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Marvel Universe 

Sister Grimm

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Nico Minoru




Place of Birth
Los Angeles, CA

First Appearance
Runaways Vol. 1 #1 (2003)

Runaways #4 (2003)

During their parents' annual gathering, Nico Minoru, Alex Wilder, Karolina Dean, Gertrude Yorkes, Chase Stein, and Molly Hayes decide to spy on the meeting via secret passages hidden throughout the Wilder's mansion. Nico, Chase, Gertrude and Alex expect trouble and tell Karolina to take eleven-year old Molly out of the passageways. The remaining four clandestinely witness the twelve parents murder a girl. Later that night, after informing Karolina of the murder, the entire group (sans Molly) run away from home under the assumption that their parents are supervillains. Their first course of action, however, is to research more about each of their parents, and subsequently, rescue Molly. The group is caught by Nico's parents and Chase's parents while rummaging through Chase's shed. A battle ensues, and Nico inadvertently discovers that she has inherited her parents' abilities to manipulate magical energies when her mother attempts to stab her with the Staff of One and Nico's body instinctively absorbs it without difficulty or harm. The children subdue their parents and flee to Molly's house, where they have another confrontation, this time with Gertrude Yorkes' parents and Molly's father. Nico is accidentally struck with an axe, and involuntarily summons the Staff of One from within her body. She immediately uses it to knock out Dale Yorkes and casts her first spell, which freezes Stacey Yorkes in place. After an extended and unexpected fight with Leslie Dean, Karolina's mother, Nico and the other runaways escape with Molly and run to a dilapidated mansion hideout frequented by Chase; it becomes the group's makeshift base of operations and comes to be known as "The Hostel." The group decides to bring down their parents, and briefly adopts "codenames" for each member who wishes to have one; Nico takes her AOL Instant Messenger screenname, "Sister Grimm." These codenames are used with diminishing frequency over the course of Runaways volume 1, and are never used again in the second volume.

Nico is romantically involved with fellow runaway Alex Wilder until he reveals himself to be a mole for the runaways' parents. When the runaways confront their parents and their powerful allies, the Gibborim, Alex reveals that he planned to save Nico and himself, as well as their parents from the "Next Wave" that would annihilate humanity, but Nico rejects his advances and punches him in the face.

The Gibborim kill Alex for his part in disrupting their ritual sacrifice. The runaways' parents sacrifice themselves in order to hold the Gibborim at bay so that their children can escape. Despite his betrayal, Nico unsuccessfully tries to resurrect Alex with the Staff of One.

Following the death of their parents, the runaways are split up by California Social Services. Nico is sent to Father Flanagan's Orphanage, where she sees a psychologist. The teenagers escape their new homes to regroup and fight the supervillains that fill the void in Los Angeles left by the departure of the Pride, and Nico becomes their leader.

Nico claims to be "finished with boys", to the delight of teammate Karolina Dean, who secretly has a crush on her. When Karolina tries to kiss her, Nico tells her that she has no romantic feelings for her, but she is devastated when Karolina chooses to leave Earth with her fiancée Xavin and misses her friend deeply for months after her departure. Nico kisses Chase after a tense moment, and both become awkward immediately after. Chase is angry and says that Gert is the best thing in his life, and Nico is callously trying to ruin his relationship with her. They decide to keep it a secret from Gert. However, Gert finds out about the kiss when the new Pride divides and distracts the runaways long enough to kidnap Molly Hayes, which leads to an intense but brief argument that ends with the two joking and making up. After Gert dies, Nico deals with the grief by beginning a physical relationship with fellow runaway Victor Mancha.

After a battle with yet another bad artifact left behind by their evil parents, Nico believes that maybe it is time to take things a little more seriously with Victor, stating that after the likes of Alex and Topher she would like to settle down with a nice boy for a change. Before the two even have a chance to start the relationship Nico is abducted by Chase and has the Staff of One taken from her.

After being abducted, and believing she will be sacrificed to bring back Gert, Chase releases her, claiming he is going to kill himself instead. However, the Gibborim refuse the offer of Chase's soul, claiming it would not be innocent if he were to commit suicide. They attempt to take the powerless Nico as their sacrifice, but Victor - with Molly's help - saves Nico. Victor checks on her, and Nico shows her appreciation by kissing him deeply, seemingly agreeing to be his girlfriend. Nico and the Runaways retreat to the La Brea Tar Pits, but upon returning, they find Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents awaiting their return.