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Marvel Universe

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Fantastic Four #89

The Slaver is an unnamed Skrull Slaver who violated the Skrull Emperor’s command to stay away from the planet Earth in order to capture the greatest slave of his career: The Fantastic Four’s Thing. The Slaver landed on Earth and disguised his spaceship as a giant boulder to remain undetected. He tracked the Thing from the sunken home of the Mole Man into New York as a hitchhiking human, where the Slaver disguised himself again as an anonymous man whose car he stole. Once he spotted the Thing, he turned into a facsimile of Mister Fantastic-whose visage he had studied for months-and he approach Ben as he was heading to a date with his girlfriend, Alicia Masters.

He told Ben that he was needed to help repel an alien invasion and lured him away from his date and into the woods. At the moment Ben began to suspect something, he changed into his true, Skrull self, and used a nerve gun to send the Thing crashing unconscious to the ground. The Slaver then piled Thing aboard his ship and flew off the planet with his valuable prize.

The Skrull soon landed on Kral and sold his slave to the alien Boss Barker, whose people emulated Earth’s Prohibition Period after another Skrull Slayer had captured an escaped gangster back in the 1930’s. Barker used the Thing to wager against his rival, Lippy Louie, and his fighter, Torgo, in the planet’s great games. But though the Skrull flew away with his pay, he was soon tracked down and boarded by the Fantastic Four when the Human Torch used his powers to stop his ship. The three members of the team encouraged the Slaver to tell them where he sent Ben, and they captured him to use him later. Though when the heroes later destroyed the Skrulls sonic disruptor and freed the slaves (who quickly revolted), they released the Skrull Slaver along with their other captive and escaped the planet.

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