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Marvel Universe 


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Prime Universe

Real Name

Valeria Kementari, Marvel Girl



Place of Birth
Buenos Aires, Argentina

First Appearance
A long time ago in a galaxy far away


Valeria Kementari is a mystery wrapped inside an enigma. Fervient reader of Marvel Comic, she refuses to read any comic book published by other companies. Founder and creator of the Marvel Alliance, a place for spanish-speaking Marvel fans to discuss their beloved characters. She is also the founder of one of Storm's most popular sites, Storm's Sanctum Sanctorum, filled to the brim with information regarding the Weather Goddess, Queen Ororo. Another of Ms Kementari's achievements is the Rescuing Middle Earth role playing game, of which an English version is close to debut. Little is known of Ms Kementari, save her desire to eventually become a comic-book writer, training with several fanfiction works that can be found on the afforementioned sites (one of them includes a total reshaping of the Marvel Universe itself, called the 615 Universe). Wether or not she will accomplish her dream remains to be seen.

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