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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Trauma only (Incredible Hulk #394, 1992); Troyjan race (Incredible Hulk #413, 1994)

Home World

Technology Level
The Troyjans have mastered space travel on vast scales, space and planet colonization, advanced energy based weaponry, warp drive starships, advanced medical technology, and advanced genetic technology


Physical Description
Troyajns have been seen ranging from approximately 3 feet to approximately 9 feet tall. They are bilaterally symmetric, with two legs and arms terminating with feet and hands respectively. Troyjans' hands have four independently moving digits, each with opposable thumbs. Troyjans have two forward facing eyes, giving them stereoscopic vision. Some Troyjans have dense bodies, giving them increased strength, endurance, and durability, and all Troyjans share the ability to channel cosmic energy.

The Troyjan empire was on the brink of collapsing before Armageddon became ruler. Although he was just a boy, Armageddon led his troops to countless victories, conquering many galaxies and slaughtering entire solar systems. At some point in time, the Troyjans encountered Agamemnon, founder of the Earth group, the Pantheon, and a deal was struck. In return for Troyjan science to benefit him and his children with extraordinary long lives, the Troyjans could claim any of Agamemnon's descendants as their own for whatever use they desire. The Troyjans suffered a great loss during a war with the Hulk and members of the Pantheon when they insisted on rescuing their kidnapped comrade, Atalanta. The loss did not come in the form of a toppled kingdom, but rather with the death of Armageddon's son, Trauma. Before he died, Trauma asked for his foes to be given safe passage back to Earth.

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