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Marvel Universe 

Squadron Supreme (Earth-31916)

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Base of Operations

First Appearance
Squadron Supreme #1 (2006)

Current Members:
the Blur (Stanley Carter), Emil Burbank, Doctor Spectrum (Joe Ledger), Hyperion (Alias Mark Milton), Inertia (Edith Freiberg), Arcanna Jones, Nuke (Al Gaines), Kingsley Rice, Shape (Raleigh Lund), Tom Thumb (Thomas Thompson), Zarda (Alias Claire Debussy)

The Squadron Supreme is formed when the U.S. government recruits both current (eg. Hyperion) and new (eg. Amphibian) superhumans to carry out missions on its behalf. While some of the team's missions are international in scope and have a "positive public relations" aspect, others are covert and apparently involve military strikes and assassinations.

The team's first mission involves travelling to Africa, to neutralise an African general named John M'Butu, whose voice can compel obedience. The general, however, is actually executed by a group of African superhumans who tell the Squadron to leave, stating that "Africa is now off-limits". The team then travel to the Ilam Province in Iran, where they have been ordered to stop a group of insurgents. Hyperion quells the doubts of comrade The Blur about their agenda by showing him a mass grave filled with the bodies of innocents. After this mission the Blur asks the vigilante Nighthawk to join the Squadron, but Nighthawk refuses.

Shortly after this, Hyperion engages in a public battle with a super-powered serial killer called Michael Redstone, who was previously captured by Hyperion, the Blur and Nighthawk. [3] Unfortunately, the battle results in the deaths of several innocent bystanders, and Redstone then attempts to blackmail Hyperion with a nuclear device, although team mate Zarda apparently deals with the bomb. The Blur and Nighthawk then join Hyperion for the final confrontation with Redstone.

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