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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name

The Apostate, The great Renegade

First Appearance
Eternals (First Series) # 18

The Dreaming Celestial is a member of the near all-powerful race known as the Celestials.  The Dreaming Celestial was a member of the second host of celestials, which visited Earth at the time of the great Cataclysm, which they brought about.  The Dreaming Celestial is possibly the most powerful member of the Second Host., although it seems unlikely he is more powerful than the Celestial Exitar. The Priesthood of Earth’s Deviants, A genetic offshoot of humanity, claim that the Dreaming Celestial alone was the one that created their race, and it was this reason that the rest of the Second Host Punished the great renegade.  In reality the Deviants were created by the Celestial Ziran the Tester.   At the time of the Second Host’s visitation  to earth the Dreaming Celestial rebelled against the rest of the Celestials.  The rest of the Second Host attacked the  Dreaming Celestial, they finally defeated him in a great battle in outer space.  The Dreaming Celestial, or only his armor, was once golden in color, after his fall it’s color was turned black. The Second Host was unable to destroy the Dreaming Celestial.  Instead they removed an unknown energy  from him.  The Energy seemed to be an important part of his life force.  The Second Host  sealed the energy in a vial the could only be opened with  a special key.  The vial was place in the hidden Pyramid of the Winds in Earth’s artic region.  The Dreaming Celestial’s body was imprisoned beneath the Diablo Mountains of California, anf placed in an eternal dreaming sleep.  The Second Host soon left Earth and took the key with them. After the Fourth Host of Celestials arrived on Earth, Lord Ghaur, head of the Deviant Priesthood arranged for the Deviant to invade the Celestial’s Mothership, and make a  duplicate of the key.  Ghaur  then recovered the vial from the Pyramid of the Winds.  He opened the vial and absorbed the energy , he Gained the size and powers of a celestial.  With this power Ghaur intended to lead a Deviant attakck upon the Celestials.  However Ghaur fell under control of the Dreaming Celestial.  Ghaur was forced to go the Diablo Mountains of California and start digging out the Dreaming Celestial’s body.  Members of the Eternals joined forces with the Avengers, to form a being with tremendous psionic powers known as the Uni Mind.  Uni-Mind separated Ghaur’s consciousness  from his body.  Ghaur’s consciousness  drifted into outer space.  Uni-Mind separated  the  Celestial’s energy from Ghaur’s body.  The energy was once again placed in the vial.  Ghaur’s body  shrank into nothingness before it could free the Dreaming Celestial.  The Dreaming Celestial remained imprisoned. Due to the machinations of the Eternal Sprite and also several Deviants,  The Dreaming Celestial was reawakened.  He has adopted the role of an observer of earth.  He is resolved to pronounce his judgment When The last Shadow Falls. There is a time bubble surrounding earth between seventeen an thirty seven years in the future. This bubble makes time travel impossible during this time period.  The Council of Kangs believe that during this period there exists a weapon that was created by The Dreaming Celestial.  This weapon is said to be powerful enough to cause havoc  through out all

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