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Marvel Universe 


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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Uatu first appeared (Fantastic Four #13, 1963); the Watchers as a species appeared (Strange Tales #53, 1964)

Home World
Their home-world exist in an unknown galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. It was covered with lush vegetation and bears no artifacts of habitation.

Technology Level
The Watchers possessed advanced technology existing billions of years before most other species. They used their advanced technology to create temporary dwellings which they disassemble after use.

Ruled under leader The One, who is physically larger than the other Watchers.

Physical Description
The Watchers were giant humanoid beings, that dress in the clothing of ancient monks or priest.

The Watchers are a vastly powerful, ancient extraterrestrial race who untold eons ago undertook the task of passively observing the phenomena of the universe. Their home-world is an unnamed world in an unknown solar system in another galaxy other than the Milky Way. This world was covered with lush vegetation and bears no artifacts of habitation. None of the Watchers live on their home-world anymore, having taken up permanent residence in other parts of the solar systems they have elected to quietly observe. Only on rare occasions the Watchers convened on their home-world, they use their advanced technology to construct temporary dwellings which they disassemble after use. It is unknown if the planet the Watchers called their home-world is their planet of origin. If this was true, the age of the race would be relatively young in cosmic terms, a fraction of the lifespan of a single solar system still in the main sequence of its existence. Since the Watchers were scattered across the universe, it is impossible to correctly catalog how many of them existed.

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