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Marvel Universe 

The Mount

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Marvel Universe

Formerly on a plateau somewhere in Arizona


Formerly Agamemnon, Pantheon

Points of Interest
The Mount contained every facility to house a population of fifteen hundred people. It included laboratories, a hospital, a hydroponics farm to supply food, a weapons depot, plane hangar, motor pool and a heliport.

The Pantheon also housed a heavily armored vehicle which could travel on land, air or sea.

The Mount served as the base of operations for the group known as the Pantheon, but it also housed several hundred civilians as well. Primarily a self-sustaining environment, The Mount was dismantled after an attack by the Endless Knights, a group of undead warriors called into action by the Pantheon’s founder, Agamemnon. Fortunately, the Hulk, and other Pantheon core members, successfully evacuated all the civilians out of the structure beforehand.

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