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Marvel Universe 

Union Jack (Joseph Chapman)

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Joseph Chapman

Joey Chapman



Place of Birth
Manchester, England

Born and raised in England, Joey Chapman, the son of a working-class shipbuilder, was attending art school when he became friends with Kenneth Crichton, the heir to Lord Montgomery Falsworth. While visiting the Falsworth estate, Joey discovered that the aged Lord Falsworth was once the British hero Union Jack - and that Falsworth had enlisted the aid of his wartime ally Captain America to fight the menace of his vampiric brother, Baron Blood, who had returned from apparent death. Montgomery tried to lure Blood into an ambush, using himself as bait, but suffered a heart attack; aware of the vampire's impending arrival (disguised as the local doctor), it was decided that Joey would take his place (as he was stronger than Kenneth). Wearing the Union Jack costume, Joey helped Cap destroy Baron Blood once and for all. Lord Falsworth died of a heart attack shortly thereafter, leaving Joey to carry on his heroic legacy.

The new Union Jack continued to fight evil, both alone and as a member of the Knights of Pendragon and the new Invaders. He frequently battled vampires, including the Baroness Blood, who carried on for the Baron and caused the death of Joey's friend Kenneth Crichton. After being mortally wounded, Kenneth's mother, Lady Jacqueline - once the WWII-era super-speedster known as Spitfire - regained her youth and powers through a blood transfusion from the original Human Torch. She and Joey grew close and began a romance, but the difference in their ages and backgrounds was too much to overcome and they broke up. However, they remain friends and allies.

Currently, Union Jack works alone, though he makes himself available to the British Secret Service agency MI5 when needed, and is always willing to help friends and allies like Captain America.

At the request of S.H.I.E.L.D, Chapman recently teamed up with Captain America in searching the London Underground system for agents of the Red Skull. With some further assistance from Sharon Carter and Spitfire, the group was able to put a stop to the Skull and his Neo-Nazi allies' plans to attack London.

Subsequently, Chapman was recruited by MI5 to head a International team to counter a terrorist group threatening the UK. With the help of Contessa Valentina Allegra di Fontaine, the Israeli mutant Sabra and the new Arabian Knight (Navid Hashim) they were able to stop the terrorists and Union Jack managed to expose the complicity of the Deputy Director of MI5 in ensuring that the trrorists would at least be partially successful.

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