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Marvel Universe 


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Prime Universe

Real Name
Kyle Jordan Nichols

mimicx35, etrigan35, overpower35, tess nichols



Place of Birth
Lubbock, Texas

First Appearance
July 30, 1987

Born July 30, 1987 in Lubbock, Texas.


My name is Kyle Nichols and I am an avid comic book fan. I love to profile characters and events. I run the comic book website and which are two websites of comic book images. Please take a look around there and see if you like it. I specialize in Second Stringers, Mimic, Characters Who Copy From Other Characters (ex. U.S.Agent, Beta Ray Bill, Demogoblin, etc), Characters who copy or absorb powers, Obscure Characters, Items, Magic (And Magical Characters), and Historical Information in Comics.

And Here are the Profiles, Categories, Disambiguous Pages, and whatnot Which I have created:

and major work editing Freedom Force. One of the Things I hope to accomplish on this site is to have all of the marvel characters bios up, especially my favorite ones. And also a personal goal is to have all of the Freedom Force members bios done and to have everything that is linked to Freedom Force completed and that everything that is linked to Mimic is complete.