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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Santo Vaccarro


Known to certain government officials


Place of Birth
Boston, Massachusetts

First Appearance
(Unidentified) New Mutants #3 (2003); (first name revealed) New Mutants #8 (2004); (last name revealed, as Rockslide) New Mutants #10 (2004)

Santo Vaccarro is a student at the Xavier Institute and a former member of the Hellions, a training group led by Emma Frost. Vaccarro grew up in the belief that one needs to intimidate others in order to earn their respect, to which end he found his genetic mutation enormously useful. Once Vaccarro enrolled at the Xavier Institute, he became a friend of Julian Keller, who went on to lead the Hellions. When his fellow student Kevin Ford, a.k.a. Wither, was apprehended by the F.B.I., Vaccarro was among the group of students who intended to forcefully oppose Ford's arrest. Although Vaccarro declined to commit criminal actions in a later incident, he is expected to offer resistance to authorities in the case of restrictive measures against mutants. In this reality, Santo was once again a champion in superhuman wrestler. After the effects of "M-Day", he was one of the few students who didn't lose their powers. The depowered students and staff were sent home; however their bus was bombed by anti-mutant religious zealot Reverend William Stryker, and Santo's former teammate and friend Tag was among those killed. The X-Men held a funeral for those students whose parents would not accept them, and Santo reflected upon how he had "failed" by not being able to save those killed.

All of the remaining students were placed by Emma Frost into an all-out brawl, and the ones deemed to be the best were to be assigned to become a group of in-training X-Men. Santo was among those students who made the grade. When the New X-men decided to destroy Nimrod once and for all Rockslide was obliterated in the battle. Hellion,used his telekinetic powers to piece him back together only larger and more rugged than his previous form.He sucessfully aided in defeating nimrod sending him back in time, Rockslide was later seen talking to Match and Anole about their abilities and how useful or unuseful they would be if they joined the New X-men team.

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