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Marvel Universe 

Spider-Man (Ultimate)

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Ultimate Universe

Real Name
Peter Parker

Arthur Simek, Spidey, WebHead, Webslinger, Wall-Crawler,

Secret, known to S.H.I.E.L.D., May Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy (deceased), Kitty Pryde, Eddie Brock, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborn, Donald Roxxon, Silver Sable and her Wild Pack, Morbius (seen him without his mask), Ben Reilly, Doctor Curt Conners (Lizard), many of Parker's enemies,the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, Peter's clones.


Place of Birth

First Appearance
(as Parker) Ultimate Spider-Man #1 (2000); (as Spider-Man) Ultimate Spider-Man #3 (2001)

Ultimate Spider-Man #1-6 (2000-2001)

Peter Parker was the son of scientist Richard Parker and his wife Mary. While Richard worked alongside Ed Brock on medical research, their two families grew close; though several years older, Eddie Brock Jr. was close friends with Peter. Tragedy struck when both sets of parents were killed in a plane crash; Peter was taken in by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, and lost touch with Eddie. Inheriting his father’s intellect, Peter grew to be a quiet, bookish, boy. His best friends at Midtown High, his school in Queens, were Harry Osborn, son of industrialist Norman Osborn; and Mary Jane Watson, a fellow brain who lived across the street.

Peter’s relatively normal life changed abruptly during a school trip to Osborn Industries, Inc. The company had been working on a super soldier serum, the Oz Compound; a spider exposed to it escaped and bit Peter before it was destroyed. Peter soon discovered that he had been mutated, gaining superhuman strength and agility and various spider-like powers. After Peter accidentally broke jock Flash Thompson’s hand in a fight, the Parkers were hit with expensive medical bills; to help pay them, Peter secretly took up a wrestling challenge, wearing a mask to hide his youth and identity. The fight promoter gave him a more colorful costume and dubbed him Spider-Man, but his new career was cut short when he was accused of stealing money. Peter allowed a robber he encountered on the way home to escape because of his bad mood, an action that would later haunt him. He subsequently argued with his uncle over his slipping grades and recent poor attitude, and ran off to cool down; but when he returned home, he learned that a burglar had slain Uncle Ben in his absence. Overhearing some cops mention a cornered criminal who might be the burglar, Peter donned his costume and raced to capture him, only to find it was the same criminal he had allowed to escape earlier. Guilt ridden, Peter finally accepted the great responsibility which came with his powers, becoming a crime fighter as Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn transformed into a monstrous, Green Goblin-like menace after mainlining the Oz Compound and attacked Peter’s school, battling Spider-Man until he was shot down by police marksmen and presumed dead; Harry vanished into police custody for protection and questioning. Spider-Man encountered the criminal Shocker, the mutant Wolverine (on the run from Weapon X) and the rampaging Hulk. To help his aunt pay the bills, Peter tried to sell photos of Spider-Man to the Daily Bugle, and ended up hired to maintain the newspaper’s website. Learning that Uncle Ben’s killer worked for Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, Peter set out to bring him down. After trying to get information from the Enforcers, he learned the Kingpin’s whereabouts from ambitious underboss Mr. Big. Breaking into the Kingpin’s office while Fisk hosted a party elsewhere in Fisk Tower, Spider-Man was spotted on the security cameras, defeated by Fisk’s superpowered henchman Electro, unmasked, and thrown out a window. Kingpin figured out who had provided his intruder’s information, and personally murdered Mr. Big before having the body dumped in the river wearing Spider-Man’s mask. Peter inquired about the security cameras in the Internet and sent them a letter going by the name Arthur Simek. He then learned that the security cameras record everything on CDs and that they were stored in an armored cabinet. Peter returned to Fisk’s building, and after defeating Electro, the Enforcers and Fisk in the building's basement, sent the Daily Bugle security footage he had stolen showing the murder of Mr. Big; Fisk swiftly went into hiding.

