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Marvel Universe 


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* [[Invisible Woman]]
* [[Invisible Woman]]
* [[Mister Fantastic]]
* [[Mister Fantastic]]
* [[Silver Surfer\\
* [[Silver Surfer]]
* [[Thing (Benjamin Grimm)]]
* [[Thing (Benjamin Grimm)]]

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Alex Kreitner



Citizen of the United States of America

Place of Birth
Seattle, WA

I am a practicing fiction writer who is currently working on numerous writing projects. I am actively seeking a job writing for Marvel Comics right now. I've been a huge fan of Marvel Comics for years ever since I was very young. I've created quite a few bios on here, edited others, and I'm busy writing many more. My main interests are Fantastic Four, the Marvel Knights characters, and Marvel 2099. I am also knowledgeable about the Marvel 1602 Universe, and I created the category on this site. I'm also started re-editing my older bios to improve them and revamp some of the major ones with blurbs and chapter headings. The bios I've worked on are as follows:

Bios Revamped w/Blurbs & Chapters

Bios Created:

Bios Notably Edited: