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Marvel Universe 

Thor (Thor Odinson)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Thor Odinson

Donald Blake, Sigurd Jarlson, Jake Olsen, Donar the Mighty

No dual identity


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Journey into Mystery #83 (1962)

Journey into Mystery #83 (1962), Thor #159 (1968), Thor Annual #11 (1983)

Norse God of Thunder! Legendary warrior born! Son of Asgard, the Mighty Thor!


Son of Asgard and Son of Midgard

Ages ago, Odin, lord of the gods of Asgard, desired a child of both Asgard and Midgard (Earth), and therefore sought out and wooed Gaea, the eldest goddess of the Earth. Gaea gave birth to Thor in a small cave in Norway, and Odin took him to be raised in Asgard by his wife, Frigga.

The young Thor grew up alongside his step-brother Loki, who was always jealous of Thor, the favored son. Thor excelled in power and popularity, and on his eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created, enchanting it with powerful magic. He decreed that Mjolnir would be presented to Thor when he had been proven a worthy warrior, and Thor spent the next several years training and performing heroic deeds. Indeed, eight years later, Odin gave the hammer to Thor, declaring him to be the greatest warrior in Asgard.

Thor traveled to Earth for the first time in the Ninth Century A.D., in response to his worship among the Vikings. Thor reveled in his worship, leading many in battle and extolling the way of the warrior. Years later, a set of Vikings killed innocent inhabitants of a Christian monastery in Thor’s name. In shock and disillusion, Thor cut himself off from his worshippers and returned to Asgard. The Asgardian religion would never be as fervent, eventually dying out completely over the centuries.

Donald Blake

Although Thor continued to perform many acts of battle and adventure, he unfortunately grew headstrong, proud, and selfish. It pained the heart of Odin. One day, Thor chased a monster into the land of the Frost Giants, a breech of protocol that nearly sparked a war in all of Asgard. Odin had to teach Thor a lesson. He created a mortal body for him, one with a lame leg, and sent Thor, stripped of his powers and memories, to Earth. Thor arrived on the campus of New York State College of Medicine as Donald Blake. Blake proved to be the humble and patient man Odin had hoped for. He eventually graduated with top honors, gained a reputation as a caring family doctor and a brilliant surgeon, and opened a private practice in New York City. His nurse, Jane Foster, was equally caring and competent, and the two began to fall in love.

This idyllic life was not to last. The alien Kronans were coming to invade. When taking a vacation in Norway, Blake stumbled onto the Kronan scouts’ spaceship and fled into a cave. (It was, unknown to him, the same cave in which Gaea had given birth to Thor.) In a secret chamber, Blake discovered a plain walking cane. Taking it with him, he tried to escape, only to find his way blocked. Frustrated and scared, he struck the boulder with the cane, transforming it into Mjolnir and himself into Thor. He fought the alien scouts, who retreated from Earth and called off their invasion. By tapping the ground with Mjolnir, he transformed back into Don Blake, holding a simple wooden cane.

Blake returned to New York, using his secret identity of Thor to fight crime, defend Earth, and contend with Loki, who, after learning of Thor’s return, felt all the old jealousy and hatred, plaguing Thor with many tricks and outright confrontation. One such trick led Thor and other heroes to fight the Hulk, after which the heroes bested Loki and decided to form the Avengers.

The love between Thor and Foster continued for many years, made more difficult by Odin’s displeasure in the relationship between god and mortal. He forbade Blake from revealing his identity to her, creating a strange love triangle between Foster and the personas of Thor and Blake.

Coming Into His Own

Even though Donald Blake knew he was the legendary Thor, he still had no memory of his former life. Over time, his memories slowly returned, until one day, Odin finally revealed himself and restored Thor’s complete memory. Odin also revealed that it was he who had discovered the Kronan invasion force and implanted a suggestion in Blake’s mind so that he would arrive in Norway and battle the aliens as Thor. He also reintroduced Thor to his childhood friend, the woman warrior Sif, and they renewed their friendship, further complicating Thor/Blake’s love life.

The love affair between Thor and Jane Foster eventually ended when Foster fell in love with a mortal man, Kevin Kincaid. Their engagement was cut short when Foster lay dying. Sif allowed herself to merge with Foster, saving the woman's life. The two were later separated when Foster was sent to a limbo-realm accessed by the Runestaff of the Possessor. Thor, Sif, and Kevin Kincaid were later able to rescue Foster, and the two mortals were then married.

Although Thor maintained his Blake persona for many years, he permanently gave it up shortly after meeting Beta Ray Bill. Bill had twice proven himself worthy of the hammer of Thor, after picking it up during a battle with Thor and, later, against the forces of Surtur. Odin brought Beta Ray Bill to Asgard, giving him a similar weapon in Stormbreaker. The enchantment that transformed Thor into Blake was transferred to Stormbreaker, and Thor abandoned his Blake identity, residing in Asgard and commuting to Earth when needed. Later, in hopes of creating another identity so as to more easily remain on Earth, Thor sought help from Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.. The organization helped Thor create an identity as Sigurd Jarlson, a construction worker. In this identity, Thor simply pulled back his hair, wore glasses, and dressed like a normal human.

The Fall of Odin

When Surtur joined forces with the Dark Elves, Thor, Loki, and Odin protected Asgard by mingling their essences and thereby increasing their powers. But it was Odin that gave the greatest sacrifice, grappling with Surtur and throwing themselves into a huge chasm. Asgard was left without its leader. Lorelei, with the help of Loki, enchanted Thor and caused him to fall in love with her in hopes that Thor would then help Loki become the new ruler. Thor broke free of the enchantment, but the incident had strained Thor's relationship with Sif.

The gods of Asgard continued with the Great Althing, a ceremony to chose a new leader. But before Thor could return to Asgard, he was turned into a frog by Loki. Thor became embroiled in the battle between the frogs and the rats of Central Park until Thor the Frog could find his hammer. When he did so, he turned into a frog-like humanoid, the Thunder Frog. Meanwhile, in Asgard, Harokin, an Asgardian warrior, pretended to be Thor so as to cast his vote for Loki. Thor captured Loki, but it was Volstagg who found a machine that was using power from Surtur's sword to provide energy for Loki’s transformation spell. Volstagg destroyed the machine, which returned Thor into his normal form. Thor then talked the Asgardians into making Balder their new leader.

Cursed by Death

Balder, Thor, and others then traveled to Hel, the realm of the Asgardian death goddess, Hela, to rescue a number of Earth souls that had been unrightfully taken by Hela. In battle with Hela herself, Thor’s face was badly scarred, but he and his allies were able to save the souls. Immediately afterward, the omnipotent Beyonder transformed the leader of the Dark Elves into Kurse, and Thor defeated Kurse by sending him to Hel. With Kurse rampaging through her realm, Hela grew furious. She cursed Thor that so his bones became brittle and so that he could not die from his injuries. Humiliated but determined to remain a warrior to the end, Thor grew a beard to conceal his facial scars and donned a suit of battle armor to support his fragile body.

Loki took this opportunity to release the Midgard Serpent, the beast that was prophesized to kill Thor and start Ragnarok. Despite his weakened condition, Thor was able to kill the Midgard Serpent and, thanks to Hela’s curse, Thor survived the battle although his body was completely broken and battered. Loki then sent the Destroyer armor to torment Thor, but instead, Thor managed to send his spirit into the Destroyer armor take command of it. He traveled to Hel in the Destroyer and began wreaking havoc. The desperate Hela had no choice but to fully restore Thor’s original body and release him from her curse.

Visions of Thors to Come

After a battle between Asgard and the Egyptian god of death, Seth, which resulted in Odin’s restoration to the throne of Asgard, Thor began having many problems of his own. He began to suffer sudden and momentary bouts of weakness during times of stress. When Thor's spells of weakness almost caused his death several times, Thor asked for help from Doctor Strange, who entered Thor's mind and traveled with him in spirit. Inside Thor's mind, they discovered an evil version of Thor, who battled the real Thor. They then discovered that it was actually a portion of Loki's evil essence caused by the time Thor, Loki, and Odin had become mingled during Surtur's first attack on Asgard, and the Thor defeated the alternate version.

Thor, in his identity of Jarlson, had became friends with the architect Eric Masterson and Masterson's son, Kevin. Masterson was kidnapped, however, by the Mongoose, who had previously attacked Thor, trying to gain a cell sample from the god of thunder. Thor tracked Masterson to the High Evolutionary’s base, freeing him and learning that the High Evolutionary was missing, along with Hercules. Thor, accompanied by Masterson, freed Hercules and the High Evolutionary from the Celestials holding them prisoner in the Black Galaxy. Upon returning to Earth, they were attacked by the Mongoose, and Masterson blocked a blast of energy meant for Thor, giving Thor and Hercules a chance to defeat Mongoose.

Eric Masterson

Unfortunately, Masterson was dying from his wounds. Thor pleaded with Odin on Masterson’s behalf. Odin reluctantly agreed to save him, but did so by merging Thor and Masterson together, body and soul.

Thor and Masterson shared a body much as Blake and Thor had, although the latter were never separate beings. They dealt with their new condition, despite the problems it caused for Masterson's private life and custody of his son. Thor continued his adventures, and Loki continued to plague Thor and his friends. Eventually, the two’s bodies were separated by a Celestial while they were involved in the birth of a new Celestial in the Black Galaxy. During a tremendous battle between Surtur and Ymir, a battle that signaled Ragnarok, Thor recovered Surtur's sword from the Sea of Eternal Night, hoping to confront the fire and ice elementals. Unfortunately, he was weakened by his separation from Masterson and was easily stopped by the two creatures. Masterson willingly merged with Thor again, even though it meant giving up part of his life. Ymir and Surtur fought over the sword, and Thor opened a dimensional rift that sucked them both into the Sea of Eternal Night.

When Thor returned to Earth, he quickly found himself in battle with Loki over the fate of Kevin, Masterson's son. Although Loki was defeated, he fired one last blast at Kevin and his mother Marcy, but it was blocked by Masterson’s secretary, Susan Austin, killing her. It was the last straw. Angered as never before, Thor absorbed all of Loki's lifeforce with his hammer, presumably destroying the evil god forever, although this broke Odin's sacred rule forbidding Asgardian gods to kill each other.

However, this was all according to Loki’s plan with Mephisto, as Loki was able to send his spirit into that of Odin and thus send Odin’s spirit to the realm of Mephisto. Loki posed as Odin, banishing Thor from existence. Instead, Masterson’s body was left intact, and it was Thor’s soul that became banished. Masterson could still assume Thor's form after striking his cane, and Masteron tried to pose as Thor on Earth, including his membership in the Avengers. Loki’s decrees as Odin became increasingly irrational and persecuting. Thor battled Loki but was left near-dead, rescued by Sif, Balder, and the Warriors Three. Surprisingly, Mephisto betrayed Loki, giving Odin’s spirit over to the heroes, and Odin reclaimed his body, forcing Loki into Mephsito’s waiting clutches, who claimed this to be his true goal all along. Odin revealed that Thor’s spirit still resided with Masterson, and he separated the two. (Masterson was still able to transform into a version of Thor, and he created a separate heroic identity as Thunderstrike.)

Warrior's Madness & the End of Asgard

Unfortunately, with the constant shifting of identities and sharing of power, Thor was left mentally unbalanced. Sif began to suspect Thor was falling prey to the incurable Warrior’s Madness and, with Beta Ray Bill, the Silver Surfer, and the Infinity Watch, she confronted Thor. During the conflict, Thor stole the Power Gem from Drax the Destroyer, becoming power incarnate. Believing that only Thanos could stop Thor, the heroes elicited his help. However, all they could do was restrain him. Thor was taken to Odin, who discovered the truth behind the malady after a spiritual journey through Thor’s mind. Thor fought the personification of his own madness, that of a beautiful Valkyre, and destroyed it.

This experience sparked Thor’s anger at his father regarding his discipline of humility. He left Asgard, allying with the High Evolutionary and his newly created godlike beings, the Godpack. In the meantime, Odin decided that the time had come for Ragnarok to begin, and he needed Thor. Odin resurrected Red Norvell, who once held the mantle of thunder god but had died in battle, and re-made him into Thor. He declared Norvell to be his son and disowned Thor. He also told his son the truth about Donald Blake-- that he was never a separate being. Enraged, Thor severed his ties with Asgard.

Odin hoped to bypass Ragnarok by transforming the gods into mortals, but his plan was hijacked by Seth, and put it into action prematurely. Asgard fell, and its gods were banished to Earth. Odin hoped Thor would restore the gods to power, but before he could, Thor fell in battle with Onslaught. Thor vanished, along with other heroes such as the Avengers, but, like them, he was merely reborn to another dimension and was eventually returned.

A God Reborn

When Thor returned, he discovered the Dark Gods had claimed Asgard and held the Asgardians captive. They sent the Destroyer on a rampage on Earth, and Thor and the Avengers confronted it. The Avengers were defeated and even Thor was left near dead. The mysterious Marnot offered to restore Thor in exchange for taking the place of Jake Olsen, a paramedic who died during the battle. Thor agreed, fighting the Destroyer again and banishing it to another dimension. Thor found he could transform between himself and Olsen, although he had none of Olsen’s memories and that made it difficult to maintain two identities.

The Dark Gods, in the guise of Asgardians, attacked Olympus and left it in ruins. Thor and Hercules uncovered the truth led the battle against the Dark Gods, eventually freeing both Asgard and Olympus and restoring them to glory. Marnot revealed that the Dark Gods had once invaded Asgard ages ago, and Odin had prepared an enchantment on Hescamar, his raven, to seek out a way to defeat the Dark Gods should they return. The raven had fulfilled this by transforming into Marnot and helping Thor. Afterwards, Thor remained on Earth with his dual identity of Jake Olsen.

Tarene & Lord of Asgard

Among his subsequent adventures, Thor rescued Tarene, the cosmic being known as the Designate, who would later take on the identity of Thor Girl out of admiration of Thor. Thor and Thor Girl battled the alien Gladiator, who vowed to destroy Thor in a preemptive strike to prevent a terrible horror that he believed Thor would inflict in the future. As such, Thor was unable to defend Asgard against an army of Asgardian trolls that overwhelmed the city's defenses. Odin was forced to defeat the trolls, and he confronted Thor, disappointed in his son's inability to remain loyal to Asgard. As punishment, Odin stripped Thor of his immortality and left him on Earth.

Shortly afterward, Loki brought the Destroyer back to Earth, animating it with the soul of Tarene. Ultimately, the Destroyer was thwarted and Tarene was restored, but during the battle, Thor was severely wounded. Dr. Jane Foster could heal Jake Olsen's wounds but remained unable to treat Thor's. Odin brought Thor to Asgard and physically separated Thor from his alter ego to allow Thor to heal and to allow Jake Olsen to return to his life on Earth.

When Surtur appeared on Earth, an assemblage of Asgardian heroes and their allies confronted the demon and his hordes. Tarene used her powers to restore Thor to full health, joining with Odin and the Asgardian warriors against Surtur. In the end, Odin tapped into both Thor and Tarene's powers to deliver a fatal blow against Surtur, sacrificing himself in the process.

In mourning the loss of his father, Thor initially refused to take Odin's place, until a discussion with Jake Olsen convinced Thor to assume the responsibilities of the new monarch of Asgard. Thor did so, gaining the Odin-power as a right of rule.

Jake Olsen

Thor allowed Tarene to take his place as a crime-fighting super-hero on Earth, under the guidance of Jake Olsen. When Thor Girl was nearly destroyed in a battle with the Grey Gargoyle, Olsen sought help from the Enchantress. She agreed to transform him into a version of Thor, but Olsen didn’t know that the transformation came with a price, as it would rob Thor in Asgard of some of his power while Olsen was Thor. Desak, the self-styled destroyer of gods, confronted the Olsen-Thor, nearly killing him. Thor managed to return from Asgard to defeat Desak, with the help of the Executioner's mystic axe, given to Thor by the Enchantress. However, Thor seemed to be influenced by a corruption of the Odin-power he now possessed coupled with the influence of the Executioner's axe.

With the help of a Thor (Earth-3515) from an alternate future, Thor re-merged his younger self with Jake Olsen to again bring humanity back to Thor’s perspective. In doing so, he lost the Odin-power but freed the world from its potential terrible history. Asgard was returned to its regular plane of existence.


Almost immediately, Thor was attacked by Loki, who had teamed with Surtur to create weapons for Thor’s enemies that were forged in the same way as Mjolnir. The fight for Asgard ascended to a level of Ragnarok. Although Thor managed to defeat Loki, severing his head, the war left many of Thor’s allies, such as Sif and the Warriors Three, dead. Thor forced Surtur to re-forge Mjolnir, which had shattered during the battle. While Asgard succumbed to Ragnarok, effectively wiping the Asgardian world from existence, Thor sought out the gods known as Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. Thor refused an offer to join them, instead confronting them in battle. Thor destroyed Those Who Sit Above In Shadow as Asgard died. The Odinpower congratulated Thor on succeeding at his greatest mission. Thor then closed his eyes, apparently joining his people in death.

A Hammer Falls

Shortly following Thor's actions, the Mjolnir sped through the cosmos and landed on Earth, bringing the seemingly deceased Doctor Doom with it. Doom sought out the Mjolnir, believing he was worthy. However, when he reached the hammer, there was a blast of light, and Doom found he was not worthy of the Mjolnir. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four stated that he believed the flash may have been a signal to someone, perhaps signifying the return of Thor and the Asgardians. Mr. Fantastic was right. Thor has returned, and is seeking to rebuild Asgard.