Peter soon revealed his dual identity to Mary Jane, and they began dating. He fought alongside Iron Man at the U.N.; ran into Daredevil in Hell’s Kitchen and helped apprehend the Punisher, a killer vigilante; encountered a lizard creature and a monster composed of swamp vegetation (both transformed scientists) in the sewers; and was mesmerized by Xandu into attacking the sorcerer Dr. Strange. He encountered the former Russian spy, the Black Widow, who stole his webshooters; met the martial artist Shang-Chi; ran into a vampire and unidentified vampire slayer; and prevented a murder by the assassin Elektra. A new girl, Gwen Stacy, whose policeman father had investigated Uncle Ben’s killing, joined Peter’s school; soon after, Peter went to the mall with his friends, where they bumped into the off-duty X-Men after Wolverine recognized Peter. Parker next faced the twin threats of Otto Octavius, alias Doctor Octopus, an Osborn scientist who had gained powers at the same time as Osborn himself; and Kraven, a reality TV show hunter who announced his intention to hunt and kill Spider-Man. After losing his first fight with Octopus, Spider-Man soundly defeated both him and Kraven outside an illegal genetic research lab, in front of a horde of assembled press. The televised fight and a quick interview afterwards helped turn around negative public opinion about Spider-Man; minutes later, he fought one of the lab’s rogue creations, the Sandman.

The next day at school, Harry returned—but Peter’s joy evaporated when Norman resurfaced, too. The senior Osborn offered Peter a stark choice: work for him or see his loved ones killed by the goblin. The following day, Peter learned from General Nick Fury that S.H.I.E.L.D. was monitoring him, and was aware of the Osborn situation, but could not intervene unless the goblin made a public move. Spider-Man confronted Osborn to say he would not be intimidated, unaware that Harry had invited Mary Jane over; the goblin seized her and carried her to the Queensboro Bridge, then dropped her off it, and Spider-Man only narrowly managed to catch her. Facing both Spidey and S.H.I.E.L.D. attack helicopters, Osborn fled back home and overdosed on the serum, mutating further. Peter pursued but was nearly killed before Harry walked in on the fight and saved him by driving a spike into the goblin’s back. The pursuing helicopters shot the goblin, who turned back to Osborn and was taken into custody. In the aftermath, Nick Fury told Peter that when he turned 18 and was an adult, he would be forced to work for S.H.I.E.L.D..

Peter’s friendship with Gwen Stacy grew as she began to confide in him regarding family troubles, though this meant he arrived minutes too late to assist Iron Man in capturing the rampaging Rhino. When an imposter dressed as Spider-Man committed a string of robberies, the real Spider-Man was shot in the shoulder by police trying to apprehend him, and Fury sent the Wasp over to Peter’s school to patch him up. While this was happening, the fake Spider-Man killed Captain John Stacy, Gwen’s father. Enraged, Spider-Man foiled the imposter’s latest bank robbery, beat him to a pulp but stopped when he realized he almost killed the guy and left him for the police, clearing his name. As her mother had run off with another man, Gwen moved in with the Parkers; Mary Jane, meanwhile, broke up with Peter, fearful he would one day be killed.

Finding boxes full of mementos of his parents in the basement prompted Peter to track down Eddie Brock. Now a university student, Eddie was trying to complete their parents’ Venom Project, a protoplasmic medical dip nicknamed “the Suit” which could enhance its wearer’s abilities while healing illness and injury – even curing cancer; however some of Eddie’s comments led Peter to wonder if their parents had been murdered by their corporate employers. As Spider-Man, he broke into Eddie’s lab to examine the dip, but it enveloped his body, creating a new black costume. He briefly enjoyed this new look, easily stopping a kidnapping and beating an upgraded Shocker; however, after the Suit took control of Peter and nearly killed a mugger, Peter had to electrocute himself to remove it. Seeing the danger of the dip, Peter went back to the lab to destroy the rest of it, confiding in Eddie that he was Spider-Man and apparently convincing Eddie to let him destroy the dip, unaware Eddie had more hidden away. Exposing himself to the Suit, Eddie became an insane, monstrous menace and attacked Peter. In the end, an accidental electrocution seemingly killed Eddie, though the subsequent disappearance of his belongings suggested Brock may have survived. After confronting Nick Fury to ask if his parents had been murdered, Peter returned to the lab, where he found the rest of the dip gone and encountered Eddie’s professor, Curt Conners, the former lizard-man, who deduced Peter was Spider-Man.

Shortly thereafter, Peter got back together with Mary Jane; offered guidance to unstable Latverian mutant teen Geldoff alongside the X-Men; and stopped martial artist Danny Rand from using his “Iron Fist” on an aggressive man during a street fight. Wounded X-Man Wolverine later sought refuge in Peter’s home while fleeing remnants of Weapon X. They were also joined by Daredevil who helped them only because innocent people are getting hurt. Also a brief appearance by Black Widow. The Enforcers returned, as did their boss, the Kingpin, who had gone free after the murder evidence against him was ruled inadmissible. Sam Bullit ran for D.A. on an anti-Spider-Man platform, supported by Jameson and the Bugle, and when Peter spoke out against the Bugle’s anti-Spidey stance, he was fired; however, reporter Ben Urich learned that Bullit was tied to the Kingpin, and the Bugle withdrew its support. The Enforcers tried to intimidate Jameson into reversing this, but Spider-Man intervened. Soon after, Jameson admitted his mistake to Peter and reinstated him. Spider-Man next encountered the burglar known as the Black Cat, who became attracted to him. She had stolen a stone tablet sought by the Kingpin, and Elektra was hired to retrieve it. After a fruitless three-way skirmish between Black Cat, Elektra and Spider-Man, Peter and the Kingpin both figured out the Black Cat was secretly Felica Hardy, who was soon trapped by Kingpin and Elektra. Spider-Man’s arrival allowed her to get free, and she threw the tablet into the river, only to be seemingly slain by Elektra.

Several of Spider-Man’s foes, led by Norman Osborn, escaped S.H.I.E.L.D. captivity. Fearing for Peter, Fury brought him to the Triskelion base used by the Ultimates, and placed his loved ones under observation. The escapees attacked the Triskelion and captured Peter, blackmailing him into joining Osborn’s “Six”. This group attacked the White House but was opposed by the Ultimates, who informed Peter that Aunt May was safely in protective custody, prompting Spider-Man to turn on Osborn and help the Ultimates recapture the criminals. While Aunt May visited Florida, Peter heard a Spider-Man movie was being filmed and angrily confronted its film crew, but learned he had no legal recourse to stop the film. Equally put out by the news, Doctor Octopus attacked the movie set; when Spider-Man stepped in, Octopus defeated him and abducted him to Brazil, where Spider-Man bested Octopus in a rematch and hitched a ride back to the States in the cargo hold of a passenger jet. He narrowly beat his aunt home, only to be confronted by an angry Gwen, who had figured out his double identity and blamed him for her father’s death. Peter managed to convince her otherwise, and she forgave him, joining his trusted circle of confidants. A short while later, the movie opened to huge box office.

Spider-Man stopped the maniac Gladiator, who had taken hostages in a museum, and met Captain Jeanne De Wolfe of the NYPD. Injured by Gladiator’s blades, he sought medical assistance from Dr. Conners, who later experimented with Peter’s blood in search of cures for disease, having obtained Peter’s reluctant permission to do so. A few months later, a creature Conners had created by mixing Peter’s DNA with his own reptile-infected DNA escaped, killing a number of people, including Gwen Stacy, as it followed echoes of Peter’s memories back to his home. Peter accused Conners of being behind Gwen’s death, and Conners revealed what he had done, just as the creature came out of hiding. Peter attacked it, eventually tricking it into leaping into a fiery factory smokestack. Later, an angry Peter convinced Conners to turn himself in. Deciding that Spider-Man had caused enough death, Peter told Mary Jane he was dropping his dual identity; but he could not avoid his sense of responsibility, stopping a mugging while wearing a makeshift mask, and soon realized he could not quit.

When the X-Men’s Jean Grey used her telepathy to punish Wolverine for an indiscretion, she unwittingly swapped the minds of Spider-Man and Wolverine, trapping each in the other’s body. After a series of misadventures, the duo foiled another robbery attempt by the Shocker before Grey restored them to their rightful bodies. Later, Peter enjoyed a trip to the beach with Mary Jane, Kong, Liz and a new kid in school that Liz liked, Johnny Storm. After the secretly superhuman Storm was unexpectedly ignited by their campfire and flew off, he came back the next day to apologize to Liz; as Spider-Man, Peter offered Storm advice and they formed what might prove to be an enduring friendship. Together, they rescued people from a tenement fire.

After helping the Ultimates capture a rogue cyborg, Peter accompanied Ben Urich to interview the now-celebrity sorcerer Dr. Strange. Turned away by the Doctor’s manservant Wong, Peter sensed something was wrong and returned as Spider-Man to investigate. Witnessing what he thought was Wong attacking the unconscious Doctor, he broke in through the window, unwittingly shattering the mansion’s mystic defenses. The nightmare being who had been attacking Strange pulled Peter into a horrifying dream world until Strange managed to wake him, and Peter fled in terror. When Harry Osborn returned, Peter learned that he had dated Mary Jane prior to Peter, and that he too had been mutated in the same explosion that empowered Doctor Octopus and his father. Now mentally unstable and hallucinating, Harry transformed into a monstrous Hobgoblin. He went on a rampage, trying to get Peter to kill him, but Peter refused; when Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, they took Harry down hard, and an enraged Peter struck the government man. Peter then left and Fury told his men to crack the code of the Oz drug by his birthday then take away Spider-Man's powers. Afterwards, Peter broke up with Mary Jane, fearful for her safety and feeling he could no longer trust her.

Later, Spidey got caught up in a gang war between Kingpin and his rival Hammerhead, and has encountered the mysterious vigilante Moonknight, as well as fighting Hammerhead and the Enforcers alongside Shang-Chi, Iron Fist,Elektra and Black Cat. He has also started dating Kitty Pryde of the X-Men.

Recently, Spider-Man was kidnapped along with the X-Men by Deadpool and his Reavers. They were taken to the island of Krakoa to star in a show where mutants were hunted down for crimes they had committed or been accused of. They managed to escape with Peter after the whole ordeal finally feeling ready to reveal his secret to his Aunt May. Upon his return home however, Peter found a message on his answering machine left by his dear Aunt stating she would be staying the night with Miles Warren. So with no need to explain why he was missing for the entire night into the morning he decided to put off telling her for another time.

Peter was at a mall with Mary Jane, when a mysterious man wearing a scorpion costume attacked them. When Peter tore the mask off of the mystery man, he saw his own face staring back at him. Confused, he brought him to the Fantastic Four for a DNA test. When the results came back as Peter Parker, Spidey took off his own mask to prove that the man couldn't be him, but, in fact, a clone. Meanwhile MJ is at home in her room when a mysterious asslent kidnapps her. Mr. Fantastic invesgiates further by asking general Fury what is the goverment's take on cloning. Fury tells Mr. Fantastic that it is off limits to everyone everywhere. Peter feeling not so reasurred rushes home to Aunt May. Peter is then greated at the front door by her and she tells Peter that MJ is missing. Peter goes over to MJ's house and finds no trace of her in her room, but finger and foot prints are outside of her window and on the wall leading up to it.

Peter then decides to go to the warehouse where MJ ran away to the last time. Instead of finding MJ he encounters a scarlet Spider-Woman. Peter then asks her where MJ is. After some extremly vage answers he attacks her in frustration. The scarlet Spider-Woman defends herself and Peter is into a pile of wood and metal and is knocked unconscience. The scarlet Spider-Woman is panacked fearing she may have killed him and checks Peter's pulse, She is calmed to learn Peter is okay. She then leaves saying "I'll get them back for you, Peter. I'll it for all of us. We didn't deserve this". Peter wakes up later on to find the scarlet Spider-Woman has gone. Peter jumps out of the warehouse goes to the roof and spots a girl walking into his house. Believeing her to be MJ, Peter rushs to to his house and much to his surprise Peter sees a very much alive Gwen Stacy. Meanwhile MJ is waking up inside a containment chamber and her capture tells her to calm down. MJ quickly identifies the voice as Peter Parker. Peter tells her he has figured out a way to protect MJ and make sure no one can hurt her again. MJ is screaming at the of lungs demanding to know where she is, and an outside view reveals it is an old Oscorp factory.

Peter is thunderstruck to see Gwen Stacy alive and well and truly believes he is losing his mind. Gwen placing her hands on either side of his face and reasures him that she is real and he is not insane. Meanwhile the mysterious Peter is telling the captured MJ that he devised a way to protect herself by making her his equal, his peer, like himself and then he moves into the light and reveals his horrorifing disfigured face to MJ and she screams. Back at the Baxter Building Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman are questioning the scorpion clone of Spider-Man. He does not respond at first but only asks if he is back at the "zoo". He then becomes enraged and begins to hit his tail against the protective chamber he is in. Sue Storm tries to calm him down but Reed Richards is forced to sedate him. Reed and Sue both decide that the situation requires Fury's attention and request him to come over to the Baxter Building .

Back at Peter Parker's house Gwen is telling Peter that has no memory of her death and says she was in a hospital, from which she has escaped. Gwen does believe she was dead at all but then Aunt May arrrives home is terrified to see Gwen Stacy and runs out of the house screaming. She makes for the back door and picks up the phone, but Peter stops her before she can do anything. Peter then calms his Aunt May down enough to get her to sit down and Peter finally reveals he is Spider-Man. Aunt May screams at Peter and Gwen to leave the house, furious that she gave up her adult life for someone who kept secrets from her. At that moment, Peter's father appeared, apparently not dead as Peter had thought. At the Baxter Building Nick Fury can hardly believe what he is seeing. After being explained that what he is seeing is only a clone, Nick Fury gets on his cell phone and tells command to prepare the sider slayers and full battalion, and to meet him in Queens .

Richard Parker tells everyone that he will explain everything. Meanwhile MJ is still in the containment chamber but is now strapped down in a chair. The disfigured Peter is explaining that he is going to Transform MJ into something that he won't have to worry about protecting. Just then a black costumed six armed Spider-Man appears and tells the disfigured Peter to get away from MJ. Richard Parker begins by saying that project to create a cure for cancer was shut down but Bolivar Trask, the man responsible for shutting down the cancer cure project, brought the research staff back together. Richard had second thoughts about working on the project, now knowing the suit be developed would be used as a weapon, and chose not to get on the plane that was aupposed to take himself, his wife the Brocks to Chicago for the contract signing. Mary, however, felt that Richard was a fool for turning down this opportunity, and appeared willing to leave her husband for this reason. And not long after the plane had crashed killing his wife Mary and the Brocks. At the Oscorp factory the black costumed six armed Spider-Man is fighting the disfigured Peter Parker. The black costumed six armed Spider-Man is yelling at the disfigured Peter that he won't allow him to harm MJ. But the disfigured Peter over powers him and tells MJ that everthing is going to be all right.

At the Parker’s house Richard Parker continues the story that after the crash, Richard was approached by government agent Henry Gyrich, for the purposes of launching his own research project in case Nick Fury was ever to go rogue. Gyrich showed Richard a surveillance video proving his son, Peter, was the amazing Spider-Man. Afterwards, he revealed himself to May Parker. May, shocked by the possibility that Richard was alive all this time, told him to go away. Richard then preceded to go to Peter's high school, but Gyrich prevented him from doing so. Richard Parker then tells them all that Gwen should not have met Peter at all, and was merely an experiment in stem cell research. But just then Nick Fury, a army of spider slayers, and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents surrounds the house and Nick Fury tells them that he is taking them all into custody. But then the stress of the situation and the idea of being taken away is too much for Gwen to handel and she transforms into Carnage, the very monster that killed her. And just the Aunt May has a heart attack and collapes to the floor. Meanwhile at the Oscorp factory, the disfigured Peter is telling MJ that she is a whole new person.

Carnage/Gwen Stacy attacks the spider slayers and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Peter is still in the house with his now unconscience Aunt May. Stray lasers blasts are hitting the house and weakening the house to the point where it make collaspe. Richard tells Peter to go and deal with the situation outside and leave Aunt May in his care. Peter agrees and goes outside and attacks Fury. Peter is hit by many blasts and is down for the moment and Fury tells him to stay down or he will paralyze him for good. But then the human torch destroys Fury's blaster and the Fantastic Four descend into Peter's Front Yard. Mr. Fantastic yells at Fury for attacking Peter and his family. Carnage then attacks the Thing and throws him over 100 feet in the air. Mr. Fantastic then attacks Carnage while the Invisible Woman goes to help Peter's Aunt.

The Invisible Woman checks over Peter's aunt and decides that she will airlift Richard and Aunt May to the hospital. Peter sees them all go off and is relieved that his Family is safe. Then he attacks Fury once again and Fury orders all blasters hit Peter and Carnage at full power. The blasts miss Peter and hit Carnage and returned Gwen back to oringal self. Fury tells Peter that he has to take Peter in. Meanwhile the disfigured Peter is informing MJ that he has injected her with the OZ formula. Frustrated and angry at what he has done MJ then transforms into a giant red monster.

Peter is being arrested and about to be taken away when, the scarlet Spider-Woman appears and kicks Fury in the head and grabs Peter and web slings him away. Even with Mr. Fantastic protests the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents open fire on the scarlet Spider-Woman and Peter Parker. They escape and hide in an ally way. The scarlet Spider-Woman breaks Peter’s bonds and they hitch a ride on the top of a truck. Peter’s rescuer reveals herself as Spider-Woman. She tells Peter that she is a clone of him whose chromosomes were manipulated to make her female. She resembles Peter, and is the same age as him. She was originally created to act as an agent for the CIA, code name: Spider-Woman. While she is different from Peter and is her own person she still retained Peter Parker's memories. A specialist named Cassandra Webb is preparing to erase her memories of Peter Parker and supplant those memories in order to create her new identity as "Jessica Drew." But before the process can be done, the Carnage/Gwen Stacy clone attacks and escapes breaks out of the facility. The Carnage breakout inadvertently releases 3 other clones of Peter Parker, the scorpion, the six armed black costumed Spider-Man, and the disfigured Peter Parker. The clones all escape and so does Spider-Woman before the process of erasing her memories can be carried out.

Spider-Woman explains that she was searching for the clones, to make sure they wouldn’t MJ. Spider-Woman already thought of places to look for the clones, the warehouse where they both first met being one of them and the Oscorp factory being another location to check. They both arrive to the mutated MJ attacking the disfigured Peter. Spider-Woman webs the six armed black costumed Spider-Man and pulls him to safety. They unmask the black costumed Spider-Man and reveal that is more spider-like and tells them that MJ was injected with OZ formula. Peter goes over to MJ and calms down MJ and she changes back and passes out. Peter in a heated rage knocks out the disfigured clone. He then demands to know where the disfigured clone got the OZ formula. But the Doc Ock walks through the door and tells that he was the one who provided it.

Doc Ock steps into the room directing Fury at which clones he created. The FF step into not far behind and see the other clones and are shocked to know Octavius created the clones. Peter asks Mr. Fantastic to help MJ rid herself of the OZ formula in her system. The disfigured Peter attacks but shot to death while diving for MJ. Octavius reveals that his experimentation and research was done for the FBI/CIA in order to find a way to create super soldiers so the U.S. Government wouldn't have to be reliant on Nick Fury's monopoly on the Ultimates. He also tells that he also created the Gwen Stacy clone and an Older version of Peter Parker that was given psychic memory implants to make the clone believe he was Peter Parker’s father. He smugly reveals he is now outside Fury's jurisdiction and takes pleasure in pointing out to Peter that his work perverts the hero's life. Octavius then orders Fury to round up the clones and arrest Pater. But Peter asks that Fury and his men wait outside and he and his clones take care of Doc Ock. Fury agrees and leaves and thunderstruck Doc Ock in a room with the six armed Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Peter. Octavius is attacked by the six armed Spider-Man first but is then impaled by metal pipe through the chest. Doc then tells how he never had control over his arms but he control over the metal they were made of. He then stands up with newly grafted metal arms with pieces of metal all over the room.

Meanwhile outside of the factory, Henry Gyrich is demanding that Fury tell him where Doctor Octavius is, but Fury smugly ignores him. In the fight between Doc Ock and Spider-Woman and Peter is at full scale war. Doc Ock not only using his arms but throwing metals parts at his two enemies. But using superior agility and tactics they both manage to get around Doc Ock’s defenses and both deliver punches to the face and knock out Doc Ock. Peter and Spider-Woman check their clones and confirm that they are both dead. Peter decides to and face Fury for the sake of his Aunt and MJ’s health and safety. Spider-Woman having no desire to face Fury leaves Peter alone in the room. Peter goes outside and surrenders himself but also yells at Gyrich for his involvement with the clones. But then Johnny Storm arrives to take Peter to the Baxter Building to see MJ. Meanwhile on the roof the hospital were Peter’s Aunt May was taken, Sue Storm is with the now revealed aged Peter Parker. Richard/old Peter Parker clone asks Sue Storm to be a friend to Peter. Then having used that last of his strength to make the request dies of old age, due the process that aged his body to begin with.

Johnny Storm and Peter Parker enter the Baxter Building and meet MJ who fully recovered and cured of the OZ formula. Peter then declares his love for MJ and they reconcile with a hug. Mr. Fantastic then informs Peter that the process to help MJ can be used on him too. He can be a normal teenager again. Peter says he’ll think about it and he and Johnny fly to the hospital where Aunt May is. Peter meets Sue Storm there and thanks her for all her help. He then sit by his Aunt’s bedside and expresses his apologies for hurting his Aunt with his life as Spider-Man. Peter’s bedside vigil is interrupted by Nick Fury as he walks in the room and asks the Ultimates to wait outside. Fury reveals to Peter that the Tinkerer's Spider Slayers were developed to handle Peter if and when he ever went insane, but after learning that Peter is not an immediate threat to him or S.H.I.E.L.D. Peter then asks Nick to tell Mr. Fantastic that he decided against removing his powers. Peter’s Aunt then wakes up and they both make peace with each other. Peter later goes back to the warehouse where MJ first ran away to and meets Spider-Woman there. Spider-Woman tells Peter that she is done with shadow agencies and especially S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury. Spider-Woman decides to leave New York, embracing her identity as a super-powered Jessica Drew. Both Peter and Jessica give each other, in the most awkward gesture, a good bye hug, after which she swings off. Meanwhile Nick Fury has both the Gwen Stacy and Scorpion clones in containment. When a scientist asks Nick what should they do with the clones, he respond “Get to work…”

Back at Peter’s house, he is looking at the damages; MJ tells Peter that he and his Aunt will be staying with her and her mom until repairs are complete. Peter and MJ kiss and in far back observing is Kitty Pryde. Although MJ seems physically cured, the ordeal has left her badly traumatized, and she is affected by panic issues and haunted by the scarred visage of Peter's disfigured clone when looks into the mirror but it is only Peter who tells her that it’s okay.

After the events of the clones, Spider-Man is now New York's most popular superhero. The Kingpin recently purchased the holding firm GG Enterprises, which owns the company that carries the licensing rights of Spider-Man movie franchise. By purchasing GG, Kingpin now technically owns Spider-Man and the rights to all his merchandise. After Shang-Chi makes an unsuccessful attack on the Kingpin he is recruited by Daredevil to help bring down the Kingpin for good. Peter and MJ were walking to class when Peter is approached by Matt Murdock who reveals he knows Peter is Spider-Man and also reveals to him that he is Daredevil and offers Spider-Man to join his group. Daredevil later meets Spidey to convince him to join the team in an effort to take down the Kingpin, for good. In addition, Kitty Pryde recently left the Xavier Institute and is moving back with her mother at Queens, and enrols to Midtown High School to be with Peter. Kitty then experiences some awkward moments from her classmates, and eventually confronting Peter about Mary Jane. MJ was watching, and experienced a trembling in her right arm again. She also clutches her hand, and her fingernails appear to be turning into claws. Meeting with Daredevil and the heroes Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Dr. Strange and Moon Knight on a rooftop, they decide the first step of taking down the Kingpin is to have one of them pose as his new costumed assassin/bodyguard. Moon Knight bravely volunteers, with Dr. Strange suggesting to cast an enhancement spell on his appearance. After the meeting, Iron Fist meets with the Kingpin, apparently betraying the group of their plans against the crime lord. Moon Knight then goes in as Ronin who is revealed to be nothing more than another of Moon Knight's personalities, who is sent to retrieve Spider-Man for the Kingpin, which he eventually does. Kingpin then tells Spider-man that he owns his rights. He demasks Moon Knight. The traitor is then revealed to the group as Iron Fist.

Iron Fist and Shang Chi appear to part ways forever. Moon Knight is shot in the head by the Kingpin's henchmen, but survives. Iron Fist then helps the crew distract the Kingpin so Daredevil can get to his goal: Vanessa Fisk. He tells Kingpin he will snap her neck. Kingpin tries to talk him down but Spider-Man is the one who does it. Kingpin then gets his wife out of the country but he gets arrested, thanks to Moon Knight/Ronin going to the authorities, thus giving away his secret identity. The team is then shown separately, while Peter is walking in the rain past a shop full of Spider-Man merchandise.