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Marvel Universe 

Scarlet Centurion (Marcus Kang)

Scarlet Centurion (Marcus Kang)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Marcus Kang

Marcus XXIII

Unknown to the general public


Place of Birth
Unrevealed planet in the future

First Appearance
(in shadow): Avengers #38 (2001); (fully): Avengers #40 (2001)

Avengers #45 (2001)

The Scarlet Centurion was the 23rd in a line of sons produced by the time conqueror Kang, trained in fighting and military strategy. After showing great potential, Marcus XXIII was given a suit of armor and outfitted as the Scarlet Centurion. Arriving in present-day Earth in order to conquer it, Kang sent the Scarlet Centurion down to deliver a message of warning. The Avengers quickly arrived and battled the Centurion until Kang intervened. Attracted to the Avenger Warbird, the Centurion researched the history of the heroine and her experiences with another Marcus, the son of Kang's temporal counterpart Immortus. Kang soon destroyed the U. N. building and publicy announced his intentions to take over the world, leading to worldwide chaos and power struggles. During a battle between the Avengers and the self-styled Master of the World, Warbird was separated from her team and the Centurion came to her aid, trying to win her trust. After realizing what Warbird had went through with the other Marcus, the Centurion and Warbird reached an understanding and he took his leave, focusing again on helping Kang conquer the Earth, returning briefly to shield her as she entered the Master of the World's base. When the Avengers began to rally against Kang using a ship taken from the Trion, the Scarlet Centurion suggested that they retreat into the timestream and recover before returning to attack but Kang refused. Knowing that the Avengers would soon confront them, the Centurion prepared himself to battle Warbird, only to be brushed aside by Jack of Hearts. As Kang's Damocles base fell, Kang sent the Centurion into the future to protect him and after Kang was imprisoned for his crimes, the Centurion returned and freed him, only to be stabbed by Kang for comprimising their conquering of present-day Earth. Kang then placed the Centurion in stasis along with his other sons that were deemed failures and decided against activating a 24th.

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