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Marvel Universe 

War of Kings

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Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Vulcan, Black Bolt, Starjammers, Inhumans, Kree, Blastaar, Shi'ar

Contributors: Ohitsme, Gaian711 and Pete

Opening Shots

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion storyline, Black Bolt and the Inhumans return to the Kree for their right to linage as rulers. They come into direct conflict with Emperor Vulcan and his campaign of expansion for the Shi'ar. The first issue sets up this conflict and show an attack at the wedding of Ronan and Crystal - a marriage decided to unite the Kree and Inhumans. The Inhumans and Kree reply in kind, attacking the Shi'ar in the following issue.

The Raptors A second wearer of Darkhawk armor arriving on Earth tells Chris Powell he is part of an ancient organization known as The Raptors, who were created to protect the universe. After millenia of dormancy only Darkhawk and Talon are left, and their job now is to return the balance to the universe. Unfortunately for Chris, Talon lies--when he accesses the memories in his armor, he concludes that "[The Fraternity of Raptors] are the bad guys" just as Talon apparently purges his own consciousness from the armor. A new identity for the armor, "Razor" emerges, and takes control. Talon and Razor then recover the Cosmic Control Rod from Catastrophus, Talon stopping briefly to implant a suggestion in the gestating Annihilus, and proceed onward. Chris' personality is revealed not to have been wholly destroyed yet, and a vision of his father tells him that much of what he believed about the armor was false; the prior history, even Evilhawk himself, was a lie made up by his own mind, the other armor a second configuration that took control to cover earlier anger issues. Horrified, Chris' psyche breaks free of the prison it was locked in, only for Chris to find himself on a great tree adorned with thousands of amulets like his own, where he encounters gargoyle-like creatures that urge him to return to the one which he has just emerged from. Meanwhile, in the Negative Zone, Talon and Razor offer Blastaar the Cosmic Control Rod, in exchange for his assistance influencing the outcome of the War of Kings. Talon appears to Vulcan, telling him that the Fraternity was created in order to maintain the Imperium strong. Talon also tells him, through the Datasong, that Blastaar is helping the Shi'ar and also tells him of Lilandra's coup back at Chandilar. Razor is later seen in Chandilar, disguised as a Shi'ar, who Rachael Grey manages to see in his true form, he shoots several Shi'ars before he manages to kill or mortally wound Lilandra.

The Nova Corps

Richard spends the night in his brother's apartment at P.E.G.A.S.U.S., speaking with Wendell Vaughn (Quasar), before Vaughn is called away. Richard goes to look for Dr. Necker only to find H.A.M.M.E.R. troops clearing out the facility. He is saved from being captured by Dr. Necker, who brings Richard up to speed on the aftermath of the Skrull Invasion. The two talk about their futures, Necker says she will probably enter corporate research, while Richard resigns himself to his fate. Necker says she still wants to help him but will need high-end equipment, so she takes him to a secret lab under a drive-in movie. While Necker never explicitly says who the lab belongs to, Richard finds an A.I.M. uniform on a table. Necker attempts to defend the organization from Richard's accusations of crimes against humanity. Necker reminds him that this is the only way that he can be cured, but Richard insists that he would rather die than become an A.I.M. lackey, even though Necker assures him that there would be no strings attached. Richard attempts to leave but Necker wants to give him the Quantum Flask that held Vaughn's essence, claiming she was going to give it to A.I.M. as a sort of "consolation prize" for losing their mole in P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Richard says that once he's gone he doesn't want A.I.M. to get their hands on it so he attempts to destroy it, only for Vaughn to appear before them, having reacquired the Quantum Bands from Maelstrom (these events are depicted in Guardians of the Galaxy #12). Vaughn gives the bands to Richard to cure him, making him the new Quasar. Meanwhile the Nova Corps suffer great casualties facing the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, during which Gladiator captures the new Nova Prime, who is a Shi'ar, while Richard uses his new powers, as Quasar, to catch up Nu Xandar, which has begun "recruiting" more corpsmen at the planet Zaros. Richard and Wendell discuss strategy for taking on Worldmind, which Wendell saying that will be tricky since Ego's cosmic awareness is greater than his and it will be impossible for them to sneak up on him. Richard responds to this by making multiple copies of himself to confuse Ego. The trick works and Richard is able to get to Ego's brain, where he finds that what he had been told about Worldmind supplanting Ego's consciousness was untrue; in fact the opposite occurred, and Ego was able to supplant Worldmind's consciousness. Ego now has complete control of the Worldmind and uses that power to attack Richard. Richard tries to hold on to Ego's attacks, while trying to reach any part of Worldmind that has not been corrupted, Ego saying that there is no Ego and no Worldmind, only both. Wendell tells Richard that Ego attacks both physically and emotionally, so Richard uses the bands to create a sanctuary that looks like his room, temporarily holding off Ego. Richard then concentrates on looking for an uncorrupted part of Worldmind, who he forms himself using the templates of Centurions Ko-Rel and Rhomann Dey. They explain to him that the reason Worldmind went insane because he focused solely on keeping Richard from going insane from using the Nova Force, driving him insane, because of the Phalanx infection and the battle with Galactus. They tell him that in order to restore Worldmind, he must take back the Nova Force and purge Ego's influence. Meanwhile, the captured Nova Prime is being tortured by Vulcan, and Richard's brother decides to leave Ego in order to search for any surviving centurions. Ego calls forth his centurions to protect him, Richard tries to reach the Hub, but is shot down. Just as he is about to die, he tells Worldmind that he has been helping him all this time, temporally paralizing him, he touches the Hub and becomes Nova Prime once again. He returns the bands to Wendell and lobotomized Ego with a huge blast. He then talks to Worldmind, who tells him that he is corrupted and must delete his current personality and install a new one. Richard protest this but Worldmind says he has no choice and says goodbye. When Richard thinks he is dead, he hears Worldmind again and is surprised to see that the new personality is Ko-Rel. She tells him that he must forever live with the Nova Force or he will die. Later, it is shown the captured Nova, being rescued by none other then Garthan Saal, the insane Supernova.

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy are also going to get themselves involved in an attempt to stop War. The team splits itself into two team, a Shi'ar team led by Rocket Racoon and a Kree team led by Starlord. Rocket's team attempts to teleport aboard Vulcan's flagship, but end up floating in space due to the ships teleport shielding where they are rescued by Havok and the Starjammers.