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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name

The Living Totem, The Walking Death

No dual identity


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #80

The Red Star Oil Company, controlled from behind the Red Curtain created a mechanical being and disguised it as the Keewazi Tribe’s spirit-god, Tomazooma. While the tribe continued to sell their oil to the Red Star Company, making the tribe rich, the company wanted to own the land themselves; though the tribe continually refused to sell it. So the company sent its Tomazooma robot to the tribe’s land, ordering it to destroy the oil fields and kill or scare away the remaining Indians.

Wyatt Wingfoot investigated the sightings of Tomazooma in the Black Panther’s Gyro-Cruiser; finally discovering the machine, which immediately attacked him. It sprayed Wyatt with a deadly vapor after he fired his gun at it to no effect, and Wyatt crawled away, trying to reach his vehicle. The robot then went after the tribe’s oil fields and burned them down until the Human Torch appeared to absorb the flames. The false Tomazooma attacked the Torch, using beams from its eyes to knock him unconscious. The Thing then leapt onto the robot’s back and drove it to the ground until the robot used a power blast to throw Ben off of it. Mister Fantastic attacked next, using his Pogo Plane’s guns, but the robot simply used a build up of energy to reflect the bullets back at him, which sent his plane plummeting to Earth.

With the Fantastic Four temporarily beaten, the robot headed to the tribe’s Big Gully Dam, intending to destroy it and flood the tribe’s land. But the tribe soon appeared at their chief, Silent Fox's, behest, wielding modern weapons and driving in modern vehicles. Though they fought valiantly, their guns had no effect on the mechanical creature. Before it could turn its attention back to the dam Reed ordered Wyatt to fire his body - shrunk into a compact ball - from a bazooka into the opening under the robot’s eyes. Wyatt did as he was told, and Reed launched himself into the opening and short-circuited the robot before it could expel him and destroyed the machine, which ended the Red Star Oil Company’s attempt at the Keewazi’s land.

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