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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Ashley Crawford




Place of Birth

First Appearance
West Coast Avengers #46

GLA #3 (2005)

Supermodel Ashley Crawford is a member of the Milwaukee-based would-be superhero group calling itself the Great Lakes Champions, who she funds with her private fortune.

She was able to make her money by becoming a successful model, using her powers to shape her body to the ultimate figure. Refusing offers to Paris, Milan, and London, she instead wanted to use her powers as a force for good.

Crawford is a flamboyant and bawdy brawler in the field, inventive in the use of her mutant powers. Crawford's group, formerly known as Great Lakes Avengers, recently complied with a cease-and-desist order to stop infringing on the Avengers franchise, which led to the group's present name. At one point, Crawford and her teammates assisted S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to apprehend the then-fugitive Thunderbolts in the Colorado Rockies, in an operation led by Colonel G.W. Bridge. Although the operation ultimately failed, it displayed Crawford's willingness to support law enforcement agencies. Crawford's stance on the mutant question is unknown, but it would appear that she is more concerned with balancing her conflicting supermodel/superhero careers than with the global conflict between humans and mutants.

In fact, she recently suffered a crisis of conscience after the team’s member Dinah Soar died during a mission. She briefly considered leaving the team and pursuing her modeling career, but she came to realize that she liked being with a group who could look past her outward appearance, both good or bad. She returned to help the team against Maelstrom and, later, the return of Doctor Tannenbaum.

Now called the Great Lakes Champions after winning the title in a poker tournament hosted by the Thing, the team recently encountered Deadpool after becoming officially-sanctioned heroes due to the Superhuman Registration Act.