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Marvel Universe 

Secret Avengers

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The Secret Avengers was founded by Captain America in response to the Superhuman Registration Act, set up precisely for those who wanted to fight against Iron Man's initiative for superhuman registration. After the death of Captain America at the hands of a sniper, the group known as the Secret Avengers has been disbanded and the majority of the core members have joined the underground Avengers.

Recently after the events of Norman Osborn's Siege, the reborn Steve Rogers repealed the Superhuman Registration Act and was appointed the new Head of Security for the United States. With his authority he commissioned a new team under the alias "Secret Avengers". This team consists of Ant-Man, Beast, Black Widow, Moon Knight, Nova, Sharon Carter, Valkyrie, War Machine, and Steve Rogers himself.

  • "Secret Avengers" is used here for reference only. The term is not used by the inhabitants of the Marvel Universe.