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Real Name




Place of Birth
Extraterrestrial (from the planet Luphom)

First Appearance
Death Metal #2

Spirit's origins are unknown. She seeks her own death, but is somewhat religious in this fashion, and wants to die only at the hands of someone worthy, such as an actual avatar of Death.

Spirit is a “Luphomoid”, she is one of the few off planet survivors of her race. The entire planet of “Luphom” has been consumed by the great World Devourer “Galactus”. Spirit is the sister of "Zorr", the shatter of "Xandar". He is also believed by some to be the father of the space pirate “Nubula”, who is a “Luphoid” as well. It has been rumored through out the galaxy that Nebula is a descendant of the Mad Titian [“Thanos”]]. This rumor has not been solidified by any known facts; “Thanos” himself not confirmed this. Spirit is inspired by “Thanos”, she deems him as someone worthy of her respect, due to his allegiance to “Mistress Death”. Spirit seeks her own death, but it can only be at the hands of someone worthy, an actual avatar of Death. For unknown reasons , her own avatar is either identical to or actually is "Death Metal", the third generation of the Minion series of cyborgs, which were created in an alternate future timeline on Earth 8410, including “Death Wreck” and “Death’s Head”, each of whom had a number of adventures across time, space, and dimensions. They were all partially constructed from the Promethium, which derived from spawn of the genocidal Charnel of Earth 9939. “Death Metal” constantly struggled to keep his bloodlust under control.

During his adventures in the universe (Reality-616) "Death Metal" arrived on the planet Glutam seeking peace and solitude, only to be attacked by the “Psycho-Warriors” of the Techno-Wizards of “Mys-Tech” who sought to claim "Death Metal" as a weapon of their own. Observing the object of her worship being attacked by the "Psycho-warriors" she joined in the battle. After she defeated the last of "Psycho-Warriors" she knelt before "Death Metal" in hopes that he would slay her. Death Metal became annoyed with her behavior and, teleported away. The fanatic Spirit quickly leaped through the portal. She followed him to the planet of Gnap, where he was being attacked by “Brassknuckles” a warrior created an employed by an unidentified source, which sought to end his own existences by goading “Death Metal” into killing him. Fearful that "Brassknuckles" might kill her death avatar, Spirit skewered “Brassknuckles" with her staff. The attack failed to kill him. “Death Metal” manipulated the Techno-Wizards into using sufficient force to destroy him, but at the last second reintegrated himself upon learning that they planned to exterminate the innocents of the mining colony of Xcydrin. “Death Metal” recruited both “Brassknuckles” and Spirit to help save the colony, and they stayed together for many adventures after that, Spirit kept hope that “Death Metal" would reward her by taking her life, or she would die by the hands of one worthy being in the process.

Spirit became separated from “Death Metal” and “Brassknuckles” under unrevealed circumstances, Spirit was then lead to the planet of Godthab omega. While on this planet Spirit joined, “Gamora” the deadliest woman in the Universe, as one of her Graces. In the company of “Gamora” and the other Graces, they conquered and ruled Godthab Omega. Their rule ended when Annihilation Wave hit the planet, Spirit was slain, and it is safe to say that she would have found “Annihilus” as a worthy death avatar.

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