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* [[Luminals]]
* [[Luminals]]
* [[Lylla]]
* [[Lylla]]
* [[Lyra]]
* [[Lyra]] '''(My 275th bio contribution)'''
* [[MacGillicuddy, Seamus]]
* [[MacGillicuddy, Seamus]]
* [[Mad Dog Rassitano]]
* [[Mad Dog Rassitano]]

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Real Name
Anthony Cotilletta

I have been a huge fan of Marvel since the first time I picked up a Marvel comic many years ago, and I am proud that I have been able to contribute to the company that has kept me entertained since childhood. These are the profiles that I have written on my own or made noteworthy changes to. I will not include profiles that I may have made minor changes, edits, corrections, etc. As of Christmas 2008, I have reached my 200th bio contribution with more still on the way.


Profile contributions done solely through my own research and original writing

Profile contributions either solely using OHotMU as reference or combined with original writing

Image contributions

Disambiguation pages