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Marvel Universe 

Sister Grimm

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Nico Minoru




Place of Birth
Los Angeles, CA

First Appearance
Runaways Vol. 1 #1 (2003)

Runaways #4 (2003)

Nearly two decades ago, a group of petty thieves, minor league scientists, bumbling time travelers, soap stars, and other unsavory characters were contacted by the gigantic Gibborim, who offered them a shot at immortality in exchange for betraying the human race. Newlyweds Tina and Robert Minoru brought magical expertise to this group, which began calling itself the Pride. Several years after the Pride's formation, its couples decided to have children. Tina and Robert produced a daughter, Nico, who spent much of her life in the dark about her parents' dark dealings. Eventually, Nico and the other Pride offspring discovered their parents' secret sacrificial ritual and ran away from home. After a confrontation with her parents, Nico discovered she could control the mystical Staff of One formerly wielded by her mother. When the Runaways decided to adopt new names, Nico chose Sister Grimm, her AOL Instant Messenger screen name.

Nico became attracted to one of her fellow Runaways, Alex Wilder, though this didn't stop a vampiric teen who had infiltrated their group from seducing both Nico and Lucy In The Sky, who destroyed the vampire after he tried to turn Nico. The Pride kept close tabs on their children, and manipulated vigilantes Cloak and Dagger into trying to bring the Runaways home. The kids managed to convince Cloak and Dagger of the Pride's evil, but before the duo could alert the authorities, their memories were wiped by the Pride. After a confrontation with the LAPD, the Runaways decided to take the fight to their parents. Infiltrating the Pride's secret lair, the Runaways discovered that Alex had sold them out, but managed to destroy the Pride's pact with the Gibborim by destroying their sacrifice, leading to Alex's death. The remaining Runaways escaped and were found by Captain America, after which they were split up and placed into new homes. After three months, however, they each escaped and decided to remain together to face whatever challenges life had in store for them.

Nico became the new leader of the Runaways, and the team fought various super-villains who sought to fill the power vaccuum left by the Pride. However, the pressure of her position took an emotional toll on Nico. She once tried to ressurrect Alex Wilder with magic, though the attempt was apparently unsuccessful. She was distraught when her best friend, Karolina Dean, left the Runaways for a journey into outer space, and she caused problems for the couple Chase and Gert when she kissed Chase in a moment of passion. At first, a rather cheerful if occasionally morose girl, Nico has become increasingly cold and hardened after her experiences and the loss of so many loved ones.