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Marvel Universe 

Red She-Hulk

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Marvel Universe

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Hulk #15 (2009)


She came from nowhere, dressed in the tattered clothing of the mutant Domino, and ambushed Wolverine just as he was about to attack a blind Red Hulk. She fought the feral mutant before escaping into the sewers with her red counterpart. Claiming to work for the same people as Red Hulk, she kept her true identity hidden from him even as she hinted she knew who he was, but her banter only proved to be a temporary distraction. She delivered the red giant into the hands of Samson – the man who convinced Red Hulk's allies in Code Red to betray him. However, Red Hulk regained his sight just in time for him and his loyal ally, Thundra, to turn the tables on his foes. Red She-Hulk fought an enraged Red Hulk all the way to the top of the Empire State Building, and when it seemed Red Hulk had a change of heart and would stop his assault; Red She-Hulk kicked him off, sending him crashing down to the street below. Red She-Hulk disappeared, leaving Red Hulk in the dark as to who she really was.

Red She-Hulk returned to the hidden base of her employers, the Intelligencia, where she and Lyra, daughter of the Hulk, were at odds over the nature of their mission. M.O.D.O.K. needed to step in to end the bickering, but Red She-Hulk told Lyra to watch her back. Both women have been at each other's throats since Red She-Hulk approached Lyra at an abandoned A.I.M. base after Lyra's confrontation with Gamma Corps: Black.

A deeper look into Red She-Hulk's past proves she is a potentially deranged and dangerous individual who should not be provoked. Set against the She-Hulk in order to prevent her escape after a clash with A.I.M. flunkies, Red She-Hulk lost control of her emotions and broke her opponent's neck. She was surprised at the power she possessed, but Samson soon revealed what she murdered was actually a Life Model Decoy - not the real She-Hulk. His games served to anger Red She-Hulk, but she was stopped by M.O.D.O.K. before she could injure Samson. It was at that time she was sent on her first mission: find and kill Domino and Elektra.

Since that time, Red She-Hulk temporarily had a change of heart about her situation. She went from reveling in her power to feeling the She-Hulk was the only one who could save her. Tearing the Hellcarrier apart to find her, Red She-Hulk was briefly delayed by the Mad Thinker and his Gammadroid. Finally, the Leader and Samson prevented Red She-Hulk from leaving their group with the object of her desire.

Repeated conditioning by Samson into performing the Intelligencia's dirty work, she has been used to challenge the Avengers and abduct Henry Pym and serve as back up when Bruce Banner and his allies infiltrated the Hellcarrier. Her main target was the deadly Skaar, but Banner incapacitated her with a blast from his weapon right after she skewered Skaar with his own sword.