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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Winston Manchester




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Thor #395 (1988)

Thor #395

Winston Manchester was thoroughly devoted to his career until he had to be hospitalized due to overworking himself nearly to death. He was brought to a New York hospital where he was taken by the Egyptian god of death, Seth, and given a second chance. In exchange for killing the Asgardian, Hogun the Grim, Winston Manchester would be made whole once more. Manchester was marked with the sign of Aton which granted him the tremendous powers of Skyhawk and was warned that he would be in the realm of death once more should he fail to kill Seth's enemy. As Skyhawk and his teammates fought the Thunder god, Thor, who was protecting their intended target he was taken forcibly by his partners even after he dealt a serious blow to Thor, leaving him helpless for a finishing strike. He and the other members of Earth Force left the scene only to return looking for redemption. Together with Thor and his allies, Skyhawk turned on his former master. In the end, Seth defeated Earth Force nearly killing them. When Seth was defeated, Skyhawk and the others were healed by the other gods of Egypt and returned to Earth.

Skyhawk was summoned sometime after his release from the hospital by Earth Lord when the muderous vigilante Bloodaxe was running rampant through the streets of New York. The police special task force, Code: Blue, had already attempted to stop Bloodaxe with Earth Lord's assistance. It wasn't until Manchester's arrival, along with the third member of Earth Force, Wind Warrior, that the tide of battle turned in their favor. The two teams managed to hold Bloodaxe at bay. One of the members of Code: Blue threw a grenade inside a vortex that held Bloodaxe captive, and the resulting explosion gave Doctor Strange enough time to open a dimensional rift through which Bloodaxe could escape. With minimal damage to the surrounding area, Code: Blue was satisfied with the final result and thanked Earth Force for their help. One of the nearby officers commented that the city of New York may not be able to house another super team. Skyhawk was inclined to agree.

After the U.S.A. signed their Super-Human Registration Act into law, Winston registered. He became part of the 50 State initiative, and was assigned to Washington state. Whether the rest of Earth Force was assigned with him is unrevealed.

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