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Spirit of Vengeance (Earth-691)

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Real Name
Wileaydus Autolycus

Spirit of Vengeance



Place of Birth

First Appearance
Guardians of the Galaxy #12, 1991

{{bio| bio_text= Wileaydus Autolycus was born on the planet Sarka in the Tilnast System in the 31st Century. He became a priest and religious zealot, embittered toward the Universal Church of Truth. He viewed the Church as oppressive on Sarka and believed it to be a false religion that dominates his true faith. Through unknown circumstances, Autolycus became the Spirit of Vengeance in this era to oppose the Universal Church of Truth. He refers to himself only as the Spirit of Vengeance but not as Ghost Rider. The origins of the Spirit of Vengeance remain a mystery.

The Guardians of the Galaxy answer a distress call sent by Firelord, a Guardian member, who is being attacked by Overkill of the Stark. The Guradians head for the source of the signal in the Tilnast System. The Guardians arrive to aid Firelord in battle and Overkill transports out as the Guardians attack in unison.

When Autolycus discovers the presence of the Guardians’ ship near Sarka, he mistakenly believes the ship to be carrying Black Knights of Truth as reinforcements for the Universal Church of Truth. He transforms into the Spirit of Vengeance and creates his Death-Cycle from the Fires of Kauri (Hades).

The Spirit rides out into space towards the Guardians’ ship. The Spirit attacks first not believing anything the Guardians have to say about themselves. The battle continues until the Holy Fleet from Sarka appears threatening to blow up the ship unless the Spirit is surrendered to them. The Spirit realizes his grave error and sets out to “atone for this transgression“ by charging into the heart of the fleet to buy the Guardians time to escape.

The Guardians are captured anyway and taken to Sarka to appear before the Grand Inquisitor of the Universal Church of Truth. The Guardians are able to escape by transporting out with the help of the Spirit and Replica, the newest and youngest member. Before transporting out, Vance Astro (Major Victory) asks the Spirit to join them and consider changing his methods. The Spirit declined preferring to complete his work there but said he would think on it as he kills the Grand Inquisitor

The Spirit of Vengeance temporarily put aside his never-ending battle against the oppressive Universal Church of Truth to join the Galactic Guardians in a battle against a resurrected Korvac and the Intimidators on Mainframe's world. He decided to remain with the team and oppose other dangers to the universe such as Bubonicus and Dormammu.

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