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Marvel Universe 

Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Walter Langkowski

Box, Wanda Langkowski



Place of Birth
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

First Appearance
X-Men #120 (1979)

Walter grew up in British Columbia. He went to Penn State University on a football scholarship, earning a degree in physics. Walter met Bruce Banner while he was a freshman. Although they only worked with each other for one semester, Langowski decided to focus on gamma radiation research. He played a few years for the Green Bay Packers, becoming very wealthy. He then continued his graduate studies at MIT. He was appointed to McGill University in Montreal. He studied all he could on the Hulk after learning that he was a transformed Banner. Guardian provided additional funding for a research facility at the Artic Circle.

While on leave from the university, Dr. Langkowski began working on a gamma radiation experiment that could create a being like the Hulk, only under more controlled circumstances. Being bombarded by massive amounts of gamma radiation, Walter turned into a huge creature. He then went on a rampage until being found unconscious by Snowbird. Shaman and Snowbird helped Walter learn how to keep his personality and intelligence in his bestial form. He called himself Sasquatch noting the resemblance to the creature also called Bigfoot. After training in the Gamma and Beta Flight programs, he was accepted into Alpha Flight. He continued to research and teach at Simon Fraser University when not adventuring. Aurora became his lover and he assisted her with her powers. He assumed the closeness to the Aurora Borealis was why he was not green like the Hulk and other gamma-powered beings.

However, the experiment had instead opened a portal to the Realm of Great Beasts rather than empower Langkowski. He was linked to the beast known as Tanaraq. The more he transformed, the more Tanaraq was beginning to overtake him, especially when he grew angry or felt pain. Snowbird was forced to transform herself into a similar form and ripped the beast's heart out, killing him. Alpha Flight traveled to the Realm of Great Beasts to reclaim his spirit, Shaman sending it into the Box robot.

Walter and Bochs immediately began to search for a new body. Walter refused to enter the temporarily mindless Hulk and seemed to disappear. But he instead went into the body of Smart Alec, who had been thrown into Shaman's pouch. When Snowbird appeared to die in her Sasquatch form, Walter entered the body. Transforming back left him in a female body. Now going by Wanda, this new state was awkward for Langkowski, especially when it came to working with Aurora. He and Snowbird were able to revert to their normal selves.

Recently, alongside his Alpha teammates Guardian, Major Mapleleaf, both Pucks, Vindicator, and Shaman, Sasquatch was seemingly killed by the Collective.