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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

Real Name

Childkin, Archaeopteryx, Tonj

Unknown to the general populace of Earth


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Inhumans #2 (1998)

Tonaja was among the six young, Inhuman, children that were escorted into the Terrigen Mists by the spiritual advisor Carthus. This group included Dinu, Kalikya, Nahrees, Neifi, and Dewoz. The exposure to the Terrigen Mists was a rite of passage for the Inhumans. This process would unlock their genetic potential. The youngsters studied Inhuman, history and learned of the Inhuman, culture. One of their classmates, Telv, was held back a year, and was not allowed to be exposed to the mists with the others. After her exposure to the mist, Tonaja developed green scaly skin and retractable brown wings that could shrink to small flaps or grow larger than her entire body. The wings gave her the capability of flight; she could carry herself and one other person through the air on the Earth or the Moon. Tonaja was raised by her grandmother who took her to admire the sunrise in Attilan frequently, this was a memory Tonaja would learn to hold dear.

Dinu, Nahrees, and Tonaja were all selected to the Inhuman Royal Guard. Gorgon directed them to their lodging accommodations, while he jested and toyed with them, due to him having little regard for their powers. He commanded that they clean the floor to his approval. Tonaja was worried by thoughts of Dewoz and what became of him. Dinu was perplexed by the erratic behavior of the teleporting dog Lockjaw. Tonaja and Nahrees approached Carthus, asking him how their friend Dewoz was doing.

Later while walking Lockjaw, Tonj took notice in his ceaseless barking and unpredictable behavior. She attempted to calm him down by petting him, which allowed her to feel something tugging at the big dog. It appeared that the disturbance was coming from another dimension. Tonj became privy to a giant frightening version of Dewoz. She quickly reported the strange vision to Black Bolt, Gorgon, Crystal, and Triton. Not long after that Tonj stood with Black Bolt and other Inhuman, fliers against a group of human mercenaries, which ended swiftly with the outer defenses of Attilan being breached. Tonj took leave from the battle by returning to her quarters and partaking in a shower, when she heard the voice of Dewoz coming from the mirror.

Tonaja looked on as Timberius approached the Genetic Council, requesting war with the humans after they took the life of his brother in battle.

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