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Marvel Universe 

Spider-Girl (MC2)

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MC2 (Earth-982)

Real Name
May "Mayday" Parker

Web-Stunner, Mayday, May "Mayday" Porker, Hotshot


U.S.A. (alternate future)

Place of Birth
Manhattan, New York

First Appearance
What If? Vol. 2 #105 (1998)

What If? Vol. 2 #105 (1998)

In an alternate timeline, the child of Mary Jane and Peter Parker grew to become "Mayday" Parker - a vivacious teenager with a talent for basketball. Her athletic prowess and bubbly personality made her a popular student with a hectic social life. May was unaware of her father's heroic past until her own latent powers revealed themselves at a crucial point in a ballgame. Walking home afterwards, she was menaced by the Green Goblin - Norman Osborn, Jr. - who hungered for revenge on Peter Parker for the long-past battle that killed Norman's grandfather and crippled Spider-Man. Instead, it was Spider-Girl who faced the new Green Goblin, and twin legacies were born anew.

Peter and Mary Jane Parker initially forbade May from adopting her new role, but they soon realized that their protests were in vain, and Peter chose to help teach his daughter the skills she would need to survive. As Spider-Girl, May encountered many new villains and allies in her war against crime. Most importantly, she convinced Norman Jr. to abandon his pointless feud, and they co-founded a loosely banded super-team of "New Warriors."

In a battle with the super-villain Killerwatt, who controlled electricity, Spider-Girl was severely shocked. This apparently caused her to lose her powers, until, in a battle with the new Spider-Man, she fell into a generator, where she was, again, shocked severely. Her powers returned, along with a few new powers.

Spider-Girl was faced with other specters from her father's past, including the near-invincible Black Tarantula. The Tarantula arrived from South America to select May Parker as the perfect young woman to continue his bloodline. Creating "Team Spider" to supposedly assist May in her war on evil, he began a twisted mind-game to win May's heart, all the while seeking to strengthen his grip on New York's criminal infrastructure.

May has also fought versions of classic Spider-Man villains. She once fought the Savage Six, and has also fought Aftershock (Electro's daughter). She recently teamed up with Felicity Hardy, who has taken on the role of the Scarlet Spider. She also occasionally faces old villains from Spider-Man's past. She has faced Kaine, Venom, the Kingpin, the Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octopus, to name a few.

Recently, May experienced some of Kaine's power and they both saw a vision of her being stabbed to death in her red and blue costume. She started wearing her black costume to try to trick fate, but she was nevertheless stabbed by a Scrier in a battle. Near death, Normie gave her his symbiote (as a farewell gift, the symbiote healed Normie's scars and tattoos) and the symbiote healed May. In order to save May from the Hobgoblin, the symbiote (who turned out to be a she) drove the Hobgoblin away, but in the process was killed by his sonic emitter. Hobgoblin later escaped.

Whether facing old Spider-Man villains, newer versions of classic bad-guys, or completely new villains, Spider-Girl will always uphold her father's motto: With great power, there must always come great responsibility.

Mayday promises to give up costumed super heroics, dates Eugene Thompson, and runs for student council. When Mary Jane becomes aware that the Hobgoblin poses a threat to her daughter's teenage friends, she allows Mayday to resume her activities as Spider-Girl (a situation they wanted to keep secret from Peter). After a battle with the Hobgoblin, Mayday tells her father the truth, and after a conversation with Mary Jane, they allowed May to resume her Spider-Girl identity.

After an attempt at helping the S.H.I.E.L.D. government agency, a case filled with a piece of the Carnage symbiote was released. It attaches itself to May's friend Moose, who becomes the new Carnage. In exchange, Carnage will bond itself to Moose's terminally ill father, curing him in the process. Carnage causes a stir at May's school and kidnaps Peter and Baby Ben, forcing May to confront her friend. May tries to talk to Moose within the symbiote but fails, and it bonds with her brother Ben. Peter escapes as May battles the two symbiotes and gathers sonic gear that may be able to defeat the symbiote. However it is May who uses the weapons, thereby destroying the piece of the Carnage symbiote. Her success is not without a measure of collateral damage as well, however; not only is Moose furious at Spider-Girl for dooming his father, but the sonic weapon renders Ben deaf.

Ben's hearing is eventually restored thanks to the intervention of Normie Osborn. Normie later stumbles on one of Norman Osborn's former labs, and discovers a fluid tank containing what appears to be a physical duplicate of Mayday Parker. Notes left behind by his grandfather indicate that this Mayday is the original he kidnapped years ago, hinting that the Mayday raised by Peter and MJ is yet another clone.

Fury the Goblin Queen begins acting out the Green Goblin's final gambit against Peter Parker. While kidnapping the retired Spider-Man, Fury also activates a signal that awakens the unconscious girl within the Osborn labs' tank. The changeling escapes, confronting Mayday on the roof of her high school just as she is changing into Spider-Girl. The two briefly battle before being caught in an explosion. A critically injured Mayday is rescued from the debris by Araña's forces. Araña, realizing that Mayday might not survive her ordeal, offers to merge with her. However, she intervenes in a vision quest that Mayday is undergoing. By aiding her overcome a force she was meant to overcome alone, she obstructs Spider-Girl from uncovering whether or not she is the true Mayday. Araña also has an ulterior motive: by assuming the body and power of Spider-Girl she hopes to take the Black Tarantula, an adversary and former lover, by surprise and defeat him. Araña successfully completes the merger and temporarily assumes control of Mayday's body, leaving Mayday and a third, blond woman who shares her name (later revealed to be the spirit of Aunt May) trapped within Araña's body.

Meanwhile, the changeling emerges from the blast relatively unharmed and attempts to resume Mayday's life. However, her presence deeply disturbs Benjy. She later receives a call from Normie, telling her about the capture of Peter Parker, leading the changeling into taking on the role of Spider-Girl.

The two women are restored to their rightful bodies while in battle with others. Mayday, in Araña's body, runs into the changeling just as Araña, in Mayday's body, enters the lair of the Black Tarantula. The Black Tarantula is able to see through Araña's trick and nearly knocks her unconscious, just as Mayday, in Araña's body, is knocked unconscious as well, leading the two of them to recover their original bodies.

Normie Osborne, along with Kaine, Phil Urich (in his Green Goblin Costume), Darkdevil, and Raptor, try to rescue Peter Parker from Fury's hands, unaware of the fact that Peter has absorbed the mind and memories of the original Norman Osborn. This leads to a fight between the assembled heroes and Peter, now possessed by the Green Goblin. Mayday arrives just as Peter/Green Goblin reunites with the changeling, who is revealed to have been genetically spliced with the DNA of the Venom symbiote, giving her similar metamorphic powers displayed by Spidercide, but without the need for a host like normal symbiotes.

Bonding with his "daughter" (and, unintentionally, Spider-Girl), the possessed Peter declares himself as "The Goblin God" and begins to go on a rampage, while Mayday finds herself trapped within her father's mental psyche. With the aid of the spiritual influence of her Great Aunt May Parker, as well as flashbacks to the day she healed Normie Osborn's psychological scars, Mayday and Peter are able to overcome Norman in a psychic duel and convince the Brand New May that Mayday is a good person. Norman is seemingly defeated, but not before he denies Mayday the chance to discover whenever or not she is the true daughter of Peter and Mary Jane, or the clone. Mary Jane is rescued from near-death by Benjy, who reveals he has developed organic webbing.

With the Brand New May uncertain of her place, Mayday proposes she become a member of the Parker family; Mary Jane agrees, though Peter distrusts her and objects to the idea. Mayday takes a walk, reflecting on how her parents, baby brother, and potential new twin sister have overcome so much and truly become "An Amazing Spider-Man Family".

The following storyline sees Mayday and April begin to steadily grow as crime-fighting partners, with April proving at times to be unstable and far more intense and ruthless than her "cousin" Mayday. At one point, April murders Tombstone when she believes him to have murdered Mayday.

In the meantime, whilst trying to control the rising gang warfare in New York City as well as keep her unruly cousin in line with both her temper and powers, Mayday's relationship with Wesley begins to blossom into a deeper bond, and Wes at times demonstrates hints that he knows Mayday's identity. April briefly attempts to play mischievous match-maker with the pair by posing as Mayday, but Wes sees through her deception. April eventually takes on the name "Mayhem" and embraces her symbiotic, intense, no-nonsense nature and cuts herself off from The Parker family to pursue a life as a vigilante who answers to no one.

The Spectacular Spider-Girl title concludes with Mayday sacrificing herself to save April's life. However, in the far future, a future incarnation of April uses Doctor Doom's time machine to return to the present and convince her past self to act responsibly, she does and saves Mayday's life at the cost of her own and at the cost of the future that came to be. Mayday is later united with Wes, who reveals that he does indeed know Mayday's true identity and they kiss, beginning a relationship.