmic game of life or death. Red Hulk readily agreed and chose Tiger Shark, Baron Mordo and Terrax, dubbing them the Offenders. The fiendish foursome discovered their foes would be their heroic counterparts of the original Defenders, and they were all too eager to destroy them. Once paired off, Grandmaster and the Collector felt the combatants were too evenly matched, so they decided to add a new element to the game. However, before the new addition could be added the Hulks' underwater arena, Red Hulk killed Hulk when he impaled him on the end of a trident. The Red Hulk's win went to his head and he presumed he could give orders to the two Elders responsible for the game. At their behest, Red Hulk was inserted back into the game where he proceeded to murder each of his teammates, starting with Terrax, and after he absorbed the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic, Red Hulk was able to murder Dormammu and challenge Galactus as well. Galactus would have nothing to do with Red Hulk's insolence and took the cosmic energy inside him away, expelling him back to the Elders with a warning. The Grandmaster had enough of the Red Hulk and resurrected the Defenders to deal with him. He also undid the damage to the other Offenders, but he was too late to save himself. Red Hulk viciously attacked him until the Hulk stopped him and punched him through a mountain face. The Collector claimed the Grandmaster was dead, and he refused to honor the deal to restore the soul mates of the Defenders. Each hero was returned to their respective place in the time stream and Hulk was left distraught over his still dead love, Jarella. Red Hulk was happy the Hulk wasn't dead because he said he left the Hulk in the same state he was left in – with a broken heart.

MODOK and A.I.M. had a part in the creation of the Red Hulk.

Domino had witnessed Red Hulk changing from his human form. To keep Domino from revealing the identity to X-Force, General Thunderbolt Ross gave him a team of mercenary to work with him called "Code Red" (consisting of Crimson Dynamo XII, Deadpool, Elektra, Punisher, and Thundra). Red Hulk and "Code Red" are instructed to hunt Domino within 24 Hours. When they find Domino at a bar, they also run into X-Force. Wolverine tells X-Force to handle "Code Red" while he fights Red Hulk.