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Marvel Universe 


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Prime Universe

Real Name
Michael J. Fichera

Spidey, Spider-Mike, Spike, Smikey, Fearless, Fluke, Mystic, Digger, RTMike

No dual identity


Place of Birth
New York City, New York

First Appearance
(writing) Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 4: Spider-Man (2003)

December 24, 1969

Inspired by the death of great-grandfather Cacciatore ("the Hunter"), killed by a spider bite on a Sicilian farm, Mike began a lifelong interest in the wall-crawler. Like Peter Parker, he grew up in Queens, NY playing with microscopes, computers, and science kits, hoping to create web-fluid and gain spider powers. His sister provided his first comic: Spidey Super Stories #12. Faithfully scrapbooking the newspaper dailies for many years, he joined when the web was young becoming a staff writer. After helping write and organize the Spider-Man Encyclopedia, Mike's first official writing credits began with the Spider-Man 2005 Handbook. His expertise has been featured on AM Atlanta with Tom Hughes and the syndicated Mitch Albom Show.

Mike is a moderator